McAfee ePO vs Mvision ePO: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. McAfee ePO: It is a security management platform designed for on-premises environments, providing centralized management of endpoint protection, data loss prevention, and other McAfee security products.
  2. McAfee MVISION ePO: It extends the capabilities of ePO to include cloud-native security management, allowing organizations to manage and secure both on-premises and cloud-based endpoints. It offers advanced threat intelligence, analytics, and data protection features for the cloud.
  3. Key Differences: MVISION ePO integrates with cloud platforms, has enhanced threat intelligence and analytics capabilities, and offers a modern user interface compared to the traditional ePO. The choice depends on whether you require cloud integration, advanced analytics, and data protection for cloud environments.

What is McAfee ePO?

McAfee ePO is a security management platform. Its complete form is ePolicy Orchestrator, which helps companies and organizations supervise and secure their endpoint devices. This will include mobiles, laptops, desktops, and servers.

McAfee ePO has several benefits to offer, and one of the key advantages is its scalability. It is capable of supporting tens of thousands of endpoints. Large organizations can use it as it will fit their needs ideally. Its reporting capabilities are robust.

It will offer a console as well that will manage security policies. It will also see the deployment of security updates. Monitoring security events and taking action against security threats also include its functions. Several security products, such as antivirus, firewall protection, anti-malware software, and data encryption, are available. Advanced features like intrusion prevention are also present here.

It does not take a mere look at the subject in hand; rather, it controls the security policies at a granular level. It allows administrators to modify policies to be specific enough to suit the organization. Its deployment takes place on the cloud.

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With cloud integration, the enterprise gets flexibility in the security management area. One can integrate SIEM or Security Information and Event Management with McAfee ePO. SIEM is a tool that will ensure the user a more comprehensive security solution.

What is Mvision ePO?

Mvision ePO is a security management platform by McAfee. It is cloud-based and designed to be modern, flexible, and scalable to cover the requirements of large organizations. It can secure mobile, laptops, desktops, and servers. A single console manages the security policies.

Mvision ePO is capable of covering hundreds of thousands of endpoints. Multiple cloud environments are knitted here with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

It is based on cloud-native architecture. As a result, the management can secure the systems anywhere, anytime.

Mvision ePO uses artificial intelligence. This helps to detect threats automatically. And AI is also responsible for responding to detection. The machine learning algorithms identify the dangers in real time. It leads to a more secure environment with rapid solutions.

Difference Between McAfee ePO and Mvision ePO

  1. The user interface in McAfee ePO is recognized as traditional, but Mvision ePO has more of a modern web-based user interface.
  2. McAfee ePO has robust reporting capabilities to offer its users, but Mvision ePO has improved reporting and analytics.
  3. McAfee ePO comes with limited cloud integration capabilities, but in the case of Mvision ePO, users will get deep cloud integration that includes Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.
  4. McAfee ePO pricing is based on the number of endpoints, and at the same time, the pricing of Mvision ePO is counted on the features and number of licenses.
  5. McAfee ePO and Mvision ePO had automation capabilities, but McAfee ePO has limited automation, while Mvision ePO is extensive.
  6. The compliance management in McAfee ePO is also limited, but Mvision ePO is more comprehensive.
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Comparison Between McAfee ePO and Mvision ePO

Parameter of ComparisonMcAfee ePOMvision ePO
Deployment optionIt is on-premise or cloud-based.It is only cloud-based.
Artificial intelligenceIt does not include any AI capabilities.It uses AI to detect threats automatically.
Supported productsMcAfee and some other selected third-party products are available with it.It only offers McAfee products.
SupportIt has standard McAfee support to offer the users.It has comprehensive support and services to offer the users.
Performance speedIt can be slow and resource-intensive.It is faster and more efficient.
Threat intelligenceIts threat intelligence capabilities are limited.It has extensive threat intelligence with integrated MVISION Insights.

Last Updated : 28 July, 2023

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