Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench: Difference and Comparison

Even the smallest of construction projects require the assistance of certain tools and equipment, and to name some, an impact driver and an impact wrench happen to be the two most popular power tools among the consumers.

Although these two are very different from one another, still there might be confusion while differentiating between these two owing to certain similarities that exist. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Impact drivers are used for driving screws and fasteners, while impact wrenches are designed for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.
  2. Impact wrenches provide more torque than impact drivers.
  3. Impact drivers are more versatile and compact, while impact wrenches are more powerful and suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench 

An impact driver is a power tool used for driving screws and bolts. It works by using a combination of rotational force and concussive blows to drive screws and bolts into hard materials such as wood. An impact wrench is a power tool used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts.

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench

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An impact driver can easily be classified as a specific tool that is used for carrying out small-scale operations such as loosening certain nuts, which have become difficult to separate from the attached area due to different reasons.

This particular tool requires the assistance of a hammer-like structure in order to be operated in a functional manner. 

But on the other hand, an impact wrench has been described as another tool used for large-scale operations and on heavy nuts and similar machines.

This particular tool does not require the assistance of any hammer or any such thing and works freely in its own sphere. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Impact Driver  Impact Wrench 
Meaning  It refers to a specific tool for providing a minimum level of rotational force. It refers to a specific tool for providing the maximum level of rotational force.
Suitable for This particular tool is suitable for small-scale operations. This particular tool is suitable for large-scale and heavy operations. 
Ease of use  This particular equipment happens to be comparatively difficult to use because of being attached to a hammer. This particular equipment happens to be comparatively easy to use because of being free of any additional structure. 
Versatility  This tool can handle multiple works belonging to different shapes and sizes. This tool is specifically made for certain specific shapes and sizes and can only handle a limited range of works. 
Efficiency  As the tool produces a small level of force the efficiency also reduces to some extent. Because of being able to produce more rotational force this tool happens to be very efficient in working. 
Durability  This tool happens to be comparatively less durable. This tool happens to be more durable owing to its strong built design. 

What is Impact Driver? 

The impact driver is a particularly specialized tool used for providing a minimal rotational force to a surface in order to operate small scale activities such as loosening a bolt etc.

This tool is a very popular one all across the globe, and there are many people using it for different and diversified purposes. 

Usually, this tool comes attached with a hammer and operates along with the hammer in order to carry out the necessary operations, and this is the feature that makes it very difficult for this tool to be utilized.

However, one prominent advantage attached to this particular tool is that it comes in a versatile shape and can easily be attached to other equipment of any shape and size, which eventually cuts down the cost, and all the work can be done by using one single tool. 

Depending upon the power received, this tool produces rotational force accordingly and allows the person to carry out necessary operations.

This particular tool highly resembles an electric drill but still encompasses certain other characteristics that differentiate it from any other similar equipment. 

impact driver

What is Impact Wrench? 

An impact wrench is another specialized tool that is very popular all across the world by different names such as air gun, wrench gun, and impactor.

It is used for carrying out various operations at a large scale by yielding the necessary amount of rotational force depending upon the variations of power received and the physics of the tool as well. 

The utilization of this particular tool is very common in the construction industry as it is very feasible for carrying out heavy-scale operations.

However, apart from the construction industry, this tool is widely used in other factories manufacturing different types of products and services.

The most common source of power behind this particular tool is compressed air; however, in certain cases, hydraulic or electric power can also be utilized. 

However, the compatibility of this particular tool is limited as it comes in specific sizes only and happens to be compatible with specific shapes and sizes only.

But the durability of this particular tool beats all other opponents as its strong physic allows it to stay functional for a longer duration. 

impact wrench

Main Difference between Impact Driver and Impact Wrench 

  1. An Impact Driver is a very popular tool for small scale operations, while on the other hand, an Impact Wrench it’s a very popular tool for large scale operations. 
  2. An Impact Driver is a worth it tool in nature as it is compatible with almost all types of screws and bolts, while on the other hand, an Impact Wrench comes in a particular size only and requires the additional system to be operated on different sizes. 
  3. An Impact Driver showcases less durability comparatively, while on the other hand, an Impact Wrench showcases more durability owing to its strong physique. 
  4. An Impact Driver happens to be slightly difficult to use, while on the other hand, an Impact Wrench happens to be easier to use relatively. 
  5. An Impact Driver comes with an attached hammer to be operated, while on the other hand, an Impact Wrench comes with no such additional equipment. 
Difference Between Impact Driver and Impact Wrench



Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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