Difference Between McAfee and Webroot

Computer viruses are not new to be worried for. There is always a threat to your personal files and folders to get attacked by viruses and malware when it comes to storing them online. 


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High-quality Antivirus software is available in the market for this purpose. Such two popular antivirus companies are McAfee and Webroot who develop advances threat protection software.

Key Takeaways

  1. McAfee provides a comprehensive security suite, while Webroot focuses on lightweight, cloud-based solutions.
  2. Webroot’s antivirus software consumes fewer system resources than McAfee, ensuring minimal impact on device performance.
  3. McAfee offers a more extensive range of features, including parental controls and identity theft protection, while Webroot concentrates on basic protection.

McAfee vs Webroot

McAfee is a popular anti-virus used for effective malware protection. It has a user-friendly interface with a 24 hour customer support chat. McAee has a 30 day free trial period. Webroot is a lightweight antivirus that is quick to install and offer good support features for users. It protects users against logins and clears online activity traces. It offers a 14 day free trial period. 

McAfee vs Webroot

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McAfee is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and is the most popular antivirus software and provider of cyber security solutions.

Its has compatibility on most of the devices and many excellent results for an independent lab test for protection against viruses. They provide very good protection against phishing websites and have a good reputation in the market.

Based out of Broomfield, Colorado, Webroot is a leader in the cybersecurity business and has been around since 1997. Webroot SecureAnyware, one of its core products, is considered to be the fastest and offers multi-device protection.

It takes up little space and provides excellent protection against malware, and has a user-friendly interface.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMcAfeeWebroot
Malware protectionThey are top -best antivirus software for malware protection and have more effective protection again viruses than Webroot, as seen in many lab reports.They are easy and lightweight antivirus software that provides excellent protection but do fewer scans than McAfee and are less effective in detecting phishing.
PerformanceMcAfee has more impact on PC’s performance because of its in-depth scanning, which is done twice as Webroot’s and also takes disk utilization is 6 times higher than webroot’s.Since Webroot checks and scans only one time, It has a lighter impact on the PC’s performance and also takes less disk utilization.
User InterfaceEasy to use interface with very clear and simple red and grey color scheme design. The display of how many apps and files are getting protected and its effective working make it easy for beginners.Easy to use, but the design is not very much effective. Apart from it, there is easy access to other things like identity protection, backups, passwords, etc.
OffersProviding four subscription plans for their customers that cover multiple devices and also gives 100% virus removal guarantee else get money back.Offering a 14-day trial period, Webroot also has a 70-day money-back guarantee and four pricing plans for their customers.
Customer supportIt offers 24/7 chat support, phone, knowledge base, support hub, online forums for asking questions, and also additional advice on social media.It offers support over the phone but not 24/7 but only within hours. Apart from it, it offers an online support community for asking questions.

What is McAfee?

Developed by Intel Security, Mcafee is one of the most popular software companies, which is known for its excellent antivirus protection software that supports multiple devices.

They also provide many types of cyber security solutions and hols some major antivirus products and utilities. It was founded in 1987.

McAfee provides many pricing options for their customer, provides protection and customer support with 24/7 availability. Features of MacAfee antivirus are:

  • Excellent results on having lab tests for the protection of the system.
  • Provides good protection for many types of viruses and threats.
  • Easy and attractive user interface 
  • Compatibility with many devices.
  • Provides Encrypted storage.
mcafee antivirus plus

What is Webroot?

A security software company based out of Colorado, Webroot provides many antivirus protection products.

Its core product Webroot SecureAnywhere is considered the lightest and fastest antivirus product, which takes just 6 seconds to install and needs very little space.

Having a user-friendly interface, Webroot offers a 70-days money-back guarantee and four pricing plans for their users. They provide the best protection to the system and are also able to decrypt ransomware.

Some Features of Webroot are:

  • Easy installation and setup space
  • Have less impact on the system due to the fewer number scans.
  • Provides 25GB of secure online storage and advanced threat protection
  • Protection against logins and passwords and also eliminates online activity traces.
  • Stops ransomware and lightning-fast scans.

Main Differences Between McAfee and Webroot

  1. McAfee offers 30 days free trial period for free whereas Webroot offers 14 days free trial period.
  2. McAfee is more effective in blocking and protecting from malware, whereas Webroot is less effective in detecting phishing websites.
  3. McAfee has a very easy user interface with the famous black and grey color theme, whereas Webroot has easy to use interface but slightly less effective design.
  4. McAfee has the feature of providing 24/7 customer support via online chat support and community forums, whereas Webroot has online community forums but a limited number of hours for phone calls with customer care.
  5. McAfee has more impact on the PC s performance as it does twice scans for the viruses, whereas Webroot has a light impact on the system performance as it does one-time scans.
  6. McAfee has many lab reports which show they are more effective for any kind of malware protection, whereas Webroot has a very limited number of lab tests for such protections.
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