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Difference Between Love and Care

For a healthy relationship with a person or a group of people, a lot of happy and joyful emotions are expressed. Love and Care are these types of emotions. They may be connected to each other but are different sentiments of humanity.


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These words can either be used as a noun or as a verb but cannot be used interchangeably in place of each other. They are totally different even though both of the feelings are nice and hold beautiful meanings in comparison to other emotions.

Love vs Care

The difference between Love and Care is that they are different emotions expressed by people. Love means unconditionally loving someone or something, whereas Care means caring for something or somebody. Also, Love is a bigger emotion than Care.

Love vs Care

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Love is an involuntary feeling that a person feels for a person, thing, or for any matter. It comes in as a long-term commitment to something. It is popularly known as a romantic feeling, but it can be found in many other relationships as well.

Care is an emotion that expresses concern for something or someone. For example, caring for your neighbour, caring for ones’ precious jewels, etc. In simple words, it means feeling protective about something. Care can be for a known person as well as for an unknown one.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLoveCare
DefinitionLove is an emotion that shows affection to a person.Care is a feeling that makes a person protective of a particular thing or person.
Word originLove has come up from the Old English word- Lufu.Care originated from the Old English word- Caru for the noun and Carian- for the verb.
BehaviourLove comes in intimate behaviour.Care is more of friendly behaviour.
Type of peopleLove is generally for people to who one is closed to.Care can be used for close people as well as for strangers too.
IntensityThe feeling of Love is way more intense than the feeling of Care.Care is a lighter and milder feeling in comparison to Love.
Examples Loving one’s family, loving your spouse, etc.Caring for an elder woman walking on the street, caring for the orphanage children, etc.

What is Love?

Love is a profound feeling. It has been originated from the Old English term’ lufu.’ It can be used in many ways to express a feeling of fondness for anything, whether it be for a person or a thing. If to be asked from person to person, they would all have a different definition for the word.

For a general meaning, it can be said that Love is a feeling that makes a person deeply affectionate to another person, a group of people, an animal, or anything really. It is not only limited to a romantic relationship. Different studies define Love in different forms and types.

According to Greek mythology, there are four kinds of love. They are Storge, Philia, Eros, and, Agape.

Storge means an empathetic bond between people, Philia is more of a friendly relationship than a romantic one, Eros is the romantic relationship formed between a couple, and Agape is a type of unconditional Love.


What is Care?

Care is an emotion that states concern for a person or a thing. It is mostly seen in the situations of helping people one may not know or not know, for friends or for a cause someone believes in, etc.

Caring for someone means that the person wants to protect the person, a cause, or anything really.

The word has come up from the Old English word “Caru”, which has German roots itself. Care is basically feeling great concern for someone. It doesn’t mean that the person loves them. Self Care is a term connected to Care. It means self-practice caring for oneself.

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

This is a quote by Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and it shows that Care is not only associated with a person but is used for other terms as well. Care is a very important part of Love. Without it, one cannot truly love someone or something.


Main Differences Between Love and Care

  1. Both of the emotions have different meanings. Love shows the feeling of warmth and affection for a person. On the other hand, Care means showing feelings of empathy and protectiveness towards a person.
  2. Love is a wider concept than Care. Care can come in the part of Love, whereas Love cannot come in the feeling of Caring for something or somebody.
  3. Love is more intense in comparison to Care. Care is rather a short-term commitment than the feeling of Love. Love is said to be a more lasting commitment.
  4. Care has another meaning that means helping a person by giving a type of helping. For example, Health Care, Personal Care, etc. And Love also means attachment to a person or just for saying that a person likes or enjoys something. For example, “I love autumn.”, etc.
  5. There is no need for a personal relationship to feel the emotion of care, whereas a person generally has a personal relationship with a person they love.
Difference Between Love and Care
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