Difference Between Grill and Roast

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Grill vs Roast

The difference between Grill and Roast is that Grilling is a process of cooking food that allows direct contact of the food with the flame, whereas, Roasting is a process of cooking food that allows an indirect contact of the food with the flame. Sliced and thin pieces of food are more suitable for grilling, while roasting is usually preferred for thick and large pieces of food.

Grill vs Roast

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To grill food is to expose it to direct heat and cook it on a griller. The flame is generally of coal or wood. It is preferred due to the mouth-watering flavours it imparts to the food.

On the other hand, to roast food means to cook by maintaining a distance between the food and the flame. Roasting is done in an oven or by just hanging food above the flame in a more traditional manner.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGrillRoast
DefinitionThe grill is a cooking method that is done by exposing food to direct flame. Roast is a cooking method that exposes food to flame indirectly.
Temperature The temperature is high and goes above 500°F. The temperature is low and goes around 200-400°F.
EquipmentGrilling is done on a Grill, Griddle, or Gridiron. Roasting is done in an Oven or by traditional method.
Time-takenIt takes less time, i.e. around 3-10 min. It takes more time, i.e. around 1-3 hours.
Food TextureThe food becomes crispy and flavourful. Here the food becomes tender.
Heating MethodThe heating method is direct. The heating method is indirect.
DishesDishes like kebabs, streaks, sandwiches, etc., are prepared by grilling. Dishes like roasted meat, chicken, potatoes, etc., are prepared by roasting.

What is Grill?

Food can be cooked in different forms using various techniques or methods. One such way of preparing food is to grill it.

A griller is a set-up that contains an open wire grid along with a source that provides heat to the food. The source is present either above or below the surface of the grilled.

Grilling requires a high temperature of heat. The temperature rate usually exceeds 500°F while grilling. This facilitates the food to be ready within a short span of time.

The grilled food becomes crispy and healthy. Kebabs, streaks, sandwiches etc., are prepared by this method. Grilling is believed to be healthy as the fat gets burnt out of the food during the process.


What is Roast?

The number of methods available for cooking food is a lot. These methods just need to be carried out the right way so that the result is a success.

In the case of an open flame, the heat that reaches the food helps to get it cooked from all sides. A low temperature around 200-400°F is enough for this process.

The low temperature used while roasting results in a time-consuming process. However, there is a comparatively faster roasting method too. It is used for browning food enough.

Although roasting is a slightly time-taking method, it does not need much prior preparation. The food just has to be on flame for a long time, and that’s it.


Main Differences Between Grill and Roast

  1. Roasting takes more time than grilling.
  2. The food becomes tender after roasting and crispy after grilling.
Difference Between Grill and Roast
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