Difference Between Daily Harvest and Hungryroot

Health and Nutrition are top priority nowadays. A lifestyle of an individual also plays an important role. Changing lifestyle, dietary supplements suddenly can be a big move. But if you want to switch from a non-vegetarianism to a vegan lifestyle, there are many options available in the market. Food should also be colourful, flavourful, satisfying and attractive. Two companies that cater to the needs of vegan eaters are Daily Harvest and Hungryroot.


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Daily Harvest vs Hungryroot

The difference between Daily Harvest and Hungryroot is that with Daily Harvest, you can make your box of food, and they also offer pre-assortment. Whereas in Hungryroot, they offer two plans, namely, Good Life and Starter Set. Daily Harvest menus remain static with seasonal changes. While Hungryroot menu changes every month and offers 66 different choices of vegan foods. Daily Harvest was started in the year 2014. Hungryroot was started one year later, in 2015.

Daily Harvest vs Hungryroot

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Daily Harvest is a company in New York, the USA, started in the year 2014. It is a plant-based meal delivery company, i.e. it provides vegan food ranging from harvest bowls, soups, snacks, smoothies, oat and chia bowls, flatbreads, and even lattes. All the food provided by them is ready to eat. It requires very little cooking. Earlier, Daily Harvest was started as a frozen smoothie company that was pre-packaged.

Hungryroot is an organic and non-GMO company that was started in the year 2015 by Benjamin McKean. It doesn’t use any preservatives, sugar, trans-fat, additional ingredients etc. Hungroot sends its food in a cardboard box which is nicely packed with sauce packets. They deliver to the doorstep, and the main focus is on freshness. You need to mix some ingredients and then heat them before eating meals from Hungryroot. Its menu changes every month.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDaily HarvestHungryroot
FounderRachel Drori is the founder of Daily Harvest.Benjamin McKean is the founder of Hungryroot.
OfferingsIt offers 80 meals from harvest bowls to soups to smoothies.It consists of about 66 offerings in a month. 
PackagingIts food is frozen and contains insulated dry ice bags.Its meal kits boxes are recyclable and are made of plastics.
ShippingIt has free shipping.It charges 10$ for shipping.
Nutritional ValuesIt consists of 200 to 400 calories per servings on average.It consists of 115 to 600 calories per servings on average.

What is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest ingredients are all 100% natural, non-GMO( Genetically modified Organism) and 95% organic. It sends its food with different types of mixes and is frozen. It is the first company ever to send its meal in flash-frozen packaging. It consists of different types of harvest bowls, smoothies like Green and Ginger, and soups like Bell Pepper and Tomato. It also offers dessert-based smoothies, chia parfaits, lattes and sundaes (consists of Daily Harvest variety).

Daily Harvest bowls come with one serving per cup, soups and smoothies come with two servings per cup, and lattes come with three servings per cup. Daily Harvest bowls and cups requires only add water and heating. It takes 4 to 6 minutes. Menus of Daily Harvest is static, and they didn’t change. Only a few meals and items change seasonally. Anyone can ask the question on Daily Harvest frequently added section about calories and recipes.

It also tells about allergens in recipes and suggest which recipes fall under paleo or keto plans. Daily Harvest is a powerful company that is a plant-based meal delivery and has an unusual superfoods choice. It offers two plans. It is fresh, has low carbs and proteins. 

You can order Daily Harvest depending upon monthly or weekly subscriptions. Since it is frozen, it can be stored for up to 3 months. Harvest cups are non-recyclable. Shipping is free in it. Daily Harvest gives the option of customization as well as 4 pre-order assortments.

What is Hungryroot?

Hungryroot was started in the year 2015. It is a combination of the online grocery store and meal kit delivery service. It is also plant-based, like Daily Harvest. You have to take a short quiz to know that what are your food preferences and how many servings you want. It provides a list of grocery and snacks with recipes to use them.

 Hungroot pricing starts from 59$ for three recipes in a week or six servings. It is quite expensive, unlike Daily Harvest.

Hungryroot foods are centred on plants, and it doesn’t contain artificial ingredients like trans-fat, refined sugars and preservatives. Its meals consist of complex carbohydrates, nutrients and fats which are healthy like avocados, cashews, almonds etc. It also provides sauces with every meal. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to cook Hungryroot meals as you have to add mixes and water. It is very convenient, affordable and has a fast delivery service.

Hungryroot sends its meal in a cardboard box, which is packed nicely. It includes dinner kits like Lentil Curried Butternut Squash, Black Bean Brownie Batter, Crunchy Curry Beet Noodles etc. It changes its menu on a monthly basis and has 66 offerings. It provides a PDF of an individual product, allergens and recipes. 

Hungryroot has two plans: The Good Life and The Starter Set. 

The Good Life contains five meals for two people with snacks or sweets and 5 sides for 99$ per week. The Starter Set consists of three meals for two people, snacks or sweets, and two sides for 69$ per week. Shipping in Hungryroot is not free if it comes via air. It charges 10$.

Main Differences Between Daily Harvest and Hungryroot

  1. Rachel Drori is the founder of Daily Harvest. Benjamin McKean, Franklin Becker, Gregory Struck are the founders of Hungryroot.
  2. Daily Harvest offers 80 meals ranging from harvest bowls to soups to a smoothie. Its menu remains static. Hungryroot consists of about 66 offerings in a month, and its menus changes monthly.
  3. Daily Harvest food comes in a frozen state and contains insulated dry ice bags. Hungryroot meal kits boxes are recyclable and are made of plastics.
  4. Daily Harvest has free shipping. Hungryroot charges 10$ for shipping.
  5. Daily Harvest consists of 200 to 400 calories per servings on average and consists of low carbs and proteins. Hungryroot consists of 115 to 600 calories per servings on average and has high nutritional value.
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