Difference Between Kilt and Skirt

Dresses have been playing an important role in carving out culture and demographical representations. Well, we started from leaves of trees and now from jeans to shirts and various collections. Kilt and Skirt had been are some of the popular dress code and signifies art and modernisation. However, there’s different from each other.

Kilt vs Skirt

The main difference between Kilt and Skirt is that Kilt denotes Scottish and Gaelic culture, and it’s a special dress code worn by men while the skirt is a norm worn by girls where it’s banded around the waist covering thighs and knees. The kilt is meant to be manufactured with a twill weave and tartan wool, while the clothing material for the skirt could differ.

Kilt vs Skirt

The kilt is a dress worn by men. It represents Scottish culture, and it’s a traditional dress. It’s a pleated skirt having flat edges. Also, the pleats could be box pleats or knife pleats. It’s mostly up to knee-length, covering the things at maximum. It’s also used as formal military or routine wear. Also, the speciality is that those who wear kilt signifies their traditions, culture, nationality, and of course, pride.

The skirt is a kind of umbrella dress that’s worn by women. The length could differ from choice to choice. It can be of mid-thigh length or knee-length. It doesn’t confine to particular cloth material. It can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. It doesn’t signify such culture or tradition, but indeed it’s the western culture.

Comparison Table Between Kilt and Skirt

Parameters of ComparisonKiltSkirt
CultureKilt signifies Scottish and Gaelic culture.The skirt doesn’t reveal any culture. Yes, it could be said it came from western parts.
UsesThe kilt is worn in routine or military.A skirt is a dress code that could be worn in parties, clubs, fashion, or personal moments.
Gender formality.Most of the times, it’s worn by men.The skirt is meant for women. It’s their dress code.
Term describingThe kilt is a specific term used to denote that particular dress form.It is an umbrella term used for any garments covering the lower half.
MaterialThe kilt is made from special material. It used twill weave and tartan wool.The skirt can occupy any material or cloth.

What is Kilt?

Well, dress codes have been a way of representing yourself and asserting where you belong. Like if a person were khadi or dhoti, it represents Indian culture and ethics. The variety of dress sense had moulded our perspective and the way we look at someone. Dress describes the identity of the person wearing it.

The kilt is a special dress form that is loved and recognised by the world. People wear it and embrace kilt all across the world. Yes, it has got a special place in the culture. It represents Scotland culture and Scottish people. Also, it’s worn by Gaelic people and represents Gaelic culture.

Well, it takes special material to knit a kilt. It takes twill weave and tartan wool to manufacture kilt. The kilt is mostly worn by men, and it’s worn in the military, daily dress. It’s a specially designed dress for men. It’s represented by a wraparound skirt that covers the lower half of the body.

It goes from your waist to your knees, covering all your thighs. It’s a pleated skirt, and the pleats could be box pleats or knife pleats. It’s secured by a kilt pin or a buckle at the front waist area. It signifies the religious behaviour and love towards their traditions, nationality, and culture.

What is Skirt?

When there was nothing to wear, ancient humans wore the flesh of an animal or knitting leaves of trees. With time, things changed, and so did the dress form and material. Now we have a wide variety of clothes varying from silk sarees to ready mate suits and tuxedos.

The skirt is an umbrella term that looks like an inverted umbrella. The material of the skirt could differ from producer to producer. It’s a general term for garment clothing worn by women. It’s suspended along the waist and stretched downward, covering thighs and knees.

The skirts are often conical and tubular, giving the wearer an adorable and lovely outlook. It’s a fashion among teenagers and adults to wear skirts and increase their beauty meter. It’s often worn at public places, clubs, personal gatherings, parties, and even sometimes at workplaces. Skirts have been playing a vital role in a women’s life.

However, it can’t be said with certainty, but it’s believed that western culture is solely responsible for this. It grooms a girl giving her a charming and attractive personality all along the way. It’s tightly fit from the waist to avoid any loose ends ensuring a firm and better grip.

Main Differences Between Kilt and Skirt

  1. The kilt is a special dress code, while the skirt isn’t something like a special dress code.
  2. The kilt is worn by men most of the times, while skirts are worn by women to embrace themselves.
  3. Kilt denotes culture, nationality, and love towards their demographic area, while the skirt has nothing to do with nationality or culture.
  4. The kilt is often worn in military, daily routines, while skirts could be worn at public places, clubs, personal gatherings, parties, and even sometimes at workplaces.
  5. The kilt is made from special materials like twill weave and tartan wool, while the material of skirts could be vast.
Difference Between Kilt and Skirt


Whether it’s a kilt or a skirt, the dress form is dress form. It’s not necessary to compare for appreciation. It’s better to remain disinterested in any form. Kilt plays a significant and visible role in shaping and describing one’s place and culture, while a skirt is worn to look beautiful.

Since Kilt is made from special materials, it confines to twill weave and tartan wool while skirt doesn’t confine. Rather it’s so vast that it could confuse a buyer. But they both are an important dress sense and must be appreciated and entertained.


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