Difference Between High Pressure and Low Pressure

Air pressure is known as the weight of the air above us. It can be high or low pressure. 


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High Pressure vs Low Pressure

The difference between high pressure and low pressure is the circulation that surrounds them. In low pressure, there is a rise in the air and it cools down. The moisture condenses which causes clouds. Whereas in high pressure the air starts to sink and it warms up. The clouds evaporate. 

High Pressure vs Low Pressure

There is a reduction in cloud formation as the air is descending and the weather condition settles. The air also warms up. 

The air gets cooler and water vapor condenses which is the cause for clouds to appear. The weather is often unsettled in a depression. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHigh PressureLow Pressure
Definition During high pressure, the atmospheric pressure is more than that of its surrounding area.During low pressure, the atmospheric pressure is less than that of its surrounding area.
Condition of Air The air sinks and becomes warm.The air rises up and becomes cool.
Movement Clockwise direction.Anti-clockwise direction.
Weather qualityThe weather conditions settles up and there are no clouds so the sky clear up. The weather is usually unsettled with rapid increase in cloud formation which leads to precipitation of rain.
Other nameAnticycloneDepression

What Is High Pressure? 

A high-pressure area is where the atmospheric pressure is more than its surrounding environment. Such areas where the pressure is above average are known as anticyclones.

The weather in a winter anticyclone

It lasts for a long time and continue during the day due to less heat from the sun. The water droplets that form gradually evaporate away. 

The weather in a summer anticyclone

The air descends, there is heat which causes the water to evaporate in the air. There are very few clouds in the air and the sky gets cleared up.

high pressure

What Is Low Pressure?

Usually, it takes place in the mid-latitude temperature zones and the process is known as cyclogenesis.

  • The first one is the early stage.
  • Then comes the mature stage. 
  • The third one is the decay stage. 
  • And lastly, the dissipation stage. 

A low-pressure system has lower pressure at its center and the winds blow towards it.

Weather in the winters

During the winter season, the conditions are usually stormy or wintry. The position of a jet stream is further south than what is in the summer.

Weather in the summers

During the summer season, low pressure can lead to prolonged rainfall. Sometimes in extreme conditions, floods may also occur which can cause chaos.

low pressure

Main Differences Between High and Low Pressure

  1. The high pressure is known as anticyclone and the weather is different in both summer and winter. On the other hand, low pressure is known as depression. 
  2. The weather conditions usually settle up in high pressure whereas the conditions are unsettled in low pressure. 
Difference Between High Pressure and Low Pressure


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