Daily Harvest vs Purple Carrot: Difference and Comparison

Daily Harvest and Purple Carrot are food delivery services that serve only vegans. The way of serving the food was different, and the touch of its food had a different blend.

The food is best designed for a new dietary lifestyle. It serves meal kits perfectly according to keto or vegan habits of eating.

Key Takeaways

  1. Daily Harvest is a meal delivery service that provides pre-made smoothies, soups, and other frozen meals. At the same time, Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal kit delivery service that provides ingredients and recipes for cooking at home.
  2. Daily Harvest offers a limited menu of pre-made meals with no cooking required, while Purple Carrot offers a variety of meal kits with ingredients and recipes for cooking at home.
  3. Daily Harvest provides healthy and convenient meals for busy individuals, while Purple Carrot offers a more personalized and customizable meal experience.

Daily Harvest vs Purple Carrot

The difference between Daily Harvest and Purple Carrot is that Daily Harvest makes its vegan meals only in soups and smoothies, and Purple Carrot traditionally makes its food in a box. Daily Harvest makes soups and smoothies, which are available in cups. Purple Carrot has a free shipping fee, but Daily Harvest has a shipping fee according to the plans.

Daily Harvest vs Purple Carrot

Daily Harvest is a food delivery service that aims to prepare vegan meals. The meals are made in soups and smoothies. These are available in cups. The products are high-protein foods that can be quickly prepared.


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They have various options under different plans, and the plans can be customized according to the needful. Purple Carrot is a food delivery service. The meals prepared are always in a traditional way inside a box.

These boxes can be recycled. The user can easily sign up through email addresses and passwords. The meals are gluten-free. There are several plans for the meals and a special plan called TB12, which cannot be customizable.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDaily HarvestPurple Carrot
Meal TypeSoups, smoothies, bowlsMeal combo
Served inCupsBox
State FrozenPacket
BookingZip Code and then personal informationPersonal email address
Shipping FeeYesFree

What is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest prepares only vegan food. The food is made of high protein. They prepare meals in the form of soups and smoothies. This type of meal are quickly prepared. It is very easy also. The meals are packed in cups and then in a box in which dry ice is also kept to keep the food under frozen conditions only.

These plans focus on eating on the go and it never makes plans in a traditional way of eating. This is the unique pattern of meals. These meals are available in blended soups, harvest bowls, and smoothies. Other options are also available, like chia parfaits, overnight oats, lattes, and sundaes.

The website offers clear plans, and even there is a search option to know whether the food fits the dietary plans or not. It shows a full nutrition chart of every food so that the customer can read the nutritional facts and can help them to understand the meals.

The packaging of the meals is nice, and the number of meals is high, so the cost justifies the amount in the cups. The packaging materials are used, which can be recycled after the dry ice is evaporated. Daily Harvest has a huge number of customers in the United States.

What is Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot makes only vegan meals. They serve the meals in a box. Those meals are delivered to your doorstep. The plans are made so that every meal has at least twenty grams of protein and other needed ingredients.

The meals contain high proteins and can be prepared easily and quickly. There are nutritional facts shown with every meal on the website so that the user can also view the nutrition levels and believe the meals. Some popular meals are steamed broccoli or crispy chickpea wraps.

The plans can be customized, and if the user wants to seize the service, then it can be smoothly done through the user’s account on the website. Packaging the food is also done in a recycled box so that the user can recycle the food scraps and there is no wastage of any material.

It does not harm the environment. They deliver around forty-eight states. The shipping fee is always free. The meals can be customized anytime on the website under upcoming deliveries.

TB12 plan cannot be customized, and it has a perfect plan for meals. The user can also change plans whenever required. The meal setup is clean and has a lot of flavours.

Main Differences Between Daily Harvest and Purple Carrot

  1. Daily Harvest makes meals in the form of soups and smoothies, but Purple Carrot makes its food in a proper meal box.
  2. Daily Harvest serves its meal only in cups, and Purple Carrot serves its meal in a box in a traditional way.
  3. Daily Harvest first confirms the zip code, and Purple Carrot first takes the email and customizes plans for the users.
  4. Daily Harvest packs its frozen foods with dry ice in a box, but Purple Carrot packs its food in a recycled box.
  5. Daily Harvest has a shipping fee, but Purple Carrot has a free shipping fee.
  6. Daily Harvest has such meals which can be quickly cooked, but Purple Carrot has traditional meals.
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