Human vs Synthetic Hair: Difference and Comparison

The cosmetic and surgical world is booming with extraordinary technologies that enhance the lifestyle of normal people.

These days, wigs and hair extensions are very much appreciated by mediocre to high-lifestyle people, and believe me, the reason is quite simple; lack of time and increment in desires.

Human hair is sometimes compared to synthetic manmade hair, which is more durable and “funky”, but they possess many more differences in the cosmetic world.

This article will help you differentiate between human hair and synthetic hair because the hair used in extensions and wigs is either of the two.

So, if you’re planning to get an operated wig and cannot decide which of the two is for you, or you’re simply curious about the new competitor human hair has, you’re at the right place.

Key Takeaways

  1. Human hair is more versatile and can be styled and colored, while synthetic hair is more limited in styling options.
  2. Synthetic hair is more affordable than a human hair.
  3. Human hair lasts longer than synthetic hair with proper care.

Human vs Synthetic Hair

Human hairs are natural and they have a variety of advantages. They can be treated under different conditions like dying, curling, darkening, etc. They have a long life and a realistic feel. Synthetic hairs are less realistic, having different textures and smoothness. They can be affected by heat.

Human vs Synthetic Hair

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Turning our attention to human hair. Natural hair lasts a long time and maybe dyed, coloured, darkened, curled, or treated in any condition.

Furthermore, genuine hair will always mix beautifully with your natural hair. It plays a very important role in the world, and it’s genuine.

If your additions are Remy, no one will ever know you’re using them. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is unnatural, which makes it more difficult to mix.

Human hair, like artificial locks, comes in a variety of quality levels. Sapien strands are of adequate performance and present well in the real world.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, Synthetic hairs have gone a long way since early science, thanks to technical advancements.

It can be hard to distinguish in some cases because the specific gravity and appearance are similar to authentic human hair.

If one didn’t have the real hair next to it for comparison, you’d hardly know some of the higher-quality artificial strands weren’t human hair!

Artificial or synthetic hair’s most attractive feature is that it can frequently be used straight from the factory with hardly any treatment.

The fibre utilized contains “learning” (like memory foam and retains shape) for waves, spirals, and thickness, allowing hair to rebound back into position with no effort — the frizz pattern is fixed in stone.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHuman HairSynthetic Hair
TextureSmooth and Natural and has a permanent glossHas a very strong resemblance to natural hair with a slight difference in feel.
QualityAuthentic and natural Average to good quality
FeaturesEnriched by natural Keratin, it has more durability.Durable and cheap as well as available in large scale and various styles.
Heat ResistanceHeat resistance is very high compared to synthetic hair.Poor heat resistance and gives off a plastic-y smell when burnt.
PriceThey are costlier than synthetic hair and are used for hair extensions.They are cheap and are used for hair wigs.

What is Human Hair?

Human hair has quite a basic structure, yet it plays a vital role in socializing. Keratin protein is a strong protein that makes up hair strands.

Each follicle is connected to the body via a hair shaft. The hair bulb forms the hair follicle’s root. Active cells divide and develop in the hair base to form the hair shaft.

Hair bulb cells are nourished by blood arteries, which also carry hormones that control hair development and form at various stages of life.

When considering transplants, wigs, or extensions, authentic human hair is best for gorgeous flowy looks, and it is indeed costlier than synthetic hair.

Human hair is considerably easier to manage and care for than synthetic hair. It can be cleaned thoroughly by shampooing and applying conditioners, coloured, and smeared, but a synthetic hair item may not be as straightforward.

Human hair can also be damaged by over-dyeing.

The process of acquiring human hair might sound fishy, but it is an easy procedure that involves the consent and signature of the human who is donating his/her hair for extension or wig-making purposes.

Extensions of the highest grade are manufactured from 100% authentic biological human hair that has not been physically or chemically treated. Producers may occasionally inspect each batch to ensure the cuticles are aligned.

The hair filaments collected from donors can be turned into any extension. There are areas dedicated to hair sales, with numerous ladies selling their tresses for a low price.

human hair

What is Synthetic Hair?

Synthetic hair is a piece of polymer that resembles natural hair but is composed of quasi-humanoid elements, as synthetic hair lacks certain aspects that are present in human hair.

Hair extensions, mesh, and implants are all terms used to describe these aesthetic products. Women use them to make the hair appear thicker, or longer or have a difference in the colour scheme.

This hair can be connected in a variety of ways, including laser implantation or surgical operations.

However, synthetic hair does not have a long lifespan. If you can maintain synthetic enhancements for more than two months, consider yourselves quite fortunate.

This sort of hair is never designed to last for an extended period. Artificial fibres are unable to withstand everyday use, so using them over the threshold period can cause trouble with the quality of the fibres.

Some advantages of synthetic hair are listed below:

  1. Synthetic hair preserves its style for far longer than authentic human hair because the material used is much stronger at guaranteeing that a thread keeps its appearance even after washes, requiring little effort from the wig user.
  2. Synthetic hair is less expensive than real hair, yet because synthetic wigs have advanced more in recent years, most of them now seem identical to genuine hair extensions.
  3. And most importantly, synthetic hair is chemically more durable than natural hair as it can retain its form for a longer time than the authentic keratin hair follicle.
synthetic hair

Main Differences Between Human and Synthetic Hair

  1. Human hair is much costlier than synthetic hair for wigs and extensions.
  2. Human hair offers a more natural feel and style adaptability when compared to artificially made synthetic hair.
  3. Human hair extensions and strands may be coloured, volumized, and treated in the same way as real hair can, but synthetic hair is less heat resistant and operates on the “memory foam” concept.
  4. Human hair, when burnt, sells like ashes and barbeque, whereas when synthetic hair is burnt, it smells like tar and plastic.
  5. Authentic human hair is used for hair extensions as they blend in perfectly, whereas synthetic hair is used for wigs.
Difference Between Human and Synthetic Hair

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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