Difference Between uTorrent and Vuze

Both uTorrent and Vuze are clients of BitTorrent, owned and built by BitTorrent, Inc. Both of them are capable of creating downloading, and seeding the .torrent files. They are also able to do a lot of smart and advanced things like downloading from RSS feeds, automatically.


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They use multiple trackers and ban specific IP addresses or set download priorities separately for each file.

If any or the two are used for torrenting, it wouldn’t have a lot of difference in their result.

Vuze (which was previously known as Azureus) is written in Java and it uses the Azureus Engine. Content that is showed to the public is shown in the form of various categories like tv shows, movies, etc.

All versions of uTorrent on the other hand are written in C++.

uTorrent vs Vuze

The difference between uTorrent and Vuze is how Vuze uses more memory than uTorrent does. In fact, Vuze uses 50% more memory than uTorrent because of which, Vuze has the ability to run almost equal to around 3000 torrents at a time.

uTorrent vs Vuze

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Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison  uTorrentVuze
Memory usedVery lightweight and approximately weighs 1MBThis uses 50% more memory than uTorrent does.  
PortabilityIt does not need to be downloaded or installed to be used. In fact, it can be even directly used from an external device like a USB.Unlike uTorrent, it can’t be used without being downloaded or installed.
AdvertisementsIt shows inappropriate ads but this can feature can be disabled.The ads can’t be disabled here. In order to remove the ad, a certain amount of payment has to be done.
StrengthAs it has low memory it can run fast but not many downloads can be done at a time.It is fast and as it has a lot more memory so the work it does is equal to about work done by 3000 torrents.

What is uTorrent?

It is a bit torrent client that is owned and developed by Bit Torrent Inc. Outside China, uTorrent is a widely used Bit Torrent client with about 150 million users. Its initial release was on 18 September 2005.

Since the release of this program, its development has been very active i.e., from 2005. All versions of uTorrent have been written in C++.

uTorrent is available for many operating systems like macOS and Android. The uTorrent server is available for Linux as well.

uTorrent can be used to download an enormous amount of data and the downloads can be paused and resumed at any point in time.

The biggest advantage of uTorrent is that you can transfer the data downloaded on uTorrent from one system to another system even without having a complete download. It is possible to transfer it first and download it from the other system.

if while downloading the computer/laptop is switched off, it won’t affect the download and will resume downloading after the system is switched back on.

uTorrent is a lightweight and very efficient torrent downloader. There’s no plugin support, and compared to Vuze it has fewer features. The latest feature though has an option to disable the ads through the options.

Although it’s said that Vuze is faster than uTorrent but practically it’s seen that uTorrent is faster than Vuze. uTorrent is really small with low memory used and is lightweight and it uses very little CPU and RAM.  

What is Vuze?

Vuze was previously known and famous as Azureus. It is also a BitTorrent client and used to transfer all its files through BitTorrent protocol.

The language Vuze is based on is Java, and it uses Azureus Engine. Azureus not only allows downloading data liked to .torrent files but also lets the users publish and share the original HD video quality content.

Its content is shown in the form of categories like tv shows, movies, games, music, etc. Azureus was initially released in 2003, June. Later it also became one of the most popular BitTorrent clients.

The plugin that Vuze uses allows it to connect to the I2P network. This is the reason why the torrents that were published earlier only on I2P are available all over the internet. It is a very powerful source and is available for windows, android and Linux distributions.

Although it is not lightweight like u torrent, it can run as much as 3000 torrents at a time as it has a lot of memory. For several years it has been famous for the high-quality video content that it provides to its users.

It requires a java runtime environment which is good for Vuze letting it run on any kind of operating system.

Main Differences Between uTorrent And Vuze

  1. uTorrent is lightweight and weighs almost 1MB whereas Vuze use 50% more memory than uTorrent.
  2. uTorrent works only using C++ while Vuze depends on java which also plays a major role letting Vuze use any operating system for its work.
  3. One big advantage the uTorrent gives us is that it doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed to be used by a user, it can also be used externally using a USB so it becomes a portable asset whereas Vuze can’t be used without being downloaded or installed.
  4. One special feature that Vuze has is tracker exchange functionality which allows people to exchange information about the specific trackers of a given file. uTorrent does not have this function in use.
  5. In Vuze, if a particular file is to be upgraded then it takes as much time and space as it takes for downloading that file which is very time-consuming. uTorrent doesn’t have this as an issue
  6. Vuze, as it takes up a lot of memory, has the ability to run thousands of torrents at a time with no problem (approx. 3000)
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