Difference Between HP Pavilion and Acer Nitro

HP and Acer are two different popular brands of manufacturing computer hardware. Both have many differences in manufacturing, production, and features.

HP and Acer are popular brands in producing computers hardware. HP is known for its excellent quality, whereas Acer is known for its design. They sell all the types of hardware required for the system.

HP Pavilion vs Acer Nitro

The main difference between HP Pavilion and Acer Nitro is that the weight of the HP Pavilion is 1.41 kilogram which is manufactured by HP, while on the other hand, the weight of the Acer Nitro is 2.30 kilogram which is manufactured by Acer.

HP Pavilion vs Acer Nitro

Hewlett-Packard(HP) is the developer of the HP Pavilion. HP Inc is the manufacturer of HP Pavilion. Windows is the operating system of the HP Pavilion. HP Pavilion model is nothing but a consumer-oriented product of laptops and desktops.

Both the laptops and desktops have the name Pavilion. HP introduced the Pavilion to compete with Dell, Acer, Samsung, and Lenovo. A Pavilion personal computer introduced by HP which is IBM-compactible with desktop type.

This model will mark the home computing production of HP from 1995.

Acer is the manufacturer of the Acer Nitro. Like HP Pavilion, the operating system of Acer Nitro is Windows. It has 1920×1080 pixels of resolution. It has an i5 Core processor.

Acer Nitro has an excellent exterior and attracts many customers. Nitro become best selling model of Acer. It has many new qualities which help to accommodate the developing technological world.

Acer Nitro has various models and different features. Acer Nitro comes with 8GB RAM and is expandable up to 16GB.

Comparison Table Between HP Pavilion and Acer Nitro

Parameters of comparisonHP PavilionAcer Nitro
Display sizeThe display size of the HP Pavilion is 14.00-inchThe display size of the Acer Nitro is 15.60-inch
Size of SSDThe size of the SSD in the HP Pavilion is 512GBThe size of the SSD in the Acer Nitro is 256GB
GraphicsThe graphics used in the HP Pavilion is Intel Integrated Iris-XeThe graphics used in the Acer Nitro is Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060
Released dateIn 1995In 2019
Battery lifeThe battery life of the HP Pavilion is 8.75 hoursThe battery life of the Acer Nitro is 10 hours

What is HP Pavilion?

HP Pavilion is a stylish model introduced by HP. The pavilion model becomes more popular and familiar among people.

The quad-speed CD-ROM drive, Altec Lansing speakers, software for online service are the notable features that make the Pavilion more popular.

HP Pavilion laptops are highly portable and weightless. You can enjoy by carrying wherever you go and experience incredible entertainment. It has a narrow edge wide display.

HP Pavilion will inspire you with its stunning design. The pavilion has the feature of bending backward. Pavilion makes it look like a tablet. It is one solid feature that attracts more customers.

You can easily connect, share, create and use the laptop wisely. You can experience world-class graphics and industry-standard features. It comes with high-grade graphics processing techniques.

With HP Pavilion, you can satisfy all your multitasking and gaming needs. It is a multifunctional device with excellent qualities.

HP Pavilion has a slim look and stylish design. You won’t compromise about its exterior. The HP Pavilion can make your day and empower all your abilities.

Pavilion has dual storage options, which are very helpful in the gaming sector. It has ampler connectivity options that make you connected to the world everywhere.

Some Pavilion models have a micro-edged curve that makes them more stylish and stunning.

What is Acer Nitro?

Acer Nitro has the best look in the models of the Acer. Acer Nitro is only available in black color. The keyboards have reddish lights, which enhance the beauty of the laptop.

The red rear panel will be a favorite of many customers. You can make your shortcut keys customized according to your needs. The red-lavish look will give a stunning design to the keypad.

The Nitro has no fingerprint sensor and webcam recognition options. It is a disadvantage to the Acer Nitro. It is a typical economy model laptop.

The Nitro model is best for watching movies and playing games. It has medium-ranged brightness options with contrasting proportionality. The keyboard gives you a snappy feel whenever you use that.

Acer Nitro has many advantages. The impressive look, better battery life, expandable storage, and Wi-fi support make Nitro best selling model of Acer. But Nitro has two disadvantages. They are hard-to-read keyboards and have no slots for MicroSD.

Acer Nitro has a unique key behind the keypad. The function of that particular key is to launch the Nitro-Sense Utility feature. The Nitro-Sense will make you know about the fan speed, power plan, GPU temperature, and CPU display.

You can manually control these functions. In Acer Nitro, you can control the audio presets. Acer Nitro has high productivity and provides a smooth experience of working.

Experience high-grade graphics and processing power that meets your gaming and multitasking needs.

Main Differences Between HP Pavilion and Acer Nitro

  1. The HP Pavilion has three battery cells, whereas Acer Nitro has four.
  2. The processor of HP Pavilion is 11th gen, whereas the processor of Acer Nitro is 10th gen.
  3. The HP Pavilion has three USB ports, whereas Acer Nitro has four.
  4. The HP Pavilion has less refresh rate, the Acer Nitro has a high refresh rate.
  5. HP Pavilion has less CPU performance, whereas Acer Nitro has better performance.


HP Pavilion and Acer Nitro are two models from two different manufacturers. Both the products have diverse forms of advantages and disadvantages.

HP Pavilion has excellent exteriors that attract anyone. Acer Nitro has an influential look, which creates a spark in the customers. You can choose your laptop by comparing the features and services provided by the two manufacturers.

HP is old, and Acer is new manufactures. Comparing Pavilion and Nitro, Pavilion has introduced around 25 years ago Nitro. Both provide comparable features and services. Depending on the need, you can choose a laptop or desktop.


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