Difference Between Bubly and AHA

Water that has been infused with CO2 or carbon dioxide gas under high pressure is referred to as sparkling water or carbonated water.


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San Pellegrino and Perrier, for example, are natural sparkling mineral waters. Minerals and sulphur compounds are common in these fluids, which are collected from a mineral spring.

Some people, however, are afraid that it may be harmful to their health. The other name of sparkling water is called carbonated drinks.

Bubly vs AHA

The difference between Bubly and AHA is that Bubly is a less sweet and fizzy drink available which is prepared and sold by the organisation Pepsi. On the other hand, AHA is also a type of sparkling water, but it is very sweet in taste and fizzy in quality than Bubly and is prepared, produced and sold by Coca-Cola company. The consistency of Bubly is quite strong, and it can be visibly distinguished by AHA, which looks like cola drinks.

Bubly vs AHA

Bubly was first released in the year 2019. Pepsi is the corporation behind Bubly’s production. Bubly is available in a variety of fruity flavours, with fifteen to choose from.

AHA was premiered in the year 2020. Only eight different flavours are available in AHA. In comparison to Bubly, AHA has a considerably milder scent.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBublyAHA
Premiered in2019 2020
Manufacturing CompanyPepsiCoca-Cola
Number of flavours available158
FragranceStrong, high and appetizing.Less fragrance
TasteLeast sweetSweetest
ConsistencyLess thick and less fizzy.Thicker and highly fizzy.
Resemblance to Cola DrinksDoes not resemble.Closely resembles.

What is Bubly?

The debut of Bubly took place in the year 2019. Pepsi is the business responsible for the production of Bubly. Bubly is available in fifteen delicious flavours.

Bubly was launched with very funky and funny flavours. The array of flavours include orange, cherry, apple, mango, lemon, grapefruit, strawberry, lime.

What is AHA?

The premiere of AHA took place in the year 2020. The firm that makes AHA is Coca-Cola. AHA is available in only eight different flavours. The aroma of AHA is much milder than that of Bubly.

This carbonated drink or sparkling water comes with a total of eight flavours. These eight flavours are very wild, bold and their fusion is unparalleled.

Main Differences Between Bubly and AHA

  1. Bubly drinks are less thicker and less fizzy. On the other hand, AHA drinks are thicker and highly fizz than the former.
  2. Bubly sparkling water does not resemble cola drinks much. On the other hand, AHA closely resembles prevailing cola drinks in the market.


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