Flank vs Skirt Steak: Difference and Comparison

Steak is a food item used in almost all countries. It is very famous because of its tenderness and juiciness. It allows you to cook in different types of methods, and you can choose the method which is desired for your heart.

Flank Steak and Skirt Steak are both available in markets and use different techniques and methods for cooking. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Flank steak is leaner and thicker than skirt steak. It is best suited for grilling, broiling, or roasting, while skirt steak is thinner and more tender, making it suitable for quick-cooking methods like pan-searing or grilling.
  2. Flank steak has a beefier flavor and firmer texture than skirt steak, which is more buttery and tender. As a result, flank steak requires more seasoning and marinating to tenderize it, while skirt steak can be enjoyed with minimal seasoning.
  3. Flank steak and skirt steak are economical cuts of beef that can be used in various dishes like fajitas, tacos, stir-fries, and salads. However, due to their different textures and flavors, they are not interchangeable in recipes. It is important to select the right cut of steak for the recipe to achieve the desired taste and texture.

Flank Steak vs Skirt Steak

Flank steak is a beef cut from the abdominal muscles or lower chest of the cow, known for its rich, full flavour and fibrous texture. Skirt steak, cut from the diaphragm muscles of the cow, is long, flat, and prized for its flavour rather than tenderness, used in fajitas and stir-fry recipes.

Flank Steak vs Skirt Steak

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Flank is a steak variety that is taken from the animal. It is known for its taste and is very famous in many countries.

If you like to chew the steak more than eating it normally, you can overcook it so that it will become rough, and you can chew it for a long time.

Their price will be higher when you compare it with other steaks in the market because they are very thin and the taste will be good. 

Skirt steak is a beef variety, and it is cut from the muscle of the animal. It can be exported and imported to other countries as well.

There are some guidelines to be followed while cooking skirt steak so that the tenderness will remain even after you finish cooking.

It is mostly grilled and served, and the food will be served after 5 minutes of cooking.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFlank SteakSkirt Steak
Cutting areaFlank part of the animalThe muscle part of the animal
SizeBroaderNot broader
CookingA high amount of heat is required.It will be good only if you do a slow cooking process.

What is Flank Steak?

A Flank is a type of beef taken from a cow’s muscles. It is very thin and should not cook for more than the correct amount of time given for the meat to cook. If it gets overcooked, then it will become very rough to eat.

It is a very famous steak used in many countries. In Australian countries, people used to eat flank steak from the lion’s muscles. It comes under non-vegetarian food.

This type of steak will be somewhat broader when compared with other steaks in the market. It can be grilled, fried, roasted, and can be cooked according to your convenience.

Overcooked flank steak tastes will be very different. If you follow all the guidelines and measures and cook it according to the mentioned method, then it will become juicy, and the taste will be good.

In simple words to describe flank steak is the type of steak that is cut from the flank of the animal. Most people prefer to grill it in a pan so that the flavours will be good once the food gets cooked.

To get the taste better, you have to properly marinate them before cooking so that all the flavours will get inside the steak.

flank steak

What is Skirt Steak?

Skirt steak is a type of beef that is available in the market and is famous for its tenderness which many steaks lack nowadays. The cooking method of Skirt Steak is very different.

You have to use the slow cooking process so that the meat will be cooked properly and you will get a proper taste of the meat. It is long, and the skin will be thick when you compare it with other steaks.

Skirt steak can sometimes be expensive, especially if you buy exported skirt steaks. It is mostly cut in the muscle part of the animals where the skin will be adequate, and once you cook it, you will be able to get a proper taste of the meat.

This type of steak is very famous in the United States of America. Sometimes skirt steak will be called with some other names outside the United States. 

If you prefer to grill skirt steak, then the cooking process can range from 4 to 6 minutes depending upon the length of the steak you use. You are even allowed to cook it in different types. It can even be roasted.

But remember this before you serve this skirt steak, don’t forget to rest it for some time so that all the flavours will get deep into the steak. Serve it after 5 minutes. 

skirt steak

Main Differences Between Flank Steak and Skirt Steak

  1. Flank steak is taken from the flank part of the animal. On the other hand, skirt steak is taken from the muscle of the animal.
  2. The size of the flank steak will be very broader and thin. The size of the skirt steak is not broader when compared with flank steak.
  3. Flank Steak’s rate will always be higher in the market because of its thin structure. But Skirt Steak’s rate is not higher than flank steak and is available everywhere.
  4. A flank steak will taste better when you cook it with a high flame. Skirt steak will taste better when you follow the slow cooking process.
  5. Flank steak is rough, and you should not cook more than the suggested time. Skirt steak is not rough like flank steak because it is slow-cooked. 
Difference Between Flank Steak and Skirt Steak
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