Difference Between Gardening and Farming

Growing plants is a very interesting and laborious activity, and there can be many ways in which this activity can be performed. However, the two most common ways of growing plants are by gardening and farming.


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While on one side, there are prominent differences between these two types, some people tend to use these terms interchangeably. However, owing to the significance of both of these activities, it is crucial to have known the differences that exist between these two.

Gardening vs Farming 

The difference between Gardening and Farming is that even after being related to growing fruits and vegetables, the former is basically performed on a small scale, while on the other hand, the latter is performed on a relatively bigger scale. Apart from this, there are other differences in terms of equipment and techniques used in both of these activities. 

Gardening vs Farming

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Gardening is basically classified as an activity related to growing plants and it is basically performed on a smaller scale. In other words, this particular activity is usually done on a personal or individual level, and the labor required is also less intensive as compared to other activities. 

But on the other hand, farming refers to another activity related to growing plants, and this activity is performed on a very large scale as compared to gardening. Usually, the activity of farming is done on a commercial level, and the produce of the total activity is either used by the person who has done the activity or is sold in the consumer market. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Gardening  Farming  
Meaning  The term refers to an activity of growing plants on a very small scale. The term refers to an activity of growing plants on a very large scale. 
Equipment used  Usually, easy equipment such as hose pipe, spade, and gloves are required. Usually, heavy equipment such as tractors, tillers, cultivators, and shovels are required. 
Knowledge required  This activity requires the knowledge level of a beginner. This activity requires the knowledge level of a professional in terms of growing plants. 
Rules to be followed Whenever this activity is conducted no such rules or regulations are required to be followed. This activity is largely affected by the rules and regulations of the agricultural department. 
Land required  Usually, the land required for this activity is very small in area. A comparatively bigger area of land is required to conduct this activity. 
Time invested  Dependent upon the scale on which this activity is performed the time invested happens to be less. This activity requires a lot of time to be invested as it is carried out on a very bigger scale. 

What is Gardening? 

Nowadays, growing plants has become a trend for many people as they are pursuing this activity as a hobby, and due to this increased popularity of this particular activity, it becomes crucial to know what actually this activity entails. The activity of growing plants such as fruits, vegetables, or flowers at a very small scale by one individual person or his family is known as gardening

As the name in itself suggests, this activity is conducted in a garden that usually happens to be a small piece of land attached to the personal property of a family. Because of being conducted on a smaller scale, this activity does not require any professional knowledge about growth plans and usually can easily be carried out by people who are just beginners. 

This activity can be completed using certain daily equipment that is present in almost every household, and it does not require any specific machinery. Usually, the product of this activity is consumed inside of the family, but in some cases, people tend to sell their product in the consumer market if the quantity happens to be more. 

What is Farming? 

The activity of growing or cultivating specific plants on a larger scale by a group of people is usually termed farming, and this activity is widely practiced by people all across the world in order to earn a decent living. However, this term sometimes gets used in place of other terms such as gardening, but in reality, farming entails a completely different experience. 

The history of farming is very old, and since the inception of humanity, this activity has been one of the most prominent activities that have been followed by humans in order to survive in this world. However, in today’s world, due to the innovations in technology and machinery, this activity has become relatively easy for the people who are practicing it and requires less hard work as compared to the old days. 

Usually, the machinery that is required for farming happens to be at a very large level and includes things like tractors and cultivators. Also, whenever this activity is carried out, certain rules and regulations are imposed on the total operation by the concerned agricultural department.

Farming is one of those activities that provide employment to most part of the people all across the world and therefore the significance of this activity has increased to a very greater extent. 

Main Differences Between Gardening and Farming 

  1. Gardening is the activity of growing plants at a very small scale, while on the other hand, Farming is an activity of growing plants at a larger scale. 
  2. Gardening requires certain daily use equipment while, on the other hand, Farming requires heavy equipment and machinery. 
  3. Gardening is really influenced by the rules and regulations of the government, while on the other hand, Farming is heavily influenced by rules and regulations of the agriculture department. 
  4. Gardening it’s conducted on a small scale and on a small land, while on the other hand, Farming is conducted on a large scale and on a bigger piece of land. 
  5. Gardening requires no specific professional knowledge, while on the other hand, Farming requires professional knowledge about plants. 
Difference Between Gardening and Farming


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