Difference Between iPhoto Album And Event

iPhoto is a software developed by Apple multinational technology used to edit multiple photos, share them, etc. It is a digital photography handling and editing software.


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It is a user-friendly application. iPhoto album and iPhoto event are two different options for organizing images in iPhoto software. The differences between the two are mentioned below.

iPhoto Album vs Event

The difference between the iPhoto album and event is that in the album the copies of the photos are pulled from the event. Album pulls these images, and so if more images are added or deleted from an album, the original photos will not be affected. While the event stores original photos and changes to these images cant be reversed. If a photo is deleted from the event, it is gone.

iPhoto Album vs Event

Albums are to create a folder or to organize photos. You can organize your photos like you organize a playlist. You can create folders and put your images according to your preference.

You can make copies of these images, delete them, move them but it will not affect the original image.

Events contain your original images and editing or deleting these images will be the final step. Event is the primary storage space and if pictures are deleted from here, they cant be retrieved.

These photos organize themselves according to the date and time.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniPhoto AlbumiPhoto Event
What is it?An option to organize photos in the iPhoto software by apple.Event is the archive of the images uploaded at a specific point.

StorageThey don’t take the storage.It is the primary storage space.
ImagesThe images are the same as the event, they are pulled from the event and act as copies.These are original images.
OrganizeThe user can organize albums as per his preference.The images organize themselves according to the time and date automatically mostly.
DeleteIf you delete the photos, it will not affect the original images.If you delete the images, they are gone.

What is iPhoto Album?

iPhoto album is one of the options in the iPhoto software to organize your digital images. Albums are to create and organize your images without making any effect on the original images which are saved in the event.

These digital albums are much like the real albums we make in our life or like a playlist we make of our songs. You can add, move, edit or delete photos from the albums and this will not affect the original images.

The album pulls the same images from the events but these pulled-up images work as copies of these images, so there is no effect on the original image even if you delete the image from an album.

You can separate particular images and organize them into groups. You can make multiple albums. You can separate images and put them in an album and title the album.

You have to click to the “new album” to create an album and then select the images you want to fill the album with and drag them.

The images you pulled will still be in the event because that’s the original storage space. And since these images we pull are the same images the albums don’t take up the storage space.

What is iPhoto Event?

iPhoto event is the primary storage space to store the digital photos in the iPhoto software. The event consists of all the original images that you upload or import into the software.

In events, the photos are stored according to the date and time, automatically.

So if you upload a specific series of images at a certain date and time and put these images in a folder and give a title, all the photos you uploaded of that time will be sorted into the folder.

The archive is created for these images at that specific time of upload and that is what is called an Event.

The user has to create a new event after that because if he doesn’t the application will work on the default setting which is the last event used.

The iPhoto event has all the original images so it takes the storage space and so if you delete an image from an event the image is gone from the application and cant be retrieved.

Also, all the images that are in events are accessible through the image library. The event allows the user to have an effective organization for the images and it’s important to have organized photos otherwise it will be difficult to locate them later.

Main Differences Between iPhoto Album And Event

  1. Images in the iPhoto album are the same images pulled from the event but the original images are in the event.
  2. The images in the iPhoto album can be moved or deleted, it will not affect the original photos in the iPhoto event but if you delete a photo from the event, the photo is gone.
  3. iPhoto album has the same images as the iPhoto event so they don’t take space in the drive. The images in the event take storage.
  4. Album is used to organize the images as per the user’s preference while in the event the images organize themselves according to time and date.
  5. Albums are created by the user and the event is usually created automatically.


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