IPsec vs GRE: Difference and Comparison

A whole computer network contains and works with a chain of many different things and networks. This work requires two or more two computers with an established network.

These networks with which the computers are connected are of three different types- internet, intranet, and extranet. In fact, the methods with which these networks link each other are different, too.

Key Takeaways

  1. IPsec is a security protocol for network communication, while GRE is a tunnelling protocol for encapsulating packets.
  2. IPsec provides encryption and authentication for secure communication, while GRE provides encapsulation for transmitting packets over an intermediate network.
  3. IPsec operates at the network layer, while GRE operates at the transport layer.

IPsec vs GRE

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) encrypts data packets sent through two devices over Internet Protocol networks. It enables confidentiality, authentication and cyber security. Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) is a tunnelling protocol that encapsulates Internet Protocol packets inside virtual point-to-point links. It offers low cyber security.

IPsec vs GRE

What it basically does is, using the IP address, it routes the packet between the computers or any other electronic device that is using the network.

What it is used for is to carry or control the other routing protocol that exists in an IP network and an IP packet that is itself in an IP network.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIPsecGRE
AbbreviationIPsec stands for internet protocol services.GRE stands for generic routing encapsulation.
ProtocolIPsec is the primary protocol of the internet.GRE is not the primary protocol but the tunneling protocol of the internet.
Routed protocolIPsec cannot carry the routed protocol along with the IP packet.GRE can carry out any routed protocol, including the IP packets that are in the IP network.
SecurityIPsec offers full confidentiality along with cyber security.GRE offers a little less security.
Byte headersIPsec does not have any header to cause delays.GRE has an additional overhead byte header which further might cause some delays in the routing process and the forwarding of the packets.

What is IPsec?

One of its primary protocols is called the Internet protocol. It is an internet protocol packet that basically routes packets to the computers or any other device that is using the network.

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A protocol is actually needed for the protection of IP communication between the two parties. This is also done by the use of packets.

What is GRE?

GRE, which stands for Generic Routing Encapsulation, is also another protocol used by the internet but a tunnelling one.

The thing to keep in mind while going for the GRE is that it offers a little less security, while the IPsec, on the other hand, offers full confidentiality along with cyber security.

GRE is used to carry or control the other routing protocol that exists in an IP network and even in an IP packet. In contrast, one thing to notice is that IPsec sends those packets but is unable to send any routing protocol the way GRE can.

Main Differences Between IPsec and GRE

  1. Having full security might be the major concern of some users. That is why they for IPsec as IPsec offers full confidentiality along with cyber security while GRE lacks in this service, GRE offers a little less security.
  2. Talking about any header present in the protocols that cause delays in the forwarding.
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Last Updated : 26 August, 2023

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