Difference Between Oracle and Teradata

The Oracle and Teradata are both the Relational Data Management System (RDMS). The RDMS is the system that helps to store the data in the table format.

The RDMS system is the software that stores the data but is very different from the hard disk or other software. The RDMS is the software that provides accuracy and security of the data stored.

Oracle vs Teradata

The main difference between Oracle and Teradata is that Oracle is that the software that shares everything while Teradata shares nothing. The Nothing Sharing database means that the Teradata shares no storage disk, whereas the Shares Everything database means that the Oracle has sharing storage disk. Teradata uses the Network bandwidth to share the data.

Oracle vs Teradata

The Oracle is object-oriented software. Thus, they are also known as the Object-Relational Database Management System. In the late 1970s, Oracle was the first commercialized RDMS.

It is like data stored on the server, and the data is available on all the computers that access the server.

The Oracle is the Online Transaction Processing System (OLTP) which means that the data is organized within the Oracle for analysis and also processes the data in real-time.

Teradata is the software that is based on Shares Nothing Architecture. This means that the data is not shared as a whole on all the computers attached to the server.

Every computer has a part of the data. The Network bandwidth is used to transfer the data across the computers which are connected.

Teradata is an Online Analytic Processing Software(OLAP) that enables it to analyze data online. Teradata is a very good combo for hardware and software.

Comparison Table Between Oracle and Teradata

Parameters of ComparisonOracleTeradata
 DefinitionThe Oracle is the Object-Oriented software that helps to store data and provide it across all the connected computers.Teradata is used to store data on the servers and provide the data in parts on all the connected computers.
ArchitectureIt is based on the Share Everything Architecture.It is based on Shares Nothing Architecture. Thus Network bandwidth is used to transfer the data.
OLAPThe OLAP but is very complex.The Teradata is designed for the OLAP and is easy and has already configuration for the function.
OTLP The OTLP is designed to show the OTLP.The OTLP is not possible in Teradata.
Operating System The Window, Linux, Mac OS, and Unix are the operating system that is compatible with Oracle.The Window, Linux, and Unix are compatible operating systems.
 Database Tables The database tables are stored in the tablespace in the warehouse.The tables are stored in disk space and monitored by Teradata only.
InterfaceThe interface language is SQL and GUI.The interface language is SQL.
RankingThe Oracle is ranked first in the IT Survey.The Teradata is ranked third.

What is Oracle?

It is a Database Management System produced and marketed by the Oracle Corporation. It is an object-oriented System. The database is based on the OTLP.

Later in 2008, Oracle also introduced the mixed OLTP and OLAP. While this made the OLAP a bit complex. The Oracle is very best for storing data in large quantities.

The Oracle V2 in 1979 is the first database model that was launched in the market. The Oracle Database 21c is the latest model of the oracle that has been released in August 2021.

The Oracle 19c, 20c are the old models that are still maintained. The Oracle has been a competition for Open-source software.

Open-source software is software that can be distributed freely and doesn’t have any license cost.

The Oracle is based on the OTLP means that the data is organized online for analysis. But it can not be used for online analysis.

While in 2008 the mixed feature was introduced which overcame this problem. Thus, made the software best for online transactions.

The data stored on the Oracle software is available on all the computers which are connected and the tables are stored in the tablespace present in the disk space.

What is Teradata?

Teradata is the database management system that was being developed when Oracle launched in the market. It can store the data in a large quantity.

Teradata is the software that allows multiple client databases. Teradata has a parallel architecture.

It is very good at predicting the future trends in the market that help the business in decision making.

Teradata hit the market in July 1979. While in 2017 the Teradata introduced Intelliflex.

Teradata uses SQL to interact with the data. It also provides unlimited parallelism which means that the work can be done in parts and at the same

time and it has the automatic function of distribution of data. It is easy to use the software.

The Teradata is the OLAP Which enables the online analysis of the data. But the Teradata doesn’t support OTLP and mixing is also thus not possible in it.

The data is not available as a whole to all the computers therefore based on Shares Nothing Architecture. The tables of data are stored in the disk space and are also monitored by Teradata.

Main Differences Between Oracle and Teradata

  1. The Oracle is Object-Oriented software while Teradata is not object-oriented.
  2. The interface is more developed in Oracle as compared to Teradata.
  3. The Oracle supports the Visual Basic Language and Teradata doesn’t support it.
  4. The Oracle works on the Mac Software also but Teradata doesn’t work.
  5. The Oracle supports mixed OLAP and OTLP whereas Teradata supports OLAP.
  6. The OLAP is complex in the Oracle while the Teradata is configured for it thus is easy to use.
  7. The Oracle has and Shares Everything Architecture and Teradata is based on the Shares Nothing.
Difference Between Oracle and Teradata


The Oracle is the software that provides various features and has been given positive feedback by the users.

The Oracle is best for online transactions and the Teradata provides the data with unlimited parallelism. This feature helps to complete the work in parts and can be modified easily.

Upon Analysis it is found that Oracle is widely used by the industries as it provides various features. While Teradata has the best features yet it is confined and helpful for some experts and industries. 


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