Knitting vs Purling: Difference and Comparison

Stitching a fabric involves different types of methods. Some stitching can be done with our hands, and some can be done with the help of a sewing machine.

The two commonly used stitching methods are knitting, and the other one is purling. You can see these types of stitches in making sweaters. And most people used to make this type of sweater for babies.

Key Takeaways

  1. Knitting is a stitch technique where the yarn is held in the back of the work and creates a smooth, V-shaped pattern.
  2. Purling is a stitch technique where the yarn is held in the front of the work and forms a bumpy, horizontal pattern.
  3. Combining knitting and purling stitches allows for various textured patterns in knitted fabrics.

Knitting vs Purling

Knitting is a technique of producing fabric by interlocking a series of loops of a single yarn. This method helps overcome stress and anxiety. A knit stitch appears in front of the fabric. Purling creates an inverted knit stitch, which appears to look like a raised bump in the fabric. A purl stitch will remain behind the fabric. This method is helpful for overcoming addictions.

Knitting vs Purling

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Knitting is one of the good exercises for our hands and will help to improve our mental health as well. To learn knitting, we should be very patient and have the ability to concentrate on the process without any distractions.

Knitting can help people with eating and weight problems. People who have anorexia will benefit when they learn the process of knitting. 

Purling stitch is just one of the types that are used in knitting stitch. To learn the purl stitch effectively, and you can start by learning the knitting stitch. Without learning the knitting stitch, it will be difficult for you to learn the purl stitch.

Sometimes, you might pull the entire row in the process, which will eventually turn into a garter stitch. To avoid mistakes, it would be better to learn the knit stitch first. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonKnittingPurling
NeedleInside up and will stitch behindIt goes down and will stitch in the front
FormationV shapeHorizontal and will bounce
PartIt will make a stitch in the front areaIt will make a stitch in the back area
AdvantagesIt will help you to reduce the stressYou can easily overcome the addiction
DisadvantagesThe process is very difficult to learnIt requires a lot of attention-grabbing

What is Knitting?

Knitting is the method used for interlocking loops in a fabric. This can be done by a knitting needle or with the help of a sewing machine. The fabric can be formed with the help of looping a continuous yarn.

There are lots of benefits one can gain from knitting. It helps you to keep your fingers active and can maintain good wrist movement. Even though there are some benefits available, learning the process is very difficult. 

Knitting also helps you to maintain good mental health. Taking care of both our mental and physical health is very important. One can achieve them by learning knitting.

To learn and excel in knitting, it would be good if you took a knitting class from a professional. They know all the methods and will help you learn them in a better way instead of hating the whole process.

There are even types of knitting available. You will learn more about them in knitting class. 

When you start knitting, you can’t complete it fast. It will take some time, more than you have anticipated, because the process is slow. Knitting is one of the good skills which will help you to increase the concentration power of your brain.

When you teach knitting to children, they will take this as a challenge and will learn as well as play and have fun with the process.


What is Purling?

Purling is a type of stitch that will make bumps in the fabrics that are knitted. One of the main reasons why people make purling is that it will help you to make this famous stockinette stitch.

People who purl every row will end up making a garter stitch. Also, garter stitch can be made with the help of knitting. This same process will be followed to make the garter stitch.

In Stockinette stitch, you used to stitch only on one side. You can even purl an entire scarf as well. All you have to do is to either purl or you can knit both sides of the fabric that you are going to make the scarf.

Sometimes, people can purl and stitch in the same row. Again, learning purl will become easy if you have a good grip and knowledge about the knit stitch because the same thing will be followed with some slight variations.

Sometimes, people used to think that purl is the exact opposite of knitting. Again, there are some steps and methods to follow to purl stitch so that you can find whether you are doing purl stitch or knit stitch.

Since there is not much difference that you can see while stitching, you can identify them in between without completing the entire process. Knitting is just one of the other types that are used. This will create a loop in front of the work. 


Main Differences Between Knitting and Purling

  1. The needling process in knitting will stitch behind and move inside up. On the other hand, in purling stitch, it will go down and stitch in the front.
  2. The formation of knitting will be in a V shape. On the other hand, in purling, it will be horizontal, and it will also bounce.
  3. In knitting, the stitching part will always be in the front area. In purling, the stitching part will be in the back area.
  4. Knitting will help you to reduce your stress. On the other hand, purling will help you to overcome your addiction to a particular thing.
  5. The disadvantage of knitting is it is difficult to learn. On the other hand, purling used to grab your attention a lot. 
Difference Between Knitting and Purling

Last Updated : 10 September, 2023

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