Difference Between Allstate Benefits and Aflac

In times of need, supplemental insurance has great value. After all, one can never know when an accident, a disabling injury, illness, or death may occur.

So, it is always better to be prepared beforehand. Allstate Benefits and Aflac are two supplemental insurance providers that offer affordable insurance with great coverage.

Allstate Benefits vs Aflac

The main difference between Allstate Benefits and Aflac is that Allstate Benefits provides its customers with a wide range of benefits, coverage options, and even additional benefits regarding career development options. On the other hand, Aflac does not provide as many benefits and coverage options as Allstate Benefits does, and neither does it offer career development options.

Allstate Benefits vs Aflac

Allstate Benefits is a supplemental insurance subsidiary of the company Allstate. It provides a wide range of benefits including health benefits, life insurance, AD and D, disability benefits, retirement benefits, work/life benefits and even well-being programs.

The company also provides career development opportunities. It has better coverage options than most of the insurance providers in the market.

Aflac is a supplemental insurance company that provides benefits for accidents, cancer, critical illness, dental, supplemental dental, hospital, life, short term disability, vision, supplemental vision and even pet insurance. When major medical insurance does not cover all the costs that a person is liable for, Aflac comes to the rescue.

Comparison Table Between Allstate Benefits and Aflac

Parameters of ComparisonAllstate BenefitsAflac
FoundedAllstate Benefits was acquired and named in the year 1998.Aflac was founded in the year 1955.
BenefitsAllstate Benefits provides a wider range of benefits to its customers.Aflac does not provide its customers with as many benefits as the former does.
CoverageAllstate Benefits has better coverage options.Coverage options provided by Aflac are not as good as Allstate Benefits.
PlansAllstate Benefits offers only off-the-job plans.Aflac offers both off-the-job as well as on-the-job plans.
QuotingCustomers have the availability of online quoting options as well as policy details.Customers are not given the option of online quoting or looking for policy details on the website.

What is Allstate Benefits?

Allstate insurance company acquired American Heritage Life insurance company and named it Allstate Benefits in 1998. Since then, it has been one of the leading providers of supplemental insurance with great benefits and good coverage.

The company offers health benefits, life insurance, AD and D, disability benefits, retirement benefits, work/life benefits and even well-being programs. Along with this, the customers are even provided with career development options.

The company claims to deliver superior products and services with the help of cutting-edge technology, compassionate claims administration and exceptional customer service. It has more than 40,000 groups at work with over 3 million employees who review the employment opportunity to be exceptional.

The employees are guaranteed benefits and perks that almost no other company offers. The Allstate Benefits website provides a comprehensive list of policy details that make the process of choosing supplemental insurance easy and fast.

It even has options for online quoting. Overall, the company has great reviews from people who have bought their products worldwide.

It is one of the forerunners in the industry because of the quality customer satisfaction that it manages to provide. However, a limitation of its plans is that they only provide off-the-job coverage.

What is Aflac?

Aflac stands for American Family Life Assurance Company. It is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States.

The company was founded by John Amos, Paul Amos, and Bill Amos on 17 November 1955. Since then, it has gained over 50 million customers worldwide.

The company offers a wide range of benefits including accidents, cancer, critical illness, dental, supplemental dental, hospital, life, short term disability, vision, supplemental vision and even pet insurance. However, these are not as many as Allstate Benefits provide.

Moreover, the coverage options of Aflac are not as good as the former. Aflac is widely recognized for its marketing campaign including the Aflac Duck, which quacks out the company’s name to potential customers in advertisements.

This concept was created by Kaplan Thaler Group which is an advertising agency based in New York. One of the art directors of the company was taking a stroll through Central Park, mumbling the company’s name repetitively.

Then, he realized how much the name sounds like a duck quacking. Now, this ‘Aflac Duck’ has starred in more than 30 commercials and has made the company pretty famous.

The company has had many achievements including its addition to Fortune’s 100 best Companies to Work For list. Aflac is known to offer great benefits and perks to its employees.

Main Differences Between Allstate Benefits and Aflac

  1. Allstate Benefits was founded in 1998 whereas Aflac was founded in 1955.
  2. Allstate Benefits Offers a wide range of benefits whereas Aflac’s listing is not as big as the former.
  3. Allstate provides exceptional coverage for several claims whereas Aflac does not provide coverage options as good as Allstate.
  4. Allstate Benefits only offers off-the-job plans whereas Aflac offers both on-the-job and off-the-job plans.
  5. Allstate provides online quoting options as well as policy details on its website whereas Aflac does not.


Allstate Benefits and Aflac are both leading companies in the industry of supplemental insurance. They have loads of customers worldwide who have given great reviews for their products, customer service and compassionate workforce.

A major distinguishing factor between the two is that Allstate benefits has a wider range of offerings and better coverage options than Aflac. Allstate even has online quoting options and comprehensive policy details on its website.

On the other hand, Aflac does not have these facilities. This is a minor inconvenience that the customers of Aflac must bear.

However, the company redeems itself with better plans. Allstate only provides its customers with off-the-job plans whereas, in the case of Aflac, both on-the-job and off-the-job plans are available.

On comparing the overall benefits and coverage, Allstate surely wins the game. However, customers may find Aflac’s benefits to be better suited according to their needs.


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