Difference Between Kapwing and WeVideo

A new generation is becoming an internet addict; they want to follow everything they see online. Whether it a song trend or some video or fashion or anything.

They both are used to edit images and videos, etc., online. The basic feature of both is the same, but they both are different from each other.

Kapwing vs WeVideo

The main difference between Kapwing and WeVideo is that Kapwing has a fixed price, whereas there are different plans offered by the WeVideo under different prices, making it a more convenient option. They both are also different in terms of features they have and affordability. For both of them, WeVideo has the upper hand, as it offers more features at a comparatively less price.

Kapwing vs Adobe Spark 1

Kapwing is used for empowering everyone to make and share their stories through video or images by editing them. It has several features which can be used for modifying and make creative videos.

WeVideo is a platform providing several features related to editing and capturing videos at high resolutions. It is used by all groups, students, professionals, learners, and many more.

Comparison Table Between Kapwing and WeVideo

Parameters of ComparisonKapwing  WeVideo
Founded in20172011
Split/MergeHas this featureNo such feature
Video Capture and Video StabilizationIt doesn’t have any of this feature.It has a Video Capture feature but not Video Stabilization.
WebinarsNo trainingIt has this training option

What is Kapwing?

Kapwing is a tool for editing pictures, GIFs, and videos, or it is used for making memes that are trending everywhere. It can be used for various purposes, such as editing or cropping video or adding subtitles to it.

  1. Looping the videos.
  2. Resizing the videos.

It allows anyone, a professional or amateur, to share the video or social platform such as YouTube etc.

It has the following Video Editing Software Features:

  1. Collaborations
  2. Brand Overlay

It has four different formats available: MP3, GIF, JPEG and PNG, MP4.

What is WeVideo?

It is an online-based platform for capturing and editing videos, which was originally founded in Europe. Following are the main features of this tool:

  1. 720p video resolution
  2. Motion titles

Benefits of this tool are:

  1. User Friendly
  2. Simplifies advance video editing

It can be used by small businesses, medium businesses as well as enterprises. And it comes with several plans which offer different prices based on the features.

It is also used by school teachers and students for learning and educational purposes.

Main Differences Between Kapwing and WeVideo

  1. Kapwing is recently founded in 2017, whereas WeVideo is older and was founded in 2011.
  2. WeVideo also has an option of Webinars under training which is not present in Kapwing.


They both are good and easy to use. But most people prefer WeVideo over Kapwing, and this is clear from the ratings it has online.


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