Freeway vs Cassidy: Difference and Comparison

The world we live in is not only the digital world. Apart from it, it is also well known and popular with the different and versatile art forms available to us. Among these, music is a popular and highly enjoyed form of art.

With so many genres of music like pop, jazz, melody, rap, and so on, it is appreciated, enjoyed, and listened to by a lot of people globally. Among all the professions, artists and especially rappers, are the center of attention now.

Key Takeaways

  1. Freeway is a multi-lane, high-speed, controlled-access highway for uninterrupted traffic flow.
  2. Cassidy refers to a popular unisex given name and is not related to transportation or highways.
  3. Freeways are a crucial component of the transportation infrastructure, facilitating long-distance travel and transportation of goods.

Freeway vs Cassidy

Freeway is the anime the artist uses in the spotlight, and he was originally named Leslie Edward Pridgen. This artist has his origin in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is one of the hot topics in music. To be specific, he is a famous and renowned rapper.

Cassidy is the stage name of a celebrity rapper who was originally named Barry Adrian Reese. This American Rapper belongs to m Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

His timeless and popular single tracks like ‘Hotel,’’ No Better’ and much more played an important role in his career.’Split personality, his album was a major breakthrough in his career.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFreewayCassidy
AgeFreeway is older than Cassidy.Cassidy is younger than Freeway.
The First AlbumFreeway was featured in Memphis bleak, and that was his very first debut.  Cassidy’s first album was ‘split life.’
First record labelRoc a fella record was where he began his career.  He first began his career by signing with mogul’s entertainment.
MentorFreeway learned a lot from jay-z who helped him to shape his career. Swizz Beatz was the mentor and guru for Cassidy.
Original NameFreeway’s actual name is Leslie Edward Pridgen.Cassidy’s actual name is Barry Adrian Reese.

What is Freeway?

Freeway is an American rapper who gained popularity through world-class hits, including his album, ‘Think Free.’ Initially, he signed with cash money records but returned to continue creating music with Jay-Z later.

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He joined, collaborated, and created music at mogul entertainment. He was inspired to make his stage name Freeway after the infamous freeway rick ross, who was a drug trafficker.

It is common among rappers to choose dark, quirky, yet intriguing names that are most important for their career and popularity. He gained most of his fame and acquired fans during his period of collaborating with Jay-Z.

He honed his skills and continued acquiring an appreciation for his songs due to the collaboration with jay -z and also because of his style of music.

This American rapper has a lot of songs that have been globally praised and have acquired fans from all over. He is as equally talented as every other rapper, but not in the same way. They have their own expression and style.

He finally got through all the struggles of being dodging over from one music label to another music label by confirming the establishment of his own music label called free money after his misunderstandings with cash money records.

What is Cassidy?

Cassidy rose to fame through his rap battle and his rap competitions with some equally famous artists. He was best known and appreciated for his free flow and freestyles. He started his career by signing with ruff ryders and full surface records.

His album ‘Split Life’ features as the second most popular piece on the Billboard chart during the early 2000s. His career was great, guided, enhanced, and supported by Swizz Beatz, a famous producer in the industry.

It was through the record labels he signed with them that gave him an opportunity to show the world his talents and music. He was not only a producer but also taught and helped Cassidy reach his dream heights in his career.

He was his good mentor, whom Cassidy adored and learned a lot about music. He, unfortunately, met with an accident that damaged his skull bones.

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The misfortune also led him to end up in prison, but that did not stop him. He came out and gave n excellent breakthrough with his album named ‘ BARS and CASH.’

He also did an impressive remake of the Korean single ‘Gangnam Style,’ which gained so much prosperity and fame. He is also famous for his courageous and confident battle raps.

Main Differences Between Freeway and Cassidy

  1. Freeway is more experienced and also older than Cassidy.
  2. Memphis Bleak was the first album in which Freeway got a chance to debut, whereas Cassidy’s first album was Memphis Bleak.
  3. Roc, a fella record, was where Freeway began his very first step. Mogul’s entertainment was the record that offered Cassidy a chance to express himself.
  4. Jay-z played the role of mentor, friend, and guru and helped Freeway acquire opportunities. Swizz Beatz was a trusted mentor, friend, and teacher for Cassidy.
  5. Leslie Edward Pridgen chose the stage name Freeway, and Barry Adrian Reese chose to appear in the spotlight as Cassidy.


Freeway and Cassidy rose to more fame with their rap battle, that was so interesting and had an interesting story behind it.

In the first five rounds of the battle, Freeway rapped about 50 % of the battle; however, he was criticized as many people found that he lined from many old radio songs and was not original.

He also admitted that he was exhausted as he had been rapping for a whole day, and his energy was eventually being drained. Cassidy obviously excelled at the battle, and his style is appropriate and best suited for battles.


Last Updated : 17 June, 2023

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