Difference Between Kapwing and iMovie

Video editing and video editor apps are used to manipulate or make video shots as the user wants. It is very important software or tools which is used in television shows, films, advertisements etc. Video editing has changed drastically over the years.


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Editing videos is a mundane task, so there are many tools and software available which makes it easier. Kapwing and iMovie are two such video editing tools that are used these days.

Kapwing vs iMovie

The difference between Kapwing and iMovie is that Kapwing is supported by all platforms, whether it be Mac, Windows, Android, SaaS, iPhone, iPad etc. While, iMovie is supported only in Mac, iPhone, iPad etc., as it is the software of Apple Company. Kapwing is meant for creative professionals, whereas iMovie is meant for video editors. In Kapwing, 24/7 support is available. In iMovie, support is available in online mode.

Kapwing vs iMovie

Kapwing was created by Julia and Eric, who is also CEO and CTO of the company, in the year 2017. Kapwing provides many multimedia tools for editing to the users. It also encourages and empowers its customers to make and share their stories with everyone.

It includes many features like trimmer, looper, filters, subtitler, meme maker etc. These tools are very popular on the web. It is a very simple app and accessible to use.

iMovie is a video editing software that was launched by Apple company in the year 1999. Originally when it was released, it was available for macOS only. Later on, it was released on iPad, iPod etc. For the consumer market, iMovie is used by Apple.

Its features include video effects such as rotating and crop a video, transitioning of a video, speed change, etc. iMovie apps allow to export and import the videos from other software of Apple products only.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonKapwingiMovie
DevelopedEric & JuliaApple Inc.
PlatformsSupported in all platforms.Supported in only Apple Platforms.
Customer SupportIt provides support by email.It provides support on email, phone and tickets.
FeaturesIt includes split video, merged video, social sharing, audio tools etc.It includes audio, and music editing, video colour settings, video sped change etc.
Aspect RatioIt can be changed.It cannot be changed.

What is Kapwing? 

The name of ‘Kapwing’ was given by Bill Watterson, who invented the comic Calvin and Hobbes. Kapwing means that it is like a sound of a bullet hitting the metal hard. Kapwing app was developed by two graduate students who left Google to start their own company.

They are Julia and Eric, CEO and CTO of the company. They were amateur creators and designers. So they decided to built tools one at a time for images, GIF, videos which everyone wanted to use and share.

Then they realised that there was a heavy demand for multimedia tools in the market and decided to launch Kapwing in the market. The first version of Kapwing was released in the year 2017. They are a small group of creators and engineers who improvise and develop kapwing.

Kapwing was made for the users who wanted to make short videos and share them with their friends and families. Kapwing is not meant for making larger videos.

It has different types of features in a multimedia suite like a looper, filters, meme maker etc. Besides that, you can also share highlights, resize a post or stop motions of the videos. Kapwing is meant for creative professionals like students, influencers, freelancers, artists etc.

It is very simple, fast, accessible and collaborative to use. It has track management, hundreds of templates available can easily import media. Its ecosystem is very good, and you can work from anywhere. It is completely free to use, has no ads, no spam, no watermark.

What is iMovie?

With iMovie, you can “turn your videos into magic”. This is the slogan of iMovie. Its parent company is Apple. It was developed by Apple Inc. only. It is available for only iOS and macOS platforms. Its non-availability in Windows makes it slightly less popular among users.

In iMovie, you can easily browse or go through your video clips, create stunning 4K resolution and Hollywood style trailers. It has the feature of import and export media, which means that you may start editing in MacOS and finish it on iPad.

iMovie has titles, effects and music. It supports 4K videos which make it unique from other video editing software. Videos can be easily edited like a pro. It has seamless transitions, fade audio, trim clips etc.

It has 13 high fidelity filters, 80 soundtracks that are simplified and extra special effects like picture in picture mode and split-screen effects. It is very personalised, and fonts and colours can be customised in titles.

iMovie was released in many versions starting from Version 5 in 2005, which processed high-definition videos. iMovie 6,8, 9, 10.0, 10.1, 11, and iMovie for iOS was launched in the subsequent years. iMovie can also be used for making app previews for Apple’s app store.

Its features include Automated video editing, Video colour settings, Video effects & transitions, Crop & rotate video clip, Audio & music editing, Video speed change, Stabilization etc.

Main Differences Between Kapwing and iMovie

  1. Eric & Julia are the developers of kapwing, and it was released in 2017. Apple Inc. is the developer of iMovie, and it was released in 1999.
  2. Kapwing is supported in all types of platforms like Windows, Web, Mac, iPad, and Android. iMovie is supported in only Apple Platforms, i.e. in iOS, macOS as it is an apple product.
  3. Kapwing provides customer support only on emails. iMovie provides customer support on email, phone and tickets.
  4. Kapwing features includes split video, merge video, social sharing, audio tools etc. iMovie features include audio and music editing, video colour settings, video sped change etc.
  5. Kapwing aspect ratio can be changed, and vertical videos can also be made. iMovie aspect ratio of 16:9 cannot be changed.


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