Difference Between Red and Green Cabbage

Cabbage is a versatile vegetable with a leafy head used in various cuisines. It arrives from the plant family that is closely associated with broccoli and cauliflower.

Red Cabbage vs Green Cabbage

The main difference between red cabbage and green cabbage is that they vary in color and are hence used in different types of cooking based on preference. Red cabbage is also referred to as ‘purple cabbage.’ The green cabbage is usually pale green-colored, and it also contains considerable amounts of nutrients. Both the cabbages have a distinct taste. Cabbage weighs somewhere around 500 to 1000 grams. The leaves are tender.

Red Cabbage vs Green Cabbage

The red cabbage provides a distinct pop of color to the salads and other dishes when added. Interestingly, red cabbages turn bluish after it is cooked.

The green cabbage is rich in nutrients like the red cabbage. But the green cabbage possesses the nutrient folate. It turns mildly sweeter after being cooked.

Comparison Table Between Red and Green Cabbage

Parameters of ComparisonRed CabbageGreen Cabbage
Nutrient compositionA mix of vitamins, minerals, folate, vitamin C, and potassium.It contains protein, fiber, Vitamin K, and vitamin C.
TasteIt tastes flavorful when raw and cooked.It tastes close to lettuce and it is used in preparing coleslaw.
Dormant and fresh stageIt keeps well when it is raw during the period of winter.It has to be prepared as sauerkraut to keep well in the winter months.
ColorIt turns blue in color when cooked.It has a hint of sweetness when it is cooked.
Anti-oxidants compositionIt possesses anthocyanins that contain anti-cancerous properties.In comparison to red cabbage, it does not contain anthocyanin and anti-oxidants.

What is Red Cabbage?

Red cabbage contains ten times more nutrients than green cabbage. Cabbage with red or purple color comes from soil that contains an accurate, neutral pH scale.

It is a spring vegetable and hence cultivated and harvested during the spring season. It can be found in the region such as Europe, America, and China.

Red cabbage contains unique health benefits. Unlike green cabbage, it aids in an additional boost to the immune system of the consumer.

It is cultivated in well-fertilized, humid soil. It is also extremely advantageous to the consumers as it helps in preventing cancer with its extreme flavonoid content.

What is Green Cabbage?

Green cabbage contains more vitamin-K when compared to red cabbage. The quantity portion is almost doubled with respect to the amount of vitamin-k composition of the red cabbage.

Green cabbage is rich in folate content, and the unique characteristic is that it turns a little sweet in taste when it is cooked.

The green cabbage does not contain as many flavonoids as red cabbage but is still considered healthy for its mineral and vitamin composition.

Green cabbage helps in weight maintenance as around half of cabbage’s carbs come from fiber. They contain a low number of calories, and it is also cholesterol-free, thus making it an extremely healthy option for intake.

Main Differences Between Red and Green Cabbage

  1. The intake of red cabbage helps in eye, teeth, and bone health improvisation, whereas the intake of the green cabbage helps in muscular health and regulation of blood calcium levels.
  2. The red cabbage is said to have ten times more Vitamin-A content than green cabbage.
Difference Between Red and Green Cabbage


Both red and green cabbages are versatile vegetables on their own and are highly nutritious for consumption. It contains the essential vitamin A in the precursors called carotenoids beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

This vegetable is predominantly used in most parts of the world as a delicacy. It is extremely simple to cook this highly nutritious vegetable.


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