Difference Between House and Trance

Music has been a part of human life for ages. Music has the power to connect souls, to treat people through music therapies.

The choice or taste of the music depends only on the listener and sometimes is dominated by the mood of the listener.

House vs Trance

The difference between house and trance is that the focus of house genre music is melodies, they have slower tempos and lively sound, on the other hand, trance music focuses mainly on the rhythm and progressive and layered music, it has a higher tempo as compared to that of house genre but has a synthetic sound.

House vs Trance

The house genre music is mainly based on the melodies, therefore, it gives an uplifting feeling on listening. The house genre music has a slower tempo as compared to that of trance genre music.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonHouseTrance
The main focus of the genreHouse genre of music focuses more on melodies, making it in such a way that it gives a soothing and uplifting feel.Trance focuses mainly on rhythms, building chords and progressive type of music and layered sounds. Therefore, trance is a piece of faster music.
The tempo of the musicThe house music genre has a slower tempo in the range of 118 to 135 bpm.Trance genre music has a higher tempo as compared to house genre music. It has a tempo in the range of 130 to 140 bpm.
Sound of the musicThe sound of the house genre music is live sound.The sound of the trance genre music is synthetic sound.
Breaks in the musicThe house music does not have breaks in its beat.The trance music has long breaks in the beats.
Beat structureThe house genre music has a 4/4 structure for bass-drum. During the beat phrase cycle, the drum kick appears 16 times.In trance genre music, before every build up snares redoubles the beat.

What is the House?

House music is a soothing and soulful type of music. It focuses on developing melodies. The house genre music has a slower tempo lying in the range of 118 to 135 bpm.

The roots of house music lie in the 1980s in Illinois. It was a piece of popular music among the African Americans and Latino Americans, it was also famous among the gay dancers of the US.

Some of the house music artists are Paula Abdul, Madonna, Janet Jackson, etc. If one wishes to listen to some soothing and soulful music, he or she should go for the house music.


What is Trance?

One of the variations of electronic dance music is Trance music. Trance music focuses on rhythms rather than melodies, it involves the building of chords and layered sounds.

Trance music dates back to the mid-90s, having its roots in Germany. The name of the trance music is so because in the initial days it was a repetitive and hypnotic type of music.

Some of the best artists of trance music are Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenfold, Aly and Fila, etc.


Main Differences Between House and Trance

  1. The house genre music does not have a break in the beats, on the other hand, the trance genre music has long breaks in it.
  2. House music is soothing and soulful, on the other hand, trance music is faster and thus is more suitable for parties.


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