Msc vs Meng: Difference and Comparison

Msc and Meng are two almost identical courses but not the same. They are mostly pursued by Indian students who aim to study abroad.

Students get confused about which one is a better fit for them or what the difference is. Many people have the wrong concept that both are the same degrees named differently in different countries.

However, this is not the case. Rather these two courses have their own qualities. Good research is important before we decide and finalize what to pursue. Let’s go into the nature of courses to understand the respective difference.

Key Takeaways

  1. M.Sc. (Master of Science) is a research-based postgraduate degree focused on scientific and mathematical disciplines, requiring a thesis or dissertation.
  2. M.Eng. (Master of Engineering) is a professional postgraduate degree emphasizing practical engineering applications and design, including an industry-based project.
  3. M.Sc. degrees are better suited for students pursuing academic or research careers, while M.Eng. degrees prepare students for leadership roles in engineering industries.

Msc vs Meng

An MSc (Master of Science) is an academic degree with a strong focus on scientific, mathematical, or technological knowledge. An MEng (Master of Engineering) is a professional degree emphasizing the application of science and mathematics to practical engineering problems.

Msc vs Meng

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Msc is a non-professional degree. It teaches students advanced recharge skills. Students pursuing this course have plans for higher studies in the future, such as PhD students are tested via thesis.

This course takes around a couple of years to be over. It comprises four semesters.

On the other hand, Meng is a professional degree. It teaches students technical skills. Students pursuing this course basically gain skills to start their professional experience.

Students are tested via projects. this course requires a year to be over. It comprises two semesters.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMscMeng
CourseMsc means masters of ScienceMeng means masters of Engineering.
DegreeIt is categorized as a non-professional degree.It is categorized as a professional degree.
Course typeMsc is mainly based on theories and is research-oriented.Meng is mainly based on technical studies and is application-oriented.
DurationIt comprises four semesters which take two years to complete.It comprises four semesters which are completed within a year.
AimCandidates pursue this course before aiming for some higher education such as Ph.D.Candidates pursue this course mainly for developing skills for professional life.

What is Msc?

Msc does have a wide scope. It is a course of two years, comprising four semesters. We can choose the particular field of interest in which we want to pursue the degree.

It offers science subjects ranging from mathematics to food science. It is a theoretical course but also provides practical knowledge to the students.

Candidates aspiring for Msc must possess a few skills to achieve success. Apart from the academic degree, they must have a good hold on scientific and research skills. Students must be determined and be able to work as a team.

The addition of observation skills is surely a win. If one lacks any of this, he must start working on himself before pursuing the course.

Eligibility criteria are important for any course. There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled when one aims to pursue any higher course.

In the case of Msc, the basic criteria are to possess a bachelor’s degree in the field of science from a recognized college. A minimum score of 50% in graduation is limited to applying for the course. However, the best point is that there is no age limit.


What is Meng?

It is a professional degree in engineering. For students who have an aim for chartered engineering, it is a really good option. They are prepared to become professionals, and the required skills are being taught.

It is a professional degree course and deals with technology and engineering. It is solely application-based. However, the formats for meng differ from country to country.

The most advantageous side of Meng is the job training. It is done parallelly to the course. Both activities are provided equal focus and importance. The final year is, however, a serious challenge. There are projects to work on and gain success.

As mentioned earlier, the format differs from country to country. This course is categorized as an undergraduate in some countries while postgraduate in some other countries.

Depending on that, the duration and score criteria changes too. For example, in the UK, it is considered an undergraduate while in the US, it is considered a post-graduate course. The durations are four years and two years respectively.


Main Differences Between Msc and Meng

  1. The most distinct difference between Msc and Meng is their way of approach. Msc is mainly based on theories and is research-oriented. Meng is mainly based on technical studies and is application-oriented.
  2. Msc stands for masters of Science. On the other hand, Meng stands for masters of Engineering.
  3. Msc falls under the category of professional degrees, whereas Meng falls under the degree of non-professional degrees.
  4. Coming to the next point of difference, the duration of the course. Msc comprises four semesters which take two years to complete. Meng comprises four semesters which are completed within a year.
  5. Candidates pursue Msc before aiming for some higher education, such as a PhD. Candidates pursue Meng mainly to develop skills for professional life.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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