Pure vs Classic Service: Difference and Comparison

There are many terms and processes that are involved in the procedure, from starting to ending a business. The selection and analysis of which is best for a certain product of a company or business is in the hands of the person who heads the marketing department.

Pure Service and Classic Service are both procedures used by a company. They are quite unique compared to other corporate institutions or businesses.

People do get confused about the two terms as there aren’t many differences that separate them, but still, there are a few spots of contrast between the two services.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pure Service is a service that is solely focused on customer needs and satisfaction, while Classic Service is a service that emphasizes the traditional values and manners of serving customers.
  2. Pure Service is more informal and personal, focusing on building a relationship with the customer. At the same time, Classic Service is more formal and structured, focusing on providing a professional and polished experience.
  3. Pure Service is more flexible and adaptable to individual customer needs, while Classic Service is more standardized and follows established rules and procedures.

Pure vs Classic Service

Pure service is a type of service that is intangible and does not involve the production of any physical goods. They are delivered by people. Classic service refers to a service that involves both a physical product and a service component, such as a meal in a restaurant.

Pure vs Classic Service

Pure Service is a type of business where the main selling item is not a tangible product but a service given to the customers. Any housework repair that an outsider may do in one’s place can come as an example of Pure Service.

Classic Service is a servicing business model where the service offered to its consumers is factored with different other decisions, for instance, including the adverts and their placing for an electronic device repair company.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPure ServiceClassic Service
Way of servicePure Service does factor in the way a service is provided to the customer(s).Way of Service is not included in a Classic Service model.
PricingPure service does not focus on pricing.Classic Service does factor in the adjustment of prices.
AdvertisementAdvertisement is not considered in a Pure Service.Classic Service adds Advertisement of the service provided in its duties.
PromotionIn Pure Service, there is no attention given to the promotion of the product or products.Promotion is indeed looked through in a Classic Service.
ExamplesThere are many examples of Pure Service, some common being air transportation, theatres, etc. Some of the Classic Service businesses would be banking, warehousing, etc.

What is Pure Service?

Pure Service means a type of business model where an actual product is not sold to the customer, but a type of service is used by the consumer. To understand it easily, let’s take an example of an airplane.

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The consumer gets no tangible thing but a service of going from one place to another.

Depending on the choice of the business owner who uses the Pure Service, they can add the physical items that are being used while producing the service they are giving. For example, a car repair service considers the tools used to replace a damaged part.

There are many businesses that use Pure Services, such as using any service from a lawyer or a company getting help from a marketing or PR firm to advertise and promote their products.

In both of these examples, whether it be the lawyer or the PR firm, they give the user their service, their help in exchange for money, and not anything they can keep.

pure service

What is Classic Service?

Classic Service is a kind of marketing strategy that is used by companies who do not offer goods but instead their services. They are very popular and can be seen in various places. Customer care service can be added to this kind of business market.

It is not only limited to the product that it is being used on it, but it also focuses additionally on the promotion of the selling item as well. They also add flyers, commercials, or any other type of promotion that they are spending money on in their business model.

Some good examples of this type of business would be going into car repair service and getting the vehicle fixed. Another would be visiting a hotel or a motel and staying there for a certain period of time. These businesses are not providing people with physical products but with services.

classic service

Main Differences Between Pure and Classic Service

  1. Pure Service, in addition to the services being used, also counts the physical goods while servicing the customers. At the same time, Classic Service does not include the use of physical goods being used in the process.
  2. Classic Service is focused on the promotion of a product as well. On the other hand, Pure Service does not include it in its business model.
  3. If a company is using the Classic Service option instead of the Pure Service one, it would also include Advertisement(s) in its total amount of service that Pure Service wouldn’t.
  4. Pure Service does not include factor pricing in its business. On the flip side, if a Classic Service is chosen and is being used, pricing would be considered in addition to other factors involved in the business.
  5. The procedure or the technique of how a service is being used is factored in a Pure Service model. Though, in a Classic Service, it is not seen and, thus, not included.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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20 thoughts on “Pure vs Classic Service: Difference and Comparison”

  1. There are many terms and processes that are involved in the procedure, from starting to ending a business. The selection and analysis of which is best for a certain product of a company or business is in the hands of the person who heads the marketing department.

  2. Pure Service focuses on customer-centricity, while Classic Service emphasizes a more traditional approach to customer engagement.

    • Absolutely, the distinction in customer interactions is critical for shaping business operations and customer experiences.

  3. The examples provided for Pure Service and Classic Service highlight the breadth of service-oriented businesses and their impact on customer experiences.

  4. The concepts of Pure Service and Classic Service offer valuable frameworks for businesses to strategize their service offerings.

    • Indeed, understanding these concepts can contribute to the development of effective business models and customer engagement strategies.

  5. The examples provided for Pure Service and Classic Service help in understanding their relevance in various industries.


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