Difference Between Violet and Purple

In elementary school, the first thing that they teach the children is identifying colors. Seven unique colors are there, and they are constituents of the color- white.


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While observing the electromagnetic spectrum, we see it is continuous. But there are seven colors with different wavelengths.

The range of some colors may seem the same, but they are different. Violet and Purple are such colors. 

Violet vs Purple

The difference between violet and purple is that they have different wavelengths. Violet is a color that you can notice in nature as it is present in the electromagnetic spectrum. On the other hand, the purple color is not natural. It is a mixture of the colors blue and red. 

Violet vs Purple

Violet is a color that occurs in our visible spectrum. It inspires unconditional love and is devoid of ego.

This color has a dominant wavelength. It is sensitive to all forms of pollution, and it encourages various pursuits.

Violet is the innermost color in the rainbow, and anyone can describe it from a physical standpoint. Purple color relates to spirituality and imagination. It is not there in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Also, it is not a natural color. You can make it by mixing the colors- blue and red.

Our brain cannot perceive this color easily as it is a mixture of two colors. Purple is just a subjective color, and it is more saturated. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVioletPurple
Definition It is color having name after a flower- violet and is a spectral color.It is a color that is made by the man and is not a spectral color.
WavelengthHas a dominant wavelength.Not a single wavelength but the product of two colors.
NatureNatural Unnatural
Electromagnetic spectrum It is present there.It is not present there.
ComponentsNo components but a natural color.Red, blue.

What is Violet?

Violet is a color, which is there in the conventional wheel, present between blue and red. You can also see it on the opposite of yellow.

It has a wavelength range of 380-450 nanometres in the spectrum. Pigments for this color come from cobalt phosphate, berries, manganese, and artificial chemical compounds. 

The name of the color comes from a flower- violet, which grows in many parts of the world. This color has the shortest wavelength, unlike the other colors.

That is why it lies on the opposite end of the spectrum. As the wavelength is too small, the human eye cannot see ultraviolet light.

Just like this, we cannot see the ultraviolet color also. As this color lies between blue and red, it has both their characteristics. It reflects positive energy and strength, just like the red color.

Also, it presents spirituality like the color blue. Violet is a reflective color, and it helps humans connect with profound thoughts.

People believe that this color helps them gain a better perspective about life. Violet is the color of a better future.

Many famous artists wear this color while performing, and they face success. Some shades of violet are- blackberry, mallow, forest, lilac, plum, eggplant, etc. 

What is Purple?

The purple color represents royalty, luxury, wealth, and power. It combines the energy of red color and the calmness of blue color.

The color also has a variety of effects on the body and mind of a person. It includes- calming the nerves, uplifting spirits, and increasing sensitivity.

Different shades and hues of this color have different meanings. Light purple ones show feminine energy and romantic feelings.

On the other hand, dark purple ones show feelings of frustration and sadness. It is a rare color of nature and also the color of magic and fantasy.

Adolescent girls love the purple color these days. It is the color of autumn when the days are short while the light is fading. 

This color represents bravery as they give purple hearts to the members of forces who lost their lives in the line of duty. Other uses of purple color convey lofty goals.

It also represents the crown chakra which is at the top of the head. 

  1. Dominica is the nation, who has purple on its flag. 
  2. There are ample amount of words that rhyme with the purple color.
  3. We celebrate purple day on 26th March every year, and Cassidy Megan found it. 
  4. There is a purple people bridge that connects Cincinnati with Newport. The residents think that it is a good color for public consumption. 

Main Differences Between Violet and Purple

  • Violet is a noticeable color, and it is natural. On the other hand, the purple color is a shade made by man, and it is unnatural. 
  • Violet is there in the electromagnetic spectrum and is a spectral color. But the purple color is not there in the electromagnetic spectrum and is not a spectral color. 
  • Violet has a dominant wavelength in the visible spectrum. On the other hand, you cannot see the purple color in the visible spectrum. 
  • Violet is a color in Newton’s color wheel. But we cannot see the purple color in it because Newton did not accept it. 
  • Violet is in the single wavelength range, while the purple color comes under the range of many wavelengths, and it has many shades. 
  • Anyone can describe violet from a physical standpoint. But, purple color is a mixture of two colors, so our brain cannot perceive it easily. 
Difference Between Violet and Purple


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