Bubly vs Spindrift: Difference and Comparison

The carbonated water-flavoured drink is a very good alternative to sugary soft drinks. It has a lot of positives compared to the latter. There are many sparkling water-flavoured beverages available in the market.

A few call themselves ‘natural’. A few more also call it a ‘preservative-free drink’. All the more, the two beverage options that people opt for are Bubly and Spindrift. Both are similar in many aspects but have a few key differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bubly is a flavored sparkling water with no calories or sweeteners, while Spindrift is a flavored sparkling water with a small amount of natural fruit juice and a low-calorie count.
  2. Bubly comes in 15 different flavors, while Spindrift comes in 11 flavors.
  3. Spindrift has a slightly higher calorie count and a more natural taste than Bubly.

Bubly vs Spindrift

Bubly is a sparkling water brand offering a great range of fruity and fresh flavours satisfying different preferences. It has more natural flavours in the drinks. Spindrift is a sparkling water brand with a range of choices containing juices made from fresh juices, and high-calorie content due to fresh juice. It has more authentic and mild flavours.

Bubly vs Spindrift 1

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Bubly is PepsiCo’s excellent carbonated water-flavoured beverage brand. Bubly has 15 flavours you can relish as the beverage uses natural flavours. Of course, it has no sugar added and not even a touch of artificial flavours.

So, the ingredients are 1. Carbonated Water, and 2. Natural Flavours.

On the other hand, Spindrift is the US’ first carbonated water beverage made from fruit juice. Exciting, isn’t it? The drink has a unique taste and is made by squeezing the fruits. Moreover, the drink is not added with any sugar either.

That means to say it is safe, and calorie-conscious people can drink it without any fuss.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBublySpindrift
IngredientsUses Natural FlavorsUses real fruit Juice
Variety of FlavorsIt has a huge variety compared to Spindrift.Not as much as Bubly
Fizz LevelsOf course, Bubly is a sparkling drink and has a lot of fizzes.We may doubt if it is a sparkling drink as it does not fizz.
TasteA lot bland in most of the flavoursHas a pretty decent taste in all its flavours.
Calorie ContentVery very lessJust a bit more compared to Bubly.

What is Bubly?

Bubly is Pepsi’s sparkling water brand that comes with a lot of flavours. Essentially made using natural flavours, the beverage is just refreshing. The funky flavours of Bubly make you drink at least once a day.

It is indeed calorie-free, as the ingredients do not contain any added sugar.

To top it off, the artificial flavouring is a big NO-NO in this case. This makes it a highly safe and enjoyable drink, even for diet-crazy people. Overall, Bubly is soda water that is flavoured. And yes, it comes with exciting cans.

This sparkling drink keeps you hydrated when you are thirsty. More importantly, they are harmless when compared to sugar-mixed soft drinks. Out of all the flavours, the lime is the one people prefer.

However, the other flavours are also a good hit in the market.

As the drink contains natural flavours, it aids in easy digestion too. There are a lot of instances you might feel full in your stomach as you get a chance to drink one full can of Bubly.

As part of the carbonated water’s legacy, Bubly also helps relieve constipation. At the same time, it is indeed not a medicated drink.

Just soda water that has natural flavours in it. The fizz and the cold drink make your life energetic and active. The acid content is a bit high in the drink.


What is Spindrift?

Spindrift Beverage Company has produced sensational carbonated water made from fruit juice. Yes, you heard it right. The real fruit juice is mixed with sparkling water, and there you go, you get a sugar-free and low-calorie fizzy drink.

It was indeed a family business for the founders as they made homemade sodas. They had started making fruit sodas, and in due course, Spindrift was unveiled. The founders own a farm that gives them fruits too.

Spindrift comes in cans, and it is not as attractive as Bubly. Every can of Spindrift that you drink contains a few grams of sugar. However, it does not increase your weight, but the drink is not completely sugar-free, is what we wanted to say.

For Instance

The Raspberry-Lime flavour has 1 gram of sugar, while the Grapefruit has 3 grams f sugar in it. Of course, the company did not hide anything from people too. The ingredient list has this information.

The taste of every drink is unique, and why not? It has sugar mixed to it. The name Spindrift was coined from the inspiration the founder gained from the ocean’s tides. But, the drink is not as fizzy as the other Sparkling water does.


Main Differences Between Bubly and Spindrift

  1. The main difference between Bubly and Spindrift is the calorie content. Bubly has very less calorie content when compared to the Spindrift varieties.
  2. Bubly feels a lot more energetic as we drink as the fizziness level is higher, and in Spindrift’s case, it is less.
  3. Bubly’s beverages are bland, while the Spindrift has a unique taste in every drink that is manufactured.
  4. The main ingredient of Bubly is the natural flavour, while that of the Spindrift is the real fruit juice.
  5. The acid content in Bubly is less, and in the case of Spindrift, it is more. This is mainly because of the real fruit juice being used.
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Last Updated : 28 June, 2023

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