Difference Between GT and Cobra

Ford Mustangs are the most loved and popular cars among the luxurious racing segment. They are excellently engineered. Ford, an American automaker company, has dominated the sports car segment.


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The two common and similar vehicles of this section are GT and Cobra. They seem similar but have distinct differences in various parameters.

GT vs Cobra

The difference between GT and Cobra is that GT was launched in 2004, while Cobra was launched in 1993. GT has a retro and classy look, while Cobra has a modern and sporty look. The concept of GT was laid in 2003, while the concept of Cobra was laid as a prototype in 1980, and both models were launched later.

GT vs Cobra

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GT is a mid-engine sports car that has a two-seater facility. It has a twin-turbocharged engine which has an eco-boost. It was produced in large quantities.

It has a carbon-fiber body and produces 647 hp. It is a powerful supercar and has SOHC. The exterior features of the GT look similar to the old GT 40.

On the other, Cobra was produced in limited numbers. Some variants were produced only on special occasions like races or sports shows requiring high performance.

Cobra is a race-oriented car, so some models did not even have a stereo or air conditioning system.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGTCobra
Year of production Launched in the year 2004 Launched in the year 1993
DesignerDesigned by Camilo Pardo, studio head of ‘Living Legend.’Designed and developed by SVT
Valve motors 2 valve motors 4 valve motors
Over Head Cam Single Over Head Cam (SOHC) Dual Over Head Cam (DOHC)
Curb weight 1385 kg1662 kg to 1715 kg

What is GT?

GT is a sports car that was built as a concept car in 2003 by Ford. GT stands for Grand Tourer. It was derived from an Italian phrase called Gran Turismo.

It was a combination of high-speed and long-distance driving cars. It was integrated with high power and luxury attributes.

GT of Ford was popular in the segment of fast touring cars and sports cars, which are streamlined closely.

GT cars originated in Europe because it has the important endurance and features of sports car racing.

It had all the features like speed, performance, comfort, and amenities that were required in elite cars or ordinary motorists. Later GT cars became renowned as personal luxury cars in the automotive market.

The production years of the Ford GT were from 2003 to 2006. It was launched as a celebration of the company’s Centennial year in 2004.

The major credit for designing GT is given to Camilo Pardo, known as the ‘Living Legend’ studio head.

The model had taken inspiration from the old GT40 and was often mistaken for the old GT40, too, as the exterior features look alike.

GT had a classy look. GT has IRS suspension, which provides better handling and control. The wheelbase is 107 inches, length is 188 inches, width is 79 inches, and height is 44 inches.

The curb weight of the model is around 1385 kg. The vehicle type is a coupe and is of an exotic category. It has been launched for two generations.

What is Cobra?

Cobra is the shortened name for Ford SVT Mustang Cobra. It is a muscle or pony car model. Ford Motor Company launched it in the year 1993.

It was built through the SVT division, which stands for Special Vehicle Team. The production years of the model are from 1993 to 2004. Over 80,000 models were produced in these years.

The body style of the model has a 3-door hatchback. The layout of Cobra is FR layout. The Cobra model was a high-performing version of the Ford Mustang.

The 2007 Shelby GT500 replaced the SVT Cobra. Depending upon the year of production, Cobra can be further classified into five types – 1993: Fox-body small block Cobra, 1994 – 1995: SN-95 small block Cobra, 1996 – 1998: SN-95 Modular Cobra, 1992 – 2002 New Edge Modular Cobra, 2003 – 2004 Terminator Cobra.

The first model of Cobra was launched at the 1992 Chicago Auto Show. It displayed four integral features – performance, value, substance, and exclusivity.

The body style of most of the later models had a 2-door coupe and a 2-door convertible. The engine of the SVT Cobra is 4.6 L which produces a power of 390 hp.

The transmission of Cobra is 6-speed automatic as well as manual.

The wheelbase is 101.3 inches, and length is 183.5 inches, its width is 73.1 inches, and its height of 52.9 inches. The model’s curb weight is around 1662 kg to 1715 kg, depending on whether it is a coupe or convertible.

It has a V6 engine and a 32-valve DOHC.

Main Differences Between GT and Cobra

  1. The engine of the GT is low-powered, while the engine of the Cobra is more powerful.
  2. GT has a classy and vintage look, while Cobra has a sporty and modern look.
  3. GT has a harder suspension, while Cobra has a softer suspension which gives it better handling and control over GT.
  4. The overhead cam of GT is a single 4.6, called SOHC, while the overhead cam of Cobra is a dual 4.6, called DOHC.
  5. GT has an axle of the solid rear, while Cobra has an independent rear suspension.
  6. GT leather seats are not well fitted, while Cobra has well-fitted seats, making Cobra spacious.
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