Difference Between Zevia and Bubly

Zevia and Bubly are both refreshing drinks that add refreshing flavors to their drinks. The flavors burst when you take a sip of the drink. Zevia has some strong flavors in which blackberry is liked by many people


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Bubly is also a drink, but it is refreshing water that has amazing flavors. Zevia is also available in numerous flavors.

Zevia vs Bubly

The difference between Zevia and Bubly is Zevia is a refreshing drink which calls itself sparkling water and has more soda in it, but Bubly is purely sparkling water which has amazing flavors. The price of Bubly is quite suitable according to its quality and quantity, but the prices are high for Zevia.

Zevia vs Bubly

Zevia is a refreshing drink that also takes care of a person’s health. It has a low level of sugar in its drink. It has bubbles that burst the flavors in the sip. It has drinks, energy drinks, and organic tea. It serves its drinks with a taste of ginger to citrus fruits.

Bubly is a brand that has amazing flavors. The taste is very delicious, which makes the drink emerging. It got an amazing response from the customers due to amazing package, taste and the important factor is the reasonable price.

The bottles can be sold individually, due to which it is very easy to grab one.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonZeviaBubly
Type of DrinkSparkling soda waterSparkling water
SweetnessStevia-sweetened sodaUnsweetened
Phosphoric AcidNoYes
CalorieFew CaloriesCalorie-Free

What is Zevia?

Its products have many fruity flavors, and this is why it is liked by millions. The drinks are called sparkling water. The water is less, and soda is more in the drink, due to which it tastes better in fruity flavors.

The sparkling water should have a water kind of drink, but it is soda or water-based soda.

It not only serves fruity drinks, but it has an amazing range of organic tea. It commits that it only uses clean ingredients in its drinks. It only promotes healthy drinking.

It serves its drinks with a taste of ginger to citrus oil, and all these ingredients are naturally made and extracted.

It states that everything we feed our body should only be purely natural and should not contain any artificial ingredient to make the drink tastes sweet.

It uses only natural ingredients which can be consumed easily and maintain the health of the person or the consumer. All its products are NON-GMO verified.

It aims to build clean soda. The labeling is transparent. The products of Zevia do not have any artificial touch in any of its drinks. There are no artificial colors its drinks or teas. The drinks are pure in color, and teas exactly have the color of brewed tea.


What is Bubly?

Bubbly belongs to PepsiCo company which has amazing taste. It maintains the taste of fruits so well that it does not taste any added sugar or artificial product. It also serves a variety of flavors.

It has amazing messages or greetings on the lid to attract the market towards its product. It has a small amount of caffeine in its products.

It has fruity flavors, and soda is not used, so it sticks to its name and serves water-based drinks. It has no calories in its drink. Few milligrams of caffeine are present in some of its drinks to make the drink more amazing.

It serves the drink, which fills the fun and positivity in the person.

It is available in 16 amazing flavors. The taste of the drink is delicious and has no adulterated ingredient or artificial sweeteners to increase the taste of the drink. This was launched in 2018 with five major flavors.

The packaging is quite interesting because it adds a greeting message on the tab to make every customer smile and be happily drinking their favorite bubbly drink.

Some of its flavors are mango passion fruit, blueberry pomegranate, and blood orange grapefruit. There is no use of additional sweeteners.


Main Differences Between Zevia and Bubly

  1. Zevia is sparkling soda water, but Bubly is sparkling water.
  2. Zevia is costlier than Bubly.
  3. Zevia is stevia-sweetened soda, but Bubly is an unsweetened drink.
  4. Zevia is free from phosphoric acid, but Bubly has phosphoric in it.
  5. Zevia is not calorie-free, but Bubly is calorie-free.
  6. Zevia is not caffeine-free, but Bubly is caffeine-free.


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