Daily Harvest vs Splendid Spoon: Difference and Comparison

Daily Harvest focuses on a customizable menu of frozen, pre-portioned smoothies, soups, and bowls, emphasizing organic and whole ingredients. Splendid Spoon, on the other hand, offers a variety of ready-to-eat, plant-based meals like soups and grain bowls, with an emphasis on convenience and nutrition.

Key Takeaways

  1. Daily Harvest and Splendid Spoon are both subscription services that offer pre-made meals, but Splendid Spoon focuses on plant-based options. In contrast, Daily Harvest offers a wider variety of options.
  2. Daily Harvest’s meals require minimal preparation and can be customized to fit different dietary preferences, while Splendid Spoon’s meals are fully prepared and ready to eat.
  3. Daily Harvest also offers smoothies and snacks, while Splendid Spoon focuses solely on meals.

Daily Harvest vs Splendid Spoon

The difference between Daily Harvest and Splendid Spoon is the type of food dishes that they deliver. The Daily Harvest is a delivery service that delivers frozen foods and includes food dishes like smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, forager bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls, scoops, bites, lattes etc., on the other hand, the Splendid Spoon is a food delivery service that is based on the user’s subscription and includes food dishes like smoothies, bowls, noodles, light soups, wellness shots etc.

Daily Harvest vs Splendid Spoon

The Daily Harvest is a food delivery service that serves a variety of plant-based foods. The company serves ready-made foods like smoothies, oat and chia bowls, flatbreads, lattes, soups and snacks.

The Splendid Spoon is also a plant-based food delivery service with a variety of nutritious foods. They serve ready-made foods, including smoothies, grain bowls, noodles, and soups.

Comparison Table

FeatureDaily HarvestSplendid Spoon
Meal Type FocusBowls (harvest, chia, oat), smoothies, soups, flatbreads (limited)Smoothies, grain bowls, noodle bowls, soups, wellness shots (limited)
PreparationMostly frozen, require blending (smoothies) or heatingFresh, pre-made, ready-to-eat
CustomizationLimited – choose meals from pre-set menuMore options – some meals come with add-in suggestions
Dietary FocusPlant-based, vegan, gluten-free optionsPlant-based, vegan, gluten-free options
Minimum Order9 itemsVaries depending on plan (5-18 meals)
ConvenienceRequires blending (smoothies) and heatingMost meals ready-to-eat
Price per ServingStarts at $3.70 (varies by item)Starts at around $8.50 (comparable items)
ShippingFree shipping on orders over $99Free shipping on all plans

What is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest is a wellness-focused food delivery service that has gained popularity for its convenient and nutritious offerings. Founded in 2015 by Rachel Drori, the company aims to provide busy individuals with easy access to wholesome, plant-based meals that can be prepared quickly. Let’s delve into the various aspects of Daily Harvest.

Product Range

Variety of Offerings

Daily Harvest offers a diverse range of products, including smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, snacks, and more. Each item is crafted with a focus on high-quality, organic ingredients, ensuring nutritional value without compromising taste.

Ingredients and Sourcing

The company prides itself on using only the freshest, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. Daily Harvest collaborates with farmers to source produce sustainably, promoting environmental responsibility in its supply chain.

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Convenience and Preparation

Ready-to-Blend Smoothies

One of Daily Harvest’s flagship products is its ready-to-blend smoothies. Customers receive pre-portioned frozen ingredients that can be quickly blended with a liquid of their choice, creating a nutritious and delicious smoothie in minutes.

Heat-and-Eat Meals

For those seeking a warm meal, Daily Harvest provides heat-and-eat options. Harvest bowls and soups are designed for easy preparation, requiring only a microwave or stovetop to enjoy a wholesome meal without the hassle of extensive cooking.

Customization and Flexibility

Build Your Own Box

Daily Harvest offers a “Build Your Own Box” option, allowing customers to personalize their deliveries based on individual preferences and dietary restrictions. This customization adds flexibility to cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Subscription Model

Weekly Deliveries

Customers can subscribe to receive weekly deliveries, ensuring a regular supply of nutritious meals. The subscription model provides convenience, saving time on meal planning and grocery shopping.

Pause and Adjust

Daily Harvest offers the flexibility to pause or adjust subscriptions, accommodating changes in lifestyle or preferences. This feature enhances user control and ensures satisfaction with the service.

Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrient-Rich Options

Daily Harvest emphasizes the nutritional content of its offerings, aiming to provide a balance of essential nutrients in every meal. The carefully curated menu aligns with wellness goals, promoting health-conscious choices.

Dietary Considerations

The company caters to various dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. This inclusivity makes Daily Harvest accessible to a broad audience with diverse nutritional needs.

daily harvest 1

What is Splendid Spoon?

Splendid Spoon is a well-known company that focuses on providing nutritious and convenient plant-based meals. With a mission to make it easy for individuals to nourish their bodies with wholesome foods, Splendid Spoon has gained popularity in the realm of health-conscious consumers.

Founding and Vision

Founded by Nicole Centeno in 2013, Splendid Spoon’s vision revolves around simplifying healthy eating without compromising on taste or nutritional value. The company believes in the power of plant-based ingredients to fuel a healthy and active lifestyle.

Product Line

Splendid Spoon offers a diverse range of plant-based products, catering to different dietary preferences and lifestyles. The core offerings include:

1. Smoothie Bowls

Splendid Spoon’s smoothie bowls are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, blending fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. These bowls serve as a convenient and delicious breakfast or snack option.

2. Soup Plans

The company is renowned for its soup plans, which feature a variety of flavorful and hearty soups. These soups are designed to be both satisfying and nourishing, providing a balanced mix of vegetables, legumes, and grains.

3. Wellness Shots

In addition to meals, Splendid Spoon offers wellness shots designed to boost immunity and overall well-being. These shots are crafted with potent ingredients known for their health benefits.

Subscription Model

Splendid Spoon operates on a subscription-based model, allowing customers to choose from different plans based on their dietary preferences and meal requirements. The subscription model offers flexibility and ensures a consistent supply of nutritious meals delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

1. Customization

Customers have the option to customize their meal plans, selecting specific meals and adjusting the frequency of deliveries to align with their individual needs.

2. Flexibility

The subscription model also provides flexibility for customers to skip deliveries, pause subscriptions, or make changes to their orders, providing a user-friendly and adaptable experience.

Nutritional Philosophy

Splendid Spoon places a strong emphasis on the nutritional quality of its products. The meals are carefully curated to meet specific dietary needs, with a focus on whole, plant-based ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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1. Plant-Powered Ingredients

The use of plant-based ingredients is central to Splendid Spoon’s nutritional philosophy. These ingredients not only contribute to the health of individuals but also promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

2. Balanced Nutrition

Each meal is crafted to provide a balanced combination of macronutrients and micronutrients, ensuring that customers receive the essential nutrients their bodies need for optimal health.

Sustainability Practices

Splendid Spoon is committed to environmentally conscious practices, and this commitment is reflected in various aspects of its operations.

1. Packaging

The company utilizes eco-friendly packaging materials, aiming to minimize its environmental footprint. Packaging is designed to be recyclable, and efforts are made to reduce waste throughout the supply chain.

2. Sourcing Practices

Splendid Spoon prioritizes sourcing ingredients responsibly, considering factors such as organic certifications and ethical farming practices. This commitment aligns with the company’s dedication to promoting a sustainable and healthy food system.

Main Differences Between Daily Harvest and Splendid Spoon

  • Food Variety:
    • Daily Harvest: Offers a wide range of frozen smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, flatbreads, and more. The emphasis is on plant-based and nutrient-dense options.
    • Splendid Spoon: Specializes in ready-to-eat plant-based meals, including smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and noodles, with a focus on simplicity and convenience.
  • Meal Preparation:
    • Daily Harvest: Provides pre-portioned, frozen ingredients that require blending, heating, or minimal preparation. The focus is on quick and easy meal assembly.
    • Splendid Spoon: Delivers fully prepared meals that only need reheating. The meals are designed to be convenient for those with busy lifestyles.
  • Subscription Plans:
    • Daily Harvest: Offers flexible subscription plans with the option to customize boxes based on personal preferences. Plans range from weekly to monthly deliveries.
    • Splendid Spoon: Provides subscription plans with the flexibility to choose the number of meals per week. Subscribers can skip weeks or cancel anytime.
  • Menu Options:
    • Daily Harvest: Features a seasonal menu with a rotating selection of items. The menu includes various flavors and ingredients to suit different tastes.
    • Splendid Spoon: Offers a set menu of core items that remains relatively consistent. The focus is on providing a curated selection of well-balanced and nourishing options.
  • Packaging:
    • Daily Harvest: Uses recyclable and compostable packaging for its products. The packaging is designed to maintain the freshness of the ingredients during transit.
    • Splendid Spoon: Employs eco-friendly packaging, emphasizing the use of recyclable and sustainable materials to align with environmental considerations.
  • Price Points:
    • Daily Harvest: Prices vary based on the number of items and frequency of deliveries. Generally positioned as a premium option due to the quality of ingredients and customization.
    • Splendid Spoon: Offers competitive pricing, aiming to provide affordable, nutritious meals. The cost per meal is relatively lower compared to some other meal delivery services.
  • Target Audience:
    • Daily Harvest: Caters to individuals looking for a variety of customizable, plant-based options with a focus on health and wellness.
    • Splendid Spoon: Targets busy individuals seeking convenient, ready-to-eat, plant-based meals for a balanced and nourishing diet.
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Last Updated : 08 March, 2024

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