Difference Between Google Voice and RingCentral

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Google Voice and RingCentral are two well-known household names that provide their customers with telephone and cloud services.

These services help in the communication by providing the users’ access to messaging, calling via audio and video, and other similar features.

Google Voice vs RingCentral

The difference between Google Voice and RingCentral is that while Google Voice is majorly concerned with the provision of telephone services, RingCentral, on the other hand, focuses more on the provision of solutions for collaborating and cloud-based communication. Both these companies focus on providing communication that uses the internet as their platform.

Google Voice vs RingCentral

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Google Voice is often confused with Voice Search. Both these applications perform very different tasks. Google Voice is a call-forwarding and voice mail service that assigns a phone number to the Google accounts.

This application also provides and voice and text message service. The users can listen to screened calls and record calls as per their wishes.

Headquartered in Belmont, California, RingCentral provides a wide variety of services to its customers. With a global presence, RingCentral offers products that help in communication between its users.

Termed a  provider of cloud-based communications, RingCentral has provided several business organizations and institutions with collaboration solutions.

With features that make for wonderful voice communication services, RingCentral is popular amongst businesses for its efficiency.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGoogle VoiceRingCentral
Use of ApplicationGoogle Voice is predominantly used in lieu of telephone services.RingCentral is a public company that provides communications and collaboration solutions with the help of the cloud.
Founded inGoogle Voice was initially released on March 11, 2009.RingCentral originates in the year 1999.
Founded byCraig Walker and Vincent Paque.Vlad Vendrow and Vlad Shmunis.
Price RangeGoogle Voice has a comparatively better price scheme for its product.RingCentral is expensive and has a complex price scheme.
CollaborationThe collaboration feature in Google voice is unstable and complicated.By comparison, RingCentral has a high rate of collaboration success.

What is Google Voice?

Any product that is acquired by Google can be trusted to perform. This telephone service originally started out its journey named GrandCentral, which was then renamed Google Voice.

The official launch of Google Voice took place on 11th March 2009. This service stemmed from the minds of Craig Walked and Vincent Paque, providing the world with a reliable telecommunication service.

The rebranded product was launched with new features and modifications, making it an instant hit. 

Google Voice is credited with providing free PC-to-PC voice calling. This feature can be used across the world. Subscribers can make international calls at a very low rate.

True to their word, the service still remains free of cost; all the customers need is to be a Google voice user.

This service works on a simple basis. The customers are asked to select any one phone number pertaining to the country of the United States; this number can be from carrying area codes for each respective account.

Upon selection of their number, customers can make use of the several features provided to them.

The calls to the users can be accessed via the Google Talk feature provided with the account or the configured phones.

Google Voice has an economical price scheme making it highly popular.

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral, Inc. is a highly sought-after provider of communications. This works by allowing communication within several members in a company or an organization or an outsider by making use of a cloud-based communication system.

An American company, it provides a public service that is popular worldwide. This organization has a wider reach than Google Voice owing to its unique and well-crafted features.

RingCentral owns various innovative VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol features. The company allows its customers to call with or without video facilities. They can message other users, be it customers or other employees.

This allows for collaboration in a much easy way. Companies that need to brainstorm often with varied members highly appreciate this specific feature of RingCentral.

RingCentral was brought to life by Vlad Vendrow and Vlad Shmunis in 1999. There exist several products credited to this company, such as the RingCentral Office, RingCentral Fax, and RingCentral Professional.

Based on utilizing cloud space for its storage RingCentral is known for its PBX features. PBX refers to a Private Branch Exchange that is capable of storing more than one extension.

RingCentral is preferred for its authenticity and collaboration feasibility. However, it is quite expensive and cannot be afforded for personal use.

Main Differences Between Google Voice and RingCentral

  1. Google Voice provides telephone services to its customers by providing them with a U.S. phone number. RingCentral focuses on providing communication with the help of clouds. 
  2. Google Voice was originally started by Craig Walker and Vincent Paque, whereas RingCentral owes its creation to Vlad Vendrow and Vlad Shmunis.
  3. Originally started out as GrandCentral, Google Voice was launched legally on March 11, 2009. RingCentral has been in existence since 1999. 
  4. Google Voice has an affordable plan, making it popular among small businesses and personal use. RingCentral is popularly preferred among organizations and business enterprises.
  5. It is observed that Google Voice provides its customers with an online forum to help solve the issues facing. They also provide tutorial videos. By comparison, RingCentral has a better customer service platform with an online chat system, knowledge center, phone number, and video tutorials.
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