Line vs Line Segment: Difference and Comparison

The line as no endpoints, and the line segment has two or one endpoints.  A line segment is a part of the line.


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The line has no fixed point.

Key Takeaways

  1. A line is a geometric object that extends infinitely in both directions.
  2. A line segment is part of a line that has two endpoints.
  3. The line has no measurable length, while the line segment has a quantifiable distance.

Line vs Line Segment

A line is a straight, infinitely long geometric figure with no thickness. It can be thought of as a set of points that extends infinitely in both directions. A line segment is a part of a line between two endpoints. Unlike a line, a line segment has a specific length and can be measured.

Line vs Line Segment

The extension of the line is shown through arrows at both ends of the line. The arrow is called a ray.

The ray (arrow) merely denotes the infiniteness of the line. A line has no endpoint and can be extended at both ends.

Contrary to the line, a line segment has two definite ends, and the end cannot be extended.

Example: Line –   Shown with arrows

———-à Line

———-à OR <————

Example: Line Segment– shown with two dots


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLineLine Segment
MeaningA straight infinite path without width and breadthIt is part of a line that has a definite start and endpoint
LengthEndlessVisible endpoints
Draw on a paperDepiction from the endless line is not possibleIt can be drawn on paper.
MeasurableInfinite. Not measurable on a scaleQuantified geometrically

What is a Line?

A line is an infinite, long, continuous and straight path that is denoted with arrowheads at both ends. The arrowheads in both directions explain the dimension of length.

The line doesn’t have a width and depth. A line can intersect and also be shown as parallel.

A line also will not have a curve as the circles have. Lines can pass through the centre point, and line plays a pivotal role in the diameter of a circle.

Lines can be used diagonally and intersected, provided both lines have two arrows to denote continuity.

This line is found in the comprehendible geometrical principle. But if we refer to the infinite lines in the galaxy, we are talking about the infinite existential universe.


What is a Line Segment?

A line segment is a part of the line to be depicted. The line segment has two definite ends that are shown using points.

Let’s say A and B are two points.

The shortest distance between A and B is the line segment.

A line segment is a one-dimensional figure. For example, a square is made out of 4 equal-sized line segments.

Now, let us understand this with an example.

The first point is called AB, and the other endpoint is called BA.

line segment

Main Differences Between Line and Line Segments


A line is a geometrical tool, and the line segment is a component of that tool A line is an endless two-directional continuous path characterized by arrows.

A line segment is a section of the line with two points to demarcate an end.  Hence a line segment has a definite beginning and end.

Its also understood that a line segment is the shortest measurement between two given points on a line.


The line doesn’t have an endpoint in a literal sense. But the line segment is definite and begins and ends at different points.

The line segment has 2 endpoints.

As a line is infinite, finding a start or endpoint is impossible geometrically and scientifically.


The line length is infinite. Its length cannot be traced, measured, or quantified on mathematical, geometrical and scientific parameters.

The line segment has a finite line part so that it can be calculated on its length, width, and breadth. There are additional links attached that will provide better clarity on the same.


It is not possible to measure something that is infinite. A line cannot be measured unless it is a line segment.

A line can be broken into two or smaller line segments.

A line cannot be measured as measurement deals with numbers about an object. As the line doesn’t leave that scope, applying a measurement is impossible to a line.

The line segment can be measured as it does have a  number, length, and width to be quantified.

Draw on Paper

A line can be drawn and shown on paper, but can we quantify and measure it in actuality? Can infinite be measured?

A line can only be depicted on paper but not drawn.

The line has length, while the line segment has length, breadth, and width. On the other hand, a part of the line which is a line segment, can be drawn on the paper.

Difference Between Line and Line Segment
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