Difference Between Alcohol and Wine

Beverages are widely popular all over the world. Alcoholic beverage is one such thing that people bond over.


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Alcoholic beverages are used for social relaxation and unwinding. Alcoholic beverage creates a unique ambiance for people.

If consumed moderately alcoholic beverages can have a certain amount of health benefits such as maintaining cardiovascular health and prevention of diabetes by lowering the blood glucose levels. On the other hand, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can result in side effects such as intoxication, liver disease, and cancer.

Alcohol vs Wine

The difference between alcohol and wine is that wine is a type of alcohol and alcohol is the major genre under which other beverages exist such as beer, wine, and spirit. Wine can be further classified on the food product it is made out of and the year of aging.

Alcohol vs Wine

The alcohol content in wine is relatively less compared to other alcoholic drinks but it increases depending on the year of aging. Roughly estimated wine is 85% after and 12-15% alcohol.

Whereas for alcohol or liquor the alcohol content may fluctuate depending upon the beverage. Alcohol is any beverage that has some content of ethanol.

Alcohol can be produced through various processes such as fermentation and distillation. It can be widely classified under several groups such as beer, spirit, and wine.

Wine on the other hand is a type of alcohol. It is made up of the process of fermenting grapes, apples, cranberries, pomegranates, and plums.

It usually has less alcoholic content considered to other alcoholic drinks.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonAlcoholWine
Alcohol ContentVaries depending upon the beverageRelatively less alcohol content. Max 20%
ProcessDistillation and fermentationIt is only made by the process of fermenting fruits and then aging in barrels
Made formIt is made from all fruits, grains and other food itemsIt is made from fruits
ValueIt is valued for its intoxicating propertyIt is valued for its flavors
KindSpirit, wine and beerRed wine and white wine
FlavorIt does not have any flavor of its ownIt is appreciated worldwide for its flavors
VersatilityAll the alcoholic cannot be wineAll wines are alcoholic drinks

What is Alcohol?

Alcohol is a beverage that contains a certain amount of ethanol. Alcohol can be obtained by the process of distillation or the process of fermentation of grains, fruit, and other food items.

Alcohol is a major part of the world plays an important role in the occasion of social gathering. It creates an ambiance generous enough for people to relax and socialize with each other in a carefree state.

Alcohol in low dose helps to combat anxiety and depression whereas if consumed in excessive amount can lead to multiple side effects such as intoxication, liver disease, and cancer. Alcohol can be classified under three types such as beer, wine, and spirit.

The alcohol content will fluctuate from 3% – 50% depending upon the kind of beverage. Alcoholic beverages are often used to prepare dishes as ethanol is a good dissolving agent for many fatty acids and essential oils.

It also provides a unique color and taste to the dish.


What is Wine?

Wine is a type of alcoholic beverage. Wine came from the Latin word “vine” meaning grapes.

Wine is made from the process of fermentation, where fruits such as grapes, plums, cherries, and pomegranate are fermented to obtain wine. Yeast is added to conserve the sugar in the fruits and convert it into ethanol, carbon dioxide, and heat.

Different variety of fruits results in different styles of wine. The alcohol content of wine usually fluctuates around 14%-15%.

The alcohol content for each wine varies in the year of aging. Wine is preferred worldwide for its unique flavor and taste.

Wine is usually used to set up a more casual and chill environment. As it is low on alcohol content it does not intoxicate much and makes people enjoy the ambiance.

Wine can be classified into two kinds such as red wine and white wine. Red wine is made from red and black grapes they are crushed and fermented for few weeks whereas white wine is made from white grapes, the skin and seed of the grapes are removed and mixed with yeast and left for fermentation in barrels for weeks.

Both these wines taste equally delicious and unique in their very own way and also have several health benefits such as maintaining cardiovascular health and prevention of diabetes.


Main Differences Between Alcohol and Wine

  1. The alcohol content in alcohol varies from a range of 3%-50% depending upon the type of alcoholic drink whereas the alcoholic content in wine I relatively less it is usually around 15%
  2. Alcohol is made by the process of distillation or fermentation whereas wines are only made from fermentation.
  3. Alcohol is obtained from all types of food products, fruits, and grains however, wine is only obtained from fruits.
  4. Alcohol is valued for its intoxicating property as it is high on alcohol content whereas wines are mostly valued for their unique flavor.
  5. Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol and ethanol does not have a flavor of its own until mixed with another substance whereas wine is highly flavorful.
  6. All the alcoholic drinks cannot be wine because wine is a type of alcoholic drink whereas all wines can be classified under alcoholic drinks.
Difference Between Alcohol and Wine


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