Difference Between Daily Harvest and Kencko

Today all over the world, people have snacks that are highly nutritious containing proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and calcium. All these food items are delivered to supermarkets through companies who make them. Provides the service of delivering the food items from one place to another tell your doorstep. This is possible due to the increasing technology which is available today.

Daily Harvest vs Kencko

The main difference between daily harvest and kencko is that daily harvest is the delivery providing company that provides the service of delivering smoothies, oats, flatbreads, snacks, and other soups, while, Kencko is a brand of smoothie which is made through healthy fruit and vegetables in a powdered form which makes you drink like a smoothie when added in water.

Daily Harvest vs Kencko

The daily harvest is the delivery company that provides a plant-based meal to be delivered from one place to another. This includes delivery of ready to its ready to eat smoothies, flatbreads, commercial harvest bowls, and many other healthy snacks. This makes it easy for customers to trust on and by-products through this kind of services provided by bio company.

Kencko is derived from a Japanese word that means healthy. Kencko is a brand name of a particular smoothie that is designed and made in such a way that is it is in a powdered form fruit which later lets you mix it in water for making a smoothie. This helps in increasing the number of fruits and vegetables one can intake daily.

Comparison Table Between Daily Harvest and Kencko

Parameters of ComparisonDaily HarvestKencko
FounderRachel Drori is the founder of this company.Tomas Froes is the founder of this company.
Year of launchThis was launched in the year 2015.This was launched in the year 2017.
Main food itemsThis provides healthy fruits and vegetables in the form of a variety of snack bowls and soups.This provides healthy fruit and vegetables only in a powdered smoothie form.
Main branchThe main branch is in New York.The main branch is in Lisbon.
TasteThis is tastier when compared to kencko.This brand may lack taste.

What is Daily Harvest?

The company daily harvest aims to provide a healthier and easy way to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in a person’s diet through providing services of delivery of various snacks containing nutrients and other minerals etc. This company first started by selling only frozen smoothies And sins, then it has evolved a lot. Today this company has about 80 options of different kinds of breakfast bowls and smoothies for a person to select.

The greatest advantage of this company was that it offered a variety of snacks that were made of high-quality, healthy ingredients. All the items of food were vegan and gluten-free. This means they were all free of any kind of preservatives and filters. These items are delivered in frozen cans which require only minimal preparation for a person to be eating them.

There are also many drawbacks which were aroused to this company that they are very expensive when considered the fact that a person still needs to buy other food materials for the week even after buying products from this company. There is not certain if all the ingredients included in it are organic. Not all packaging materials are recyclable in this company, and sometimes the meals may not fill a person’s stomach.

What is Kencko?

Kencko is a type of snow day which was designed in such a way that it is in the form of a powdered substance containing fruits and vegetables in it, which has to be just added in milk to make a smoothie-like texture. It is very easily made, and people from many parts of the countries prefer Using this method for making smoothies in the United States.

The chemical company has its branches in the US, Europe, and Singapore. Its standard location is in New York and Lisbon. This company hires some staff who are registered dietitians and customized managers, Who helped Bing profit this company by marketing strategies and research analysis. Today kencko company is a certified b grade corporation that aims at creating a sustainable economy.

The smoothies from this company have flavors and ingredients depending on the organic ingredients that are available for the Optimum amount of nutrition a person needs to consume every day. The fruits and vegetables are collected afresh and highly nutritious, which do not have any kind of preservatives in them. The only drawback of this is that some people feel it has bad taste.

Main Differences Between Daily Harvest and Kencko

  1. Rachel Drori the founder of Daily Harvest, and on the other hand, Tomas Froes is the founder of Kencko.
  2. The company’s daily harvest was launched in the year 2015, and on the other hand, the company Kencko was launched in the year 2017.
  3. The Daily harvest company provides healthy fruits and vegetables in the form of a variety of snack bowls and soups, and on the other hand, the Kencko company provides healthy fruit and vegetables only in a powdered smoothie form.
  4. The main branch of the daily harvest company is in New York, and on the other hand, the main branch of the Kencko company is in Lisbon.
  5. The products delivered from the daily harvest are tastier, and on the other hand, the smoothies delivered by Kencko lack taste sometimes.


Both the daily harvest company as well as the kencko company aims at providing a nutritious amount of food items to help people to increase their intake of nutritious fruits and vegetables without having any preservatives in them. Even though both these companies aim at providing maximum nutrition and a healthy diet for people, their vast differences cannot be ignored.

The difference between both these companies lies in how they prepare their meals, what food items they sell or deliver, nutrient level, the characteristics they possess, how the company functions, and what their major aim is. Both these are expensive but aim at providing a healthy diet to people. One should know the basic differences between these companies.


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