Difference Between Frontend and Backend

Both frontend and backend are terms that are used in the world of web industry or say in the internet world. If you know something about them then they are part of software engineering because frontend and backend are fundamental parts for that which helps in developing web.

So, people who are into web development will know the difference between frontend and backend. Front-end can also be called as front-end web development that is the practice of transforming or changing a data to a particular graphical interface with the help of HTML, JavaScript, and many such kinds of stuff where the users be able to interact with the data.

Backend, on the other hand, means that part of the computer world that the normal users cannot see with their eyes. The backend can be either software or a website and is opposite to that of the frontend. In other words, the backend is where things happen before a particular page is displayed.

Frontend vs Backend

The main difference between frontend and backend is that frontend web development is the user-interface whereas back-end means the application for the servers that cannot be seen by the users. In other words, backend means all the processes and applications that work behind the scenes whenever a particular web page pops up.

Frontend vs Backend

Comparison Table Between Frontend and Backend

Parameters of ComparisonFrontendBackend
MeaningFrontend is the part of a web page where the users can see like GUI.Backend is the part of a web page where the users cannot see this part.
RoleFrontend is where users can perform their tasks like reading texts, design, and other kinds of stuff.Backend, on the other hand, plays a crucial role for making the user interface possible in a particular webpage.
Client-side/Server-sideFrontend is the client-side application of a web page.Backend is considered as the server-side of the application.
EssentialsIn the case of frontend, the essentials include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.Backend, on the other hand, essentials like Ruby, Python, and many others.

What is Frontend?

Front-end web development is a huge name in the world of the internet and computers. Most people will know what they are because those people could be working as web developers. Now, it is their work to develop the web and it is possible that they have come across the term ‘frontend’ many times.

Now, what do you mean by the term frontend or front-end web development? Well, it is nothing but the part that can be seen by the users whenever they are using the internet. Suppose you are on the internet looking for something like ‘Facebook’ then you see there are search results coming after your search that is what the frontend is basically.

The frontend is the client-side application of a web page where the users can perform certain actions or carry out some activities like reading texts, designing, videos, and many such kinds of stuff. The frontend is opposite to that of backend where backend are those things that work behind the scenes so that you get what you have searched for.

Frontend is the things that you see on the website like GUI (graphical user interface) that includes flashy buttons, images, navigation menus, and many other such kinds of stuff. As said earlier that frontend is mostly the part of web browser and it is where the users can see and interact with.

What is Backend?

The backend, on the other hand, is just the opposite of the frontend but they have a certain role to perform in the computer world or in the world of the internet. However, it is not that they are not useful because they contribute to something.

Backend is referred to as the server-side because servers help provide users with the desired information on the web page. Everything that happens behind the scenes is known as backend and they cannot be seen by the users or by anyone.

The backend is that part of the computer world that does not come in contact with the users. The backend is the one that makes sure that everything is working fine in the frontend. So, one can say that both frontend and backend go together and cannot perform without the other.

The developers of the backend are into handling everything except those that include a user-interface activity such as writing API’s or creating libraries and other such kinds of stuff. Backend and frontend all are into coding and decoding systems to make sure everything works fine in the internet world or in the computer world.

Main Differences Between Frontend and Backend

  1. Both frontend and backend are part of the computer world where frontend means the part of a web page where the users can perform certain activity whereas backend means the part which cannot be seen by the users.
  2. Both frontend and backend play crucial role in web development. Frontend is the part where things can be seen and users can have a experience by looking.
  3. Backend is the part where everything takes place behind the scenes and is considered as an enabler for frontend web experience.
  4. Frontend is also known as client-side whereas backend is also known as server-side.
  5. The essentials of frontend are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript whereas the essentials for backend are Ruby, Python, and many others.


Well, both frontend and backend play a crucial role in the web development process. Everything is done through coding and decoding so they can be confusing for people who do not know coding and decoding. However, frontend and backend are two sides of the same coin and this is why they are used together.


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