Difference Between Stout and Porter

The stout and porter are categorized under dark beers. There are two types of beers available in the market. Dark beers and light beer differ in the brewing process. They both have different beans involved in the fermentation process.

The fermentation by which the beers are produced is in the anaerobic process. Therefore, if the yeast species are different, then it affects the alcohol concentration and the color of the beers. Thus, they are called light and dark beers.

Stout vs Porter

The main difference between stout and porter is that the alcohol percentage present in the beers. The stout was always found to be stronger as compared to the porter. The stout was always marked as the beer with the dark brown color, creamy ale, and bitterness. On the other hand, the porter was light when compared to the stout. It has a malty dark color and is flavourful. The stout has been found to have a coffee flavor of roasted malts, while the porter doesn’t have much flavor.

Stout vs Porter

The stout has always been related to dark beers. The first stout was found to be discovered in 1677 and was called “strength” during that time. Later in 1722, they were called porters as they were made by the porters.

They had variety due to the difference in their alcohol percent, also called alcohol by volume (ABV). The ABV can vary like 7% or 8% in those beers. At present, they are categorized under dark beers and not strong beers.

The Porter is the beer that was named given to the stour in 1722. But, later, the stout and porter were differentiated by introducing new varieties. The porter was first made in England in the 18th century.

They were made using brown malt and were dark in appearance. The porter started getting popular and was manufactured worldwide till the end of the 18th century.

Comparison Table Between Stout and Porter

Parameters of ComparisonStoutPorter
Year of ManufacturingThe stout was first manufactured in 1677 and the evidence was found in the manuscripts. They were described as strength in the manuscripts along with the recipe.The Porter was first manufactured in the 18th Century. Yet, in some books, the porter is first known in 1722. The reason behind this is that the stout was called porter in 1722.
DefinitionThe stout is a dark beer and is very well known for its dark color and malted flavor.The porter is a dark beer that is well known for its brown malted colors and is flavourful.
FlavorThe stout has dominant malted flavors as coffee beans.The porter doesn’t have the malted taste as the stout.
Alcohol ConcentrationThe alcohol concentration is found more in the stout as compared to the porter. The ABV has around 7% to 8% according to the brand of alcohol the person is consuming.The alcohol concentration is less as compared to the porter. The ABV has around 5% to 6.6% which vary from variety to variety of the porter beers.
ColourThe stout has dark brown.The porter has a light color when compared to the stout.

What is Stout?

The stout is a word that means brave yet, in the 14th century, the stout took the connotation of strength. It is a dark beer and has a flavor of roasted malts.

The stout is nourishing and became famous in Great Britain during the First World War. Later in the 20th Century, they lost their popularity. But in 1970, Michael Jackson sang about the stout in his songs which brought back their popularity.

In the 21st Century, the stout again became famous because of new varieties. The stout was first found in 1622, and the evidence was found in the Egerton Manuscript. The manuscript described the stout as the strength.

Later in 1722, the stout was known as the porter. The stout has to dominate the taste of roasted beans, just like coffee. The stout is known to be a strong beer that got an ABV of around 6 to 8 percent.

The stout is also available in the milk flavor. The milk stout contains lactose, sugar (produced from the milk). The milk stout is not fermented as it contains lactose.

The milk stout is sweet and also adds to the beer. The milk stout is given to the mothers that would help in the production of the milk. But in 1944, the milk stout was prosecuted for the wrong labeling of the product.

What is Porter?

The Porter was first manufactured in the early 18th Century io n London, England. The name porter originated from the river and street porter. This was the first beer to be brewed.

In 1722 was also the first time that the porter was first manufactured. Yet, that porter was later called the stout.

All other beers were sold and drank after they were rotten. But the Porter came out to be the best product that can be consumed immediately.

The alcohol concentration is very less in the porters as compared to the liquors. All the liquors are known to give the best taste. They are drunk after some time of rotting.

In the First World war, there was a great scarcity of grains. Britain and Ireland both applied some restrictions on the grains usage in the beers. Thus, at that time, the alcohol percentage was decreased in these beers.

Yet, Ireland brewers maintained the alcohol concentration near to the last concentration. But during the Second World War, even the country was not going through the war, the scarcity persisted. This was called the “Emergency.”

Main Differences Between Stout and Porter

  1.  The Stout was manufactured in the year 1622, and the first Porter was manufactured in the year 1722.
  2. The Stout is a dark beer having a dark brown color and malted flavor, while the Porter has brown color and is flavorful.
  3. The Stout has a malted flavor, just like coffee, while Porter doesn’t have much taste.
  4. The Stout is stronger as compared to the Porter.
  5. The Stout is darker in color as compared to the Porter.
Difference Between Stout and Porter


The Stout and Porter are the dark beers that have roasted beans. The difference that is mainly seen in these beers is that these beers have varying alcohol content in them.

The Stout has the dominating flavor of the brewed beans, which is similar to the coffee beans, but the Porter doesn’t have much flavor. The Stout is even stronger as compared to the Porter. 

The Stout was named Porter earlier in the 16th Century, but in later years, the Porter and Sout were the names given to the two different beer types. Even though they both are dark beers, still they are different in their odor and tastes.   


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