Driver Booster 11 Pro Free License Key For 1 Year (2023)

What is Driver Booster 11 Pro?

Driver Booster 11 Pro is a driver update utility software developed by IObit. It is used to update outdated or missing drivers on a Windows PC. Some key features of Driver Booster 11 Pro include:

  • Large database of over 4,500,000+ drivers to keep devices up-to-date and running smoothly.
  • One-click driver update feature that can automatically detect and update outdated drivers.
  • Driver backup utility to create backups and restore drivers in case of errors.
  • Game component updater to update games and gaming-related drivers and software.
  • Priority in driver update queue over free version for faster updates.
  • Automatic driver updates in the background to keep the system stable.
  • Free 24/7 technical support for issues related to driver updates.

Driver Booster 11 Pro aims to offer a convenient and efficient solution for updating drivers, especially for gamers and advanced users. The Pro version unlocks additional features over the free version for a more customized driver update experience.

Driver Booster 11 Pro Features

Here are some of the key features of Driver Booster 11 Pro:

  • Large Driver Database – Over 4,500,000 hardware drivers to keep all devices up-to-date.
  • One-click Update – Detects and automatically updates outdated or faulty drivers with one click.
  • Driver Backup – Backs up current drivers for safe restore in case of errors.
  • Driver Uninstall – Completely uninstalls faulty drivers to fix issues.
  • Game Components – Updates game related drivers and software for better gaming.
  • Priority Updates – Gets driver updates ahead of free version users.
  • Background Updating – Quietly updates drivers in background for uninterrupted work.
  • Auto Driver Install – Can automatically install drivers after download without prompts.
  • Driver Download Speed – Faster unlimited driver download speeds over free version.
  • 24/7 Technical Support – Provides real-time person-to-person support for driver issues.
  • User Interface – Simple and intuitive UI for easy driver management.
  • Windows 11 Support – Fully supports updating drivers on Windows 11.

The combination of automated driver updates, backup/restore, and easy fixes for faulty drivers makes Driver Booster 11 Pro useful for maintaining a stable PC. The priority updates and extra features give it an edge over the free version.


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Driver Booster 11 Pro Free License Key


Driver Booster 11 Pro Free Activation Keys

  1. GFOEI-YFHE9-T93TY-398YO-94JMI
  2. 4URFO-94O8R-FO9IF-O998R-U87EU

How to Use Driver Booster 11 Pro Keys?

Here are the steps to use a Driver Booster 11 Pro key to activate the full pro version:

  1. Download and install Driver Booster 11 on your Windows PC from the official website.
  2. Open Driver Booster 11 and click the “Activate” button on the top-right.
  3. In the activation screen, select “Activate License” option.
  4. Enter the purchased Driver Booster 11 Pro license key and click “Activate Now.”
  5. Driver Booster will automatically verify the license key and activate the Pro version.
  6. Once activated, Driver Booster 11 will unlock all pro features like automatic driver updates, game components, priority downloads, and support.
  7. You can click on “My Account” to see the status of your license key and when it expires.
  8. Renewing the key before expiry is recommended to continue enjoying pro features seamlessly.
  9. You can use a Driver Booster 11 Pro key on up to 3 PCs simultaneously linked to your IObit account.
  10. Enjoy using Driver Booster 11 Pro for faster, smoother PC performance and stable operation.
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