Googly vs Leg Spin: Difference and Comparison

It is a very famous and exclusive type of a bowling. It is a part of the cricket which is used by almost every cricketer. Both of them works very well in the field of cricket.

Googly is merged with two words which is ‘Goo’ and ‘guile’. Thus, the other name of leg-spin is leggie. Googly plays by the leg-spinner.The leg-spin is can’t done by everyone as it has tips and tricks for bowling the ball.

Key Takeaways

  1. A googly is a deceptive cricket delivery that spins opposite to the standard leg spin, making it difficult for the batsman to predict the ball’s trajectory.
  2. Leg spin is a type of spin bowling where the bowler imparts spin on the ball with wrist action, causing the ball to turn from the leg side to the offside of a right-handed batsman.
  3. Both googly and leg spin deliveries are valuable bowling techniques for confusing batters and taking wickets, but the googly is considered more challenging to execute correctly.

Googly vs Leg-Spin

A googly is a cricket delivery that deceives the batsman by spinning in the opposite direction than expected. It is a type of leg spin that is bowled with a wrist action. Leg spin describes a style of bowling in which the ball spins from right to left after pitching on the ground.

Googly vs Leg Spin

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Googly a word is related to the type of bowling. It is the best remedy for wandering the batsman in the cricket. In a googly ball, the bowler spin a ball as a normal leg-spinner but it moves towards the cricketer or a batsman.

The plural of googly is named as googlies. When a bowler spins it seems like a leg-break it it is totally reverse like an off-break.

It was named as googly in the 1890s through the Bernard Bosanquet. It is one of the best kind of bowling which can be easily won the match.

Leg-spin are a kind of bowling which includes in cricket. Actually, it moves from right to left direction. It’s plural form is known as a leggie.

It is the action of spinner in which balls are spin by the help of right-arm and then twist the wrist for bowling after that it goes from right to left side which is difficult for the right-handed batsman front the side of the leg.

Leg-spin are a best type of bowling in the stadium which is invented by english cricketer named Lancashire’s AG steel.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonGooglyLeg Spin
DefinitionGoogly is a kind of bowling which moves from left to right which is opposite of a leg-break. Leg Spin is also a kind of bowling which moves from right to left towards the batsman.
DirectionIt goes from left to right direction. On the other hand leg spin goes from right to left direction.
OriginGoogly is a ball spinner technique which is origin in 1900.Leg Spin is a ball spinner technique which is origin in 1933.
TypesGoogly are bowled by the help of spinners. Leg Spin are bowled in the anticlockwise direction.
LengthIt should be delivered at the normal length. It is spin at a length of 7 and 9 foot from the batsman.

What is Googly?

Googly is a kind of bowling which has completely touch with the bowler. It is used by almost every cricketer to win the match. It goes opposite to the direction of the cricketer. Mainly, it hits the ball from left to right direction.

Also, the king of googly is derived to the cricketer named Shahid Afridi. He plays an important role in the cricket. Googly a spin ball are invented by Bernard Bosanquet.

It is a part of bowling which is hit from the right-arm leg spin bowler.It is the best kind of bowling, as by using this trick we can easily won the match.

It includes middle finger, index finger, thumb, ring finger and a releasing point to hold the ball.In a cricket match it works well as it is a helper for winning the match.

It works better in mostly confusing the batsman which is a part of cricket. It moves in a clockwise direction.

It is the best measure for hitting the ball but it requires a lot of efforts so, it is necessary to learn the googly spin ball by the help of regular practice.It is a type of bowling in which it requires more and more practice.

As, we know that “Practice makes a man perfect”.So,if you are eager to learn the googly bowling then, you should easily understand by the help of your own mobile phone.

Google is the best way to trained about googly. During learning, first of all you have to learn holding the ball.

It can be also says as a confusing ball in the cricket as it look like that it goes to a normal leg spinner but actually it goes towards the batsman.

In the cricket googly works as a weapon for the batsman. It is not so easy, but hard work is the key of success.

What is Leg Spin?

Leg-Spin work very bright for the bowlers. As, it is helpful in winning the match. It is consider as a kind of bowling. The top and trained cricketer must use this technique.

It should be hold in the V-shape by using two fingers on top and other two fingers are at bottom.

A leg-spinner moves the wrist spin with a right hand by which the ball goes from right to left means it goes away from the right hand batsman leg side.

It is a very smart type of bowling which can be learn by the practice. It specifies one of the best method to be participate in the cricket.

It is going to be viral in almost every region as it has a potential to win the match by leg-spin bowling. It increase our potential to win the match.

Leg-spin are bowled by not in national level but it also included in international level. It takes variety of tricks to be learning leg-spin.

The action which are played by a left-arm bowler is called as left-arm unorthodox spin bowling. It’s speed to hit the ball is (70-90km/h) for slow spinning and for the fast spinning it has a speed of about 100km/h.

We know that the king of spinner is consider to Shane Warne.

Google is the best way to learn the technique of leg-spin.It cannot be easily played by everyone as it requires more efforts. So, it can be possible by regular practice of leg-spin.

The cricketer Shane Warne is the best cricket player who learns the technique of leg-spin by their efforts. It works outstanding in leg-spin.It is a type of spin which carry experienced cricketer. It moved in the clockwise direction.

Main Differences Between Googly and Leg-spin

  1. Googly is a type of bowling which spins from left to right and the leg spins are goes from right to left.
  2. Googly are invented in the year 1900 and the leg spin are invented in 1933.
  3. Googly mainly spin in the clockwise direction and on the other hand the leg spin are spinned in the anticlockwise direction.
  4. When googly is bowled then it goes towards the batsman but when leg spin is bowled then it moves away from the batsman leg side.
  5. Googly are delivered by almost normal length and leg spin are delivered from a length of about 7 and 9 foot.
Difference Between Googly and Leg Spin

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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