Difference Between Finally and Final

Finally and Final are two words of English grammar. The words mean the same but they are used in very different sentences as their meaning change according to the grammar, tenses, direct of speech, and types of voice.


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Finally vs Final

The difference between Finally and Final is that finally is an adverb and final is an adjective. Both the words mean the same, however, their use in sentences differs in the formation of the sentence. Finally is used as an adverb and final as an adjective. That’s the only main difference, the meaning of the words doesn’t change. But it’s important to use the right word in the sentences according to the formation of the sentence.

Finally vs Final

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Finally means end or last. In hindi it means “अंत में”. Finally is an adverb, a word that modifies the verb in a sentence.

The word “finally” can represent an end of a series or events, or the end of a long time or to introduce a final point.

Final is an adjective. An adjective modifies the noun in the sentence.

The word represents the end of anything, anytime, or anyplace.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFinallyFinal
MeaningFinally, mean last or end.Final also means last or end.
What Is It?Finally is an adverb.Final is an adjective.
ModifiesIt modifies the verb in a sentence.It modifies a noun in a sentence.
Used toUsed to represent a long time usually.Used to represent the end.
ExampleFor example, ” He finally realized Ryan was serious.”For Example, “This is my Final Decision.”

What is Finally?

Finally is an English word. The word means last or the end. The end or last can be of anything, a long time, a place, or it can be an expression as well.

Finally is an adverb, a word used to modify a verb in the sentence. It can modify another adverb, determiner, clause, preposition, or sentence as well.

Examples: A. 1. Three hours later, the bus finally arrived.

2. I’m so happy to finally meet you.

In this example, the end of the period of time is mentioned.

B. 1. Finally, I would like to thank my supporters…

2. Well, I finally settled for a musician as a career because…

This sentence shows the conclusion. The last point is shown by the word.

C. 1. After many attempts, they finally gave up.

2. Finally, the last season is here.

A final attempt as a final event, the last occurrence is shown.

D. 1. The only thing that matters is that you are finally healthy and fit again.

2. Finally, my prayers have been heard.

Here the word shows an ultimate possibility, an expression.


What is Final?

Final is an English word that means the end. It means “अंतिम” in Hindi.
Finally is an adjective.


1. Is this your final decision?

2. This is the final act of the show.

In these sentences, the word Final represents an end, a last point of time, or of manner. It can represent the end of anything and can give the answers to what, when, where to, how, etc.


Main Differences Between Finally And Final

  1. Finally is used to modify a verb in the sentence while Final is used to modify a noun or a noun phrase.
  2. The example of Finally, ” He finally realized Ryan was serious.”. The example for final, “This is my final decision, that’s it.”
Difference Between Finally and Final
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