Nitro vs Nitro Classic: Difference and Comparison

Discord is a messaging and digital distribution company where users can communicate using text messaging, video calls, voice calls. Here private chats can also be done by sending secret files called ‘servers.’

A server is like a chat room that can be joined only via an invite link. Discord runs on all the platforms from macOS to Android, Windows, Linux, web browsers etc. Discord was started in 2015.

It gives its users full freedom to use the various modes of communication in its servers. Nitro and Nitro Classic are their two plans.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nitro is a premium subscription service offered by Discord, while Nitro Classic is a more affordable version with fewer features.
  2. Nitro includes animated avatars, custom emojis, and improved file upload limits, whereas Nitro Classic offers only custom emojis and a smaller file upload limit increase.
  3. Nitro also provides server boosts for enhancing the user experience in a specific server, whereas Nitro Classic does not include any server boosts.

Nitro vs Nitro Classic

Nitro subscription is a paid service offered by Discord, a communication app for gamers. It offers additional features and the ability to use custom Discord tags. Nitro Classic is a cheaper version of Nitro, offering same benefits but without the added perks of game access and server boosts.

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Nitro is one of the plans of Discord that offers paid membership to its users. It comes with additional benefits and features like animated avatars, large uploading size and others.

It is a subscription plan that was designed earlier to give support and help to the Discord platform. By adding additional features, the overall experience of discord has improved a lot.

Nitro has a global emojis plan which means that it allows its users to use emojis from a different server as well. Discord Nitro offers animated GIF avatars that can make the Discord profile look good.

Nitro Classic can be called the subversion of Nitro. It is available with very limited features and can be afforded at very low prices.

It also has the same core features that are available with the regular Discord. Some of the features include custom and animated emojis that can be used everywhere.

It provided better video quality than regularDiscord. It also provides a Go Live feature at a quality of 720 pixels. The uploading limit has also been increased in Nitro Classic from 8 MB to 50 MB.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNitroNitro Classic
Uploading LimitUp to 100 MBUp to 50 MB
Server BoostsTwo server boostsNo server boosts
Character Limit4000 characters per message.2000 characters per message.
FeaturesOffers animated avatars, custom tags, custom emojis, higher-quality screen sharing.
More emojis than Regular and Classic, Better bandwidth, HD Go Live streaming, uploading limit is more etc.
BadgeSpecial Nitro BadgeSpecial Nitro Classic Badge

What is Nitro?

Nitro is the premium version of discord that provides additional advantages to its customers. It is not necessary to take the Nitro plan, but it improves the experience overall.

Users that are connected with Discord and has different servers prefer Nitro because of its varied qualities.

Nitro is a subscription plan that has slightly higher pricing than Nitro Classic. It can be taken both monthly or annually.

Nitro includes all the features that are there in Nitro Classic. Apart from that, it provides high video quality features, and users can also share the screen at high quality i.e. at 1080 p, 60 fps and 720 p at 30 fps.

It also provides Go Live Streaming. Usernames can be changed in Nitro unless it is not taken. Nitro is the best option if a user is a full-time gamer or a live streamer.

Because Nitro doesn’t play any ads like Google and Facebook.

What is Nitro Classic?

Nitro Classic is the subversion of Nitro. Nitro Classic was the first subscription plan that was first offered by a Discord in the year 2017.

Nitro Classic gives its users some of the features related to chat and emojis.

It is available in both monthly as well as annual subscriptions. If you subscribe to an annual plan, then the user can save the cost of a two-month plan.

There are five advantages that a user get when he/she purchases a Nitro Classic. The first one is the use of emojis across all the servers in Discord.

Both animated as well as customized can be used.

Users can use emojis in a direct conversation with their friends also, which is not available in free Discord. Discord avatar can also be set using the Nitro classic.

It even lets you set an animated GIF. Even video can be converted to GIF files and then used as an animated version. By doing this, it will give your profile a great look.

Whenever someone makes a profile in a Discord account, users get a four-digit hashtag. In the free version, it cannot be changed.

But with Nitro Classic, users can change the hashtag, but that hashtag must not be taken by someone else. Screen sharing and video quality are also increased in Nitro Classic, just like Nitro. It will play the videos at 1080 p.

Main Differences Between Nitro and Nitro Classic

  1. In Nitro, the uploading limit of a file is 100 MB. In Nitro Classic, the uploading limit of the file is 50 MB.
  2. Nitro has two server boosts. While in Nitro Classic, there is no such thing.
  3. The character limit in Nitro is 4000 characters per message. In Nitro Classic, the character limit is 2000 characters per message.
  4. Features of Nitro are it consists of animated avatars, custom tags, custom emojis, higher-quality screen sharing. Features of Nitro Classic are more emojis than Regular and Classic, Better bandwidth, HD Go Live to stream, uploading limit is more etc.
  5. Nitro displays a special Nitro Badge in its profile. Nitro Classic displays a special Nitro Classic Badge in its profile.

Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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