Gage vs Gauge: Difference and Comparison

English is a language where sometimes there is a clash between words that can be confusing.

There are various ways these words confuse our minds as if they are the same words but are pronounced differently or they are spelt differently with a similar pronunciation.

One such word in English is the term Gage and Gauge, which brings some differences with them, which is an insight on these English terms. 

Key Takeaways

  1. “Gage” is an alternative spelling for “gauge” but is less commonly used.
  2. “Gauge” measures the thickness or size of objects, like wires or metal sheets.
  3. Both terms can also refer to an instrument or device that measures, such as a pressure gauge.

Gage vs Gauge

The difference between Gage and Gauge is that they have the same pronunciation but different meanings and functions when used in a sentence. These differences make it appropriate for people to use them based on their meaning and in a situation that is suitable the most for it. Sometimes, they are written wrongly in the wrong context due to the common confusion of their meanings. 


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Gage vs Gauge

Gage is the term that is used when one talks about pledges. It is used as the term when there is a guarantee against any obligation or liability as a security matter. The entire process is called Gage.

The word Gage is used in terms of security that can be against any bet, an organization, or a financial institution. The term Gage works as a noun and verb when we use it in sentences to mean two different situations. 

Gauge is a term that is used both in nouns and verbs and means two different things. The word Gauge is used in formal and technical vocabulary, and one should use it definitely while talking to any specialist.

Sometimes, a Gauge is a tool for measurements, such as a tire gauge and oil gauge. Hence, a Gauge can be thickness, size, or a measuring tool. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGage Gauge 
MeaningGage means security against liability. Gauge means either quantity or evaluation. 
Usage Gage is used as a noun in a sentence. Gauge is used both in terms of nouns and verbs. 
Derived FromThe word came from an old American derivation. The word came from an old french derivation. 
Parts of Speech Parts of speech of the word Gage is a noun and sometimes a verb. Parts of speech of the word Gauge are noun, verb, and sometimes conjunction. 
Example His motorbike acted as his gage for the bank. We have with us 30 gauge steel for the basement. 

What is Gage?

Gage is the word that was used by old Europeans as “gauge” with two different meanings, which were later picked up by Americans as “gage” in their sentences.

One of the meanings of Gage that was earlier used as a pledge was later used when there is security against any obligations or liability.

This fact means some surety has been provided in lieu of a loan or debt. This meaning is used as a noun in forming sentences in English. 

Historically, the meaning of Gage as a pledge or any security against any obligations was treated as a verb, which was later changed to a noun.

Another definition of the gage in some places that is considered is a device that acts as a measurement for something. This meaning is relatable to pledges with certain changes in their use.

They are used figuratively or thrown down the path as a challenge in combat or fight and are referred to as a glove thrown in that fight. This issue is used by Shakespeare in his piece of Richard II. 

Example of Gage as a noun: 

You have to come along with a sufficient amount of gage tomorrow. 

Your car is given as a gage to the bank against your flat. 

Examples of Gage, as used by Shakespeare: 

Cousin, throw up the gage. 


What is Gauge?

When used in a sentence, the gauge is used as a noun and means a standard dimension, quantity, or number. The word was derived from old French phrases along with its meaning.

A gauge is also a measurement tool that shares a common ground with the word Gage due to the different impressions of American derivation. This measurement tool can be a tire gauge, a pressure gauge, etc. 

The term is described as a device to measure any physical quantity when it comes to measuring any thickness, any gap in space, or any pressure through a flow.

It is also used in terms of a device that holds the ability to display the measurement measured by a monitored system. It used a needle or a pointer to show the measurement on a levelled scale.

The term Gauge is also a verb to measure dimensions or evaluate them. 

Examples of Gauge as a noun in sentences: 

I will order 50 gauge of iron for the upstate area. 

Take your 20 gauge shotgun for this hunting weekend. 

Example of Gauge as a verb in a sentence: 

Marine biologists need to gauge the depth of an ocean area before research. 


Main Differences Between Gage and Gauge

  1. When they use it as a verb, Gage and Gauge mean different. Gage acts as a pledge or security against anything, whereas Gauge measures a dimension or evaluates it. 
  2. When used as a noun, Gage is used as a glove that is thrown in a fight, whereas gauge acts as a standard measure for something. 
  3. Gage is also used as a root of many English words like mortgage, unlike the word gauge. 
  4. Gage is the term that was derived from Gauge due to colloquialism and refers to laziness, derivation from old French depictions. 
  5. Gage is a spelling variant of gauge and has other meanings as well in the language of English.
Difference Between Gage and Gauge

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