Difference Between Daily and Monthly Contacts

The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. So, When it comes to eye care, there should be no compromise. And the most common problem that occurs in the eyes is the weakening or loss the eyesight.


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One of the most popular methods to deal with this is contact lenses. But, which contact lenses are good for you, Daily contacts or Monthly contacts? Get it here.

Daily Contacts vs Monthly Contacts

The difference between Daily contacts and Monthly contacts is in the way of their use. Daily contacts, just as the name, are used once and then thrown away at the end of the day. Monthly contacts can be worn daily and taken out at night for up to 30 days. And their difference of use makes Dailies thinner and Monthlies thicker which is long-lasting.

Daily Contacts vs Monthly Contacts

Daily contacts are thin contact lenses that are worn only once and then thrown away. It is for short-term use and therefore needs no special care.

Those who are sensitive eyes are preferred to use Dailies as they have a lower risk of infections and allergies. It is the healthiest choice as there are no built-up day-to-day deposits.

Monthly contacts are worn up to 30 days and taken out at night daily. Because of their use, they are made thicker and thus more durable and long-lasting.

They are made of silicone hydrogel, which gives comfort to the eyes and is also environmentally friendly. They are properly cleaned and stored every day after full-day use.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDaily ContactsMonthly Contacts
DefinitionJust as the name, Daily contacts are used for one day and then put in the trash.Monthly contacts are to be used for a month and should be cared for and cleaned for the next use.
BenefitsBenefits include greater flexibility, not need care and cleaning, no chance of any allergy, etc.It has benefits such as being cost-effective, more oxygen to the eyes as they use silicone hydrogel, and being environmentally friendly.
Contact lens careIt needs no care and cleaning as it is of no use by the end of the day.It needs cleaning and storing in a safe place as it is to be used again.
RisksIt comes with lesser risks as it needs to be changed daily.They are prone to build up and thus make infection or chances of allergy higher.
ConvenienceSince daily’s can be worn only one day, it is more convenient than monthly as need no care at the end of the day.Since Monthly’s are to be worn the whole month, they should be kept with the utmost care, and that’s why it is a bit less convenient.

What are Daily Contacts?

Daily contacts are to be worn only a day and then disposed of after one use. It is very convenient to use as they need special time for caring and cleaning.

It needs less maintenance as there is no need to buy contact solutions to store them. Mostly Dailies are made up of hydrogel materials and have a lower oxygen transmission to the eyes.

On the other hand, Dailies are the healthiest choices for those who have sensitive eyes and have dry eyes or allergies. Fewer complications are there when used because there is less risk of infection due to build-ups.

It is comfortable for young contact wearers because they just have to dispose of it after wearing it. There is no chance of forgetting to storing it and cleaning it.

daily contacts

What are Monthly Contacts?

Monthly contacts can be worn for up to 30 days. It needs more maintenance each day. The same lens is going to be used. So, the contacts need a contact solution to store them, and it becomes a responsibility to clean them properly at the end of the day to use them another day. 

As the same is to be used again and again, it is thicker than the dailies and durable. They are made of silicone hydrogel that has high oxygen transmission, and also they are environment friendly. They give eyes more space to breathe.

monthly contacts

Main Differences Between Daily and Monthly Contacts

  1. The main difference between the Dailies and Monthlies is the amount of care given to them. Dailies are of no use at the end of the day, so they need no care and storage, whereas Monthlies is to be used the next time again so, it should be properly cleaned and stored.
  2. Daily contact lenses are involved with much lesser risks as the same lenses are not worn every day, and there are fewer chances of having any infection, whereas Monthlies are the same lenses worn every day after cleaning them every day, So there is a higher chance of having risks.
  3. Dailies are much more convenient as they did not need any special care, whereas Monthlies need proper cleaning and care, therefore less flexible and convenient.
  4. Daily contacts are thin and have a high water content, whereas Monthly contacts are thick, and the composition is more durable and long-lasting.
  5. Dailies are the healthiest choices when it comes to allergies. Dailies are to be discarded daily, so there is no way of pollen build-ups, whereas Monthlies are a hygienic choice depends on how much one cares as they are prone to build up.


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