Green Blender vs Daily Harvest: Difference and Comparison

Now, when delivery services have become a staple in everyone’s routine, more and more companies are stepping into this field of home delivery, especially in the food subscription area.

Not only this, many of businesses give their customers the choice of subscription, so they don’t have to go through the hassle of thinking every month.

Green Blender and Daily Harvest are some of these delivery services. They give pre-measured ingredients to produce nutritious and various types of superfoods for their customers.

Their meals are high in nutrition and vitamins that will provide people with their daily healthy food intake.

Key Takeaways

  1. Green Blender and Daily Harvest are subscription services that deliver pre-portioned ingredients for smoothies and other healthy foods.
  2. Green Blender offers better unique, and exotic ingredients, while Daily Harvest focuses on simple, easy-to-make recipes.
  3. Green Blender is more affordable and customizable, while Daily Harvest offers more convenience with ready-to-eat meals.

Green Blender vs Daily Harvest

The difference between Green Blender and Daily Harvest is that Green Blender shut down after declaring bankruptcy in 2018. Daily Harvest is still in the business of food delivery. When it was still in business, Daily Harvest had a lot more variety for the customers to choose from in comparison to Green Blender, and the average price of Green Blender products was lesser than the average product price of Daily Harvest.

Green Blender vs Daily Harvest

Green Blender was a smoothie-providing delivery service that was started in 2014 and, after several years, declared bankruptcy in the year 2020, in October, the assets of the company were passed to Blix LTD.

The reason for the Green Blender startup was to provide people with healthy meals when they don’t have enough time to make them themselves.

Daily Harvest is a delivery service that offers a series of foods that are plant-based. They have a wide range of food that is very diverse and in accordance with a person’s dietary requirements.

It is said that they use 100% natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGreen BlenderDaily Harvest
Year of discovery  20142015
Discovered by  Amir Cohen and Jenna TanenbaumRachel Drori
Meal plans3 types of plans: Fresh start plan, Monthly challenge plan, and healthy habit plan.2 types of plan: Weekly plan and Monthly plan.
 PricesProducts by Green Blender are cheaper in comparison to Daily Harvest.Daily Harvest products are expensive than Green Blender.
Meal optionsGreen Blender has lesser choices of meal options.Daily Harvest has more meal choices, for example, the Paleo diet, than Green Blender.

What is Green Blender?

Green Blender was a delivery service started by husband Amir Cohen and his wife, Jenna Tanenbaum. The service provided ingredients and recipes for healthy smoothies to the people’s doorstep.

The idea was formed in the mind of Amir In his own kitchen when he was working on smoothies.

Kiwi Pear Power Smoothie, Turmeric Ginger Refresh Smoothie, and Berry Protein Superfood Cereal were the store’s most popular choices.

The company started as a smoothie recipe service for people but, after a while, added some other options to their menus, such as types of cereals.

One could customize their meal and make changes, but they would have to give five days before their delivery date. Gift cards were available as well, making it a perfect gift for people who like superfoods.

The company closed in October 2020 after declaring bankruptcy in October 2018.

What is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest is a plant-based meal food delivery service based in New York, United States. The founder is Rechel Drori, and the company is not just limited to smoothies but also has small snacks, grain bowls, and soups.

Since it is seen that plant-based meals tend to keep people full for a longer period of time, they are a nice way to lose weight for people who want to.

The most popular choices that are customer favourites are Beet + Avocado Poke Harvest Bowl, Banana + Greens Smoothie, etc. Aside from smoothies and oat bowls, there are chia bowls, harvest bowls, lattes, small bites, and soups.

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People can customize their products according to their choices.

The store launches 40 different types of recipes each week. This is the thing that gives Daily Harvest an edge over other superfoods-related delivery services.

If one is dissatisfied with the delivery or their order, then they can get a refund on their products but keep in mind that the company may require a photo of the dissatisfied product(s).

Main Differences Between Green Blender and Daily Harvest

  1. Green Blender went out of business officially in October 2020 and has been replaced with Blix LTD. On the other hand, Daily Harvest is still actively performing in the food industry.
  2. The average price of a meal is more expensive for Daily Harvest than the average price of Green Blender.
  3. Green Blender had three types of plans. On the other hand, Daily Harvest has two plans. Daily Harvest had: a Weekly plan and a Monthly plan. Green Blender has a Fresh start plan, a Monthly challenge plan, and a healthy habit plan.
  4. Green Blender had a lesser variety of foods to offer its users, mainly focusing on smoothies than in comparison to the range of products offered by Daily Harvest besides smoothies.
  5. The number of meal choices is more in Daily Harvest than in Green Blender. Green Blender offers four types of meal options: Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy-free, and Gluten-free. In contrast, Daily Harvest offers these former four, with the addition of a Paleo diet, Soy-free, and Dairy-free products as well.

Last Updated : 28 June, 2023

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