Difference Between WeVideo and Camtasia

Making and Editing video is the current trend for any brand management. Making captivating videos are also in the quality checklist of the makers.


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Video editing software solutions are in the boom for its usage in many industry verticals. As digital marketing goes on a rampage, videos are one of the flamboyant modes of progress and brand establishment.

Videos are used for many purposes, it can be entertainment or it can be informational, all it requires is proper information sharing methodology. Of course, it requires creativity to think and execute the type of video that is required. However, the tools’ help is very much required to support creative thought.

Out of many video editing software applications, Wevideo and Camtasia are considered to be versatile in their ways. Though the outcome of the video and its results depend on the creator, the tools support the best.

WeVideo vs Camtasia

The difference between Wevideo and Camtasia is that WeVideo is a cloud-based application whereas Camtasia is not. That means to say, WeVideo can be accessed anytime with any device to work on the video while Camtasia requires the software to be downloaded to use.

WeVideo vs Camtasia


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonWeVideoCamtasia
Flexibility of UsageWeVideo is cloud-based, this makes it more flexible in usage. There is no need for the tool download and it can be used from any device anywhere.Camtasia is not cloud-based, which makes it rigid as it requires a download and it cannot be used in any device after the download.
CollaborationWeVideo is an amazing software application that allows many members to be added as a team and work together in the same video.No such collaboration is possible with Camtasia
Built-in Stock – LibraryWeVideo is named for massive stock-in templates, images, videos, and music. The user has access to more than a million such features in WeVideoCamtasia relatively has very limited stock-in animations and content editors.
Editing FeaturesWeVideo comes with an entire package of editing features. Speed of video, color animation, what is needed can be done on WeVideoCamtasia offers very limited editing options compared to WeVideo
Audio ExportWeVideo offers Audio export from the video for podcasting purposes.Camtasia does not offer audio-only export.


What is WeVideo?

Wevideo is a web-based video editing platform. It works in any browser of the customer’s choice.

The company Wevideo is headquartered in the US, the application is a collaborative cloud-based application which is most sought by the people. Wevideo came into existence in the year 2011.

Being a web-based application, the user has the freedom of using it anywhere. The user can add members in the account as a team and also share templates, videos, and audios.

The solution offered to the world about creating and editing videos is amazing. The application can be used on a desktop or on a mobile device too.

Wevideo is well known for its library stock in images and videos. The user is left with a million options like videos, footage, music, and images that he can choose from.

The best part is the stock in content comes for free for business and professional plans of subscription.

Being a cloud-based application and multiple people can work on the same video at a time, it has its challenges. The building page suffers some performance when multiple people work at the same time on the same video.

Of course, Wevideo saves time and storage capacity of your hard disk. It can be easily saved and cloud and invoke it whenever it is needed.


What is Camtasia?

Camtasia is a video making and editing software application introduced by a company called TechSmith. It is mainly developed to create videos of tutorials, presentations, E-learning videos, webinars, and training videos.

The best part of Camtasia is, the user can record video being in front of the computer screen. That means to say, a user can create his videos and edit it according to the requirement.

The software records the screen clearly with the voice so that any tutorial which is watched through this video has synchronization of visual and auditory purposes.

Not only that, but Camtasia can also be used to edit videos that are taken through camcorders or mobile phones or cameras. Camtasia came into existence to target the education sector.

Camtasia has two major components; Camtasia Recorder and Camtasia Editor. Camtasia recorder is used to capture the video and audio by screencasting while the editor does the captivation job to add value to the video with needed value adds.

The recording is easy is with Camtasia, the user has to sit in front of the computer screen and has to click on the hotkey to start recording and also use the same key to stop whenever he wants. Camtasia works wonders with voice over after the video is recorded.


Main Differences Between WeVideo and Camtasia

  1. Both the software applications have similar video results, though WeVideo mostly focusses on Entertainment and Promotions, Camtasia is targeting the education sector which may be the best distinction both has. The main difference between WeVideo and Camtasia is, WeVideo is Cloud-based, making it flexible for the user to use it in any device anywhere while Camtasia is not cloud-based and cannot be used in any other device other than the one it is downloaded.
  2. WeVideo can very well be used in Mobile devices while such features are not available with Camtasia.
  3. Wevideo is supported by many operating systems, but Camtasia is restricted to Windows and Mac.
  4. The built-inn stock feature of WeVideo is amazing, it has a million inbuilt video footage, templates, music, and images while Camtasia is limited all these, it has animation shapes in stock and very limited other editing features.
  5. Finally, WeVideo can be easily collaborated with other people by adding them to a single account. This enables the team to work together on a particular video. Such a feature is not available with Camtasia.


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