Difference Between WeVideo and Final Cut Pro

Videos have become an integral part of our daily activities. They are the tools that make our life more memorable and shareable with our loved ones and those who are interested in us.


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But, the central question of interest is how well our amazing videos are neat and fun in the presentation to others.

Because even though the video content is of high value, the factor which decides the video’s reach is how well the video is organized and presented. This brings us to the point where we need a professional editor to edit our videos up to the mark we expect.

Key Takeaways

  1. WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform accessible through web browsers, while Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing software developed by Apple and designed for macOS.
  2. WeVideo offers a simpler and more user-friendly interface, making it suitable for beginners or casual users. In contrast, Final Cut Pro is geared towards professionals with advanced features and more granular control.
  3. WeVideo offers a subscription-based pricing model with different tiers, while Final Cut Pro has a one-time purchase price, making it a more significant upfront investment.

WeVideo vs Final Cut Pro

The difference between the WeVideo and FinalCut pro is that FinalCutpro is available for only Mac operating systems, while WeVideo is available across more operating systems. WeVideo and FinalCut Pro are some of the software that will come in handy for editing our most valuable videos.

WeVideo vs Final Cut Pro

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonWeVideoFinalCut Pro
Available PlatformsAlmost across all platforms (as it is a cloud-based video editor)Only available in Mac system
Free trialAvailableNot available
Cloud storageAvailableNot available
VR editingNot availableAvailable
Multicam editingNot availableAvailable
PricingMonthly and annual subscriptions are availableOne time payment


What is WeVideo?

WeVideo is a video editing solution for almost all business and personal needs that WeVideo, Inc developed. It is the most known video editing software, especially on Chromebooks.

It is an online cloud-based video editing software that can be accessed and used over any platform anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection. It has all the basic and professional features that form the heart and brain of video editing software.

The Wevideo website is https://www.wevideo.com/

It is available in English language only. The most important clients of this software are the Schibsted Media Group.

WeVideo has an API integration feature in it. This enables us to build custom integrations. WeVideo allows us to arrange the imported videos and pictures in a timeline format and add effects to them with an easy click.

It contains music and transitions that affect the library.

The essential features of the WeVideo that make it a top competitor in the market are,

  1. Built-in graphics
  2. Cloud storage
  3. Music Library
  4. Screencasting
  5. Built-in graphics
  6. Slow-motion effects
  7. Green screen
  8. Motion titles
  9. Multi-track editing storyboard
  10. Inbuilt file and media manager
  11. Flexible Customizable environment

WeVideo has been a solution for video editing needs in various populations, as,

  1. Business video maker: WeVideo can act as a perfect solution for businesses of all levels with excellent collaborations across all the employees of the business company.
  2. Educational video editor: Nowadays, videos are the most potent tool in revolutionizing education. Well-edited and presented videos with contents are irreplaceable.
  3. Home movie maker: A video containing our loved ones in their best appearance possible will impress them and get you a valuable place in their heart.
  4. Higher education: Creativity is the mother of learning; this is an irrefutable fact that we all know and feel when we learn things. WeVideo editor can be a great assistant in helping the students express their creativity to make learning rejoiceful.
  5. Nonprofits: People working for people without profits are where humanity lives. In such places also WeVideo can illuminate the minds of others and spread the illuminance of their services through videos. Clickable link in the videos enables people to visit the nonprofit’s website.
  6. Youtube editor: WeVideo became integrated with YouTube to make video creators happy by enabling them to create and edit videos online. This can be done within minutes.
  7. Facebook video maker: The people in this era converted wealth in terms of money and time. Each minute counts; they only focus on short and valuable things. WeVideo provides a solution for Facebook lovers to create videos of specific lengths and quality that can earn the attention of others.
  8. Screen recorder: Webinars or product demos using videos are now becoming one of the most revolutionary products in this era of digitalization. Short video tutorials became more worthwhile than the text containing manuals. WeVideo provides an astonishing solution with its screencasting feature.

What is Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro is apple’s professional video editing software, initially developed by Macromedia in 1998 and then undertaken by Apple Inc.

It is one of the exclusive products for apple users, providing a professional video editing experience. There are several exclusive and robust features available in Final Cut Pro, which gives it an edge in the market even though it is available only on Mac platforms.

An add-on called a Metal-based engine integrated with this video editing software improves the playback experience and accelerates the graphics for complex projects, which may include tasks like rendering. Real-time effects and exporting the edited or rendered video.

A Multicam Sync feature inside the software may enable us to sync almost up to 16 angles and integrate the video into the timeline.

This is especially useful for videos that cover a storyline and need the entire environment in which it is recorded to be captured from all the angles possible.

The video noise reduction feature is useful when the video captured contains lots of low-light images. This feature increases the illumination of those objects on the screen and gives a better experience for viewers.

The colour flavouring of the video can be easily mastered and brought to almost perfection using Final Cut Pro in the shortest time possible.

Importing and exporting high-resolution videos was never easy like this before. Final Cut Pro makes those processes smooth with its performance-enhancing add-ons and high-performance rendering engines.

The internal stock library for all the effects and other things needed for a complete professional video making enables the user to create a perfect video with no limits except his creativity.

Another excellent feature is that Final Cut Pro offers an option to convert or create a video to 360o  video that can be used for an improved experience in virtual reality. There is a touch bar support that will get customized automatically depending on the tasks being performed on the laptop.

The software is a worthwhile upgrade choice for those using iMovie for video editing tasks.

Final Cut Pro

Main Differences Between WeVideo and Final Cut Pro

  1. Wevideo is available across all platforms. FinalCut Pro is available only on Apple(Mac).
  2. Wevideo offers cloud storage features so that our data can be accessed from anywhere around the globe. FinalCut Pro does not offer cloud storage, so we must carry the data or our MacBook.
  3. Wevideo offers a free trial period for new users to try the features online. FinalCut Pro does not offer a free trial; the user should purchase the product before using it.
  4. Wevideo does not have Multicam editing features for professional movie makers. FinalCut Pro has up to 16 angle viewers and can be easily synced.
  5. Wevideo pricing is based on monthly or annual subscriptions. FinalCut Pro offers a one-time payment purchase for the software.
  1. https://www.wevideo.com/
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