Difference Between KitchenAid Artisan and Classic

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Hence it is important to update our kitchen and make cooking easy. The two modern mixers, KitchenAid artisan and classic are similar but vary in many parameters.

KitchenAid Artisan vs Classic

The difference between KitchenAid artisan and classic is the soft start and bowl size. Classic model has the feature of soft start which means the mixer starts working slowly on its own without causing much spill or splash while artisan model does not have this feature and might cause some spill or splash.

KitchenAid Artisan vs Classic

KitchenAid Artisan is a well-upgraded model with many advanced features launched by KitchenAid. Artisan model took the top place in the market for its outstanding feature of a powerful motor and larger bowl capacity.

Artisan is also available in small bowl sizes and in numerous colors which makes it more attractive for the consumers.

KitchenAid Classic is another basic model of mixers without any complications launched by KitchenAid. This model is user-friendly and does not have many features but it is a reliable home mixer.

Classic is best suitable for small families and moderate mixing of small quantities. It won’t serve the purpose of mixing larger quantities.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonArtisanClassic
Soft startArtisan does not have the feature of soft start.Classic has the feature of a soft start and avoids any spills or splashes.
PriceIt is quite expensive in comparison to classic.It is quite cheaper in comparison to the artisan.
Bowl sizeIt has bigger bowl sizes in comparison to classic.It has smaller bowl sizes in comparison to the artisan.
Number of modelsThey have a series of models.They have two models that are standard and plus.
Motor powerThey are built with a higher watt power motor.They are built with a comparatively lower watt power motor.

What is KitchenAid Artisan?

KitchenAid is an American home appliances company owned by Whirlpool company. They launched the product Artisan mixer which was marketed worldwide and secured the top place in the mixer market.

It was a successful product line-up launched by KitchenAid and they launched many upgraded versions of artisan with numerous advanced features.

Artisans have many product variations and are available in numerous colors thus giving consumers wider choices. They also have size of bowls which will be to mix large quantities.

There is also a mini version of artisan which comes with a smaller bowl size that will be suitable for small families. Artisan mixers are well-built with a polished stainless steel bowl which adds a classic look to the appearance of the mixer.

In addition to this, they come with an ergonomic bowl handle which makes it easier to separate the base, sides of the mixer and clean them properly.

Such a bowl handle also allows us to transport the ingredients inside easily. Artisan mixers are well powered with a powerful motor which makes mixing of larger quantities and harder ingredients too easy without causing much spilling or splashing.

Cultivating all these features, the artisan model is quite expensive in comparison to the other mixers available in the market.

What is KitchenAid Classic?

KitchenAid launched another mixer which is a simpler version of the artisan. It was named classic. There were two product line-ups introduced by the model classic which were classic standard and classic plus.

They perform a lot of things more than mixing like a grind, shred, whip and mash, etc. Hence, it is more user-friendly than any other mixer in the market.

The classic model lacks some features of the artisan. They do have the feature of automatic soft start. We may have to apply some pressure in order to avoid any spill or splash of ingredients inside the bowl.

The bowl size of the classic is quite small in comparison to the artisan. Hence, it is suitable for small families and has the capacity to mix ingredients of small quantities.

Classic is well-built with a powerful motor that allows the mixing of ingredients quickly and efficiently avoiding any spills or splashes.

The powerful motor has less watt power in comparison to the artisan model but it is quite high when compared to other mixers in the market. The power will be suitable for smaller quantities of ingredients and hence not suitable for larger quantities.

With all these outstanding, the classic model is quite cheaper in comparison to other mixers. Hence, the classic model is one of the best mixer models launched by KitchenAid.

Main Differences Between KitchenAid Artisan and Classic

  1. The difference between artisan and classic is the presence of pouring shield in artisan while classic does not have this feature of pouring shield. A pouring shield prevents the ingredients from splashing while mixing.
  2. Artisan is quite expensive in comparison to the classic model as it comes with many extra features.
  3. The classic mixer is made in stainless steel and gives a classic standard appearance while the artisan gives an element of elegance appearance.
  4. The classic product line-up is available only in white and black whereas artisan is available in numerous colors and hits the market.
  5. The motor power of the artisan is quite high in comparison to the classic model.


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