Difference Between Sakara Life and Daily Harvest

The food industry is expanding day by day and providing a wide range to customers. Sakara Life and Daily Harvest are two such companies that provide excellent product and services to their customers.

Sakara Life vs Daily Harvest

The main difference between Sakara Life and daily Harvest is that Sakara life is working as a food delivery service in the United States. Not only the food delivery, but this company also make or produce products for lifestyle, supplements, and beauty products. On the contrary, Daily harvest is also a food delivery service that is famous for its plant-based meals. Frozen items are being delivered that hardly need any preparation and consequently save time.

Sakara Life vs Daily Harvest

It works on a subscription plan basis in which users or customers can select the relevant plan for themselves and charge accordingly.

Daily Harvest is a reputed company that provides a variety of meals, including smoothies, harvest bowls, snacks, lattes, etc.

Comparison Table Between Sakara Life and Daily Harvest

Parameters of ComparisonSakara LifeDaily Harvest
Smoothie DeliverySakara Life does not deliver smoothies.Daily Harvest is popular for the smoothies provided to the users.
Weight loss PlansIt includes weight loss plans and guides for the users.It does not include a weight loss plan and primary work on the meal delivery.
Meal kitsSakara life does not deliver the meal kits.It delivers the meal kits to the users.
Humane farmingIt includes humane farming as well.It does not include humane farming.
FoundedSakara Life has been founded in the year 2012Daily Harvest has been founded in the year 2014.

What is Sakara Life?

Sakara Life is an American-based company working initially as a delivery service and started in the year 2012. This company is famous for a vegan meal and promoted by celebrities as well.

The main objective or mission of this company is to provide healthy food or meal to the customers and focus on organic food. Sakara Life provides essentials that promote your high living standard.

Sakara Life has a food philosophy for their company. You can start using the services of the company by subscribing to their subscription plans, and then you get access to selecting from the weekly menu provided by the company.

What is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest is also a delivery service company which is founded in the year 2014. Once you will get the subscription wide range of options are offered by the company.

Daily Harvest was first started as a smoothie delivery service, but now it is expanded and includes a wide range of organic meals and snack options to its list.

The extremely healthy and nutritious product of daily Harvest makes it different from other companies in the market. Although it is quite expensive usually for those, who are willing to buy additional food.

Main Differences Between Sakara Life and Daily Harvest

  1. Sakar life and Daily Harvest are working in the United States only. Both of these companies are founded in America in 2012 and 2014, respectively.
  2. Daily Harvest is one of the leading food delivery services that prioritize the health of the users and provides premium organic food.


Sakara Life and Daily harvest both are reputed meal delivery service companies in the United States. Sakara life is known for producing products that consequently contributes to providing a healthy lifestyle to the users.

It not only includes vegan meals but also includes beauty products and other supplements. On the other hand, daily Harvest is quite expensive, but it offers a wide range of meal options to its customers.

Both of these companies work on a subscription basis. You can select your preferred plan and order respectively from the menu or options provided.

We can conclude that Sakara life and Daily Harvest, both companies are good with their respective features and services, and you can pick any of them that suits your budget and preference.


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