Difference Between Mass Communication and Journalism

Mass communication and journalism are two forms of spreading information to the people via many different means. It might include social media and all media in general, along with newspapers and magazines.

All the ideas and rumors that people gain are mainly through either mass communication or journalism. It can have both positive and negative effects on people.

Mass Communication vs Journalism

The main difference between mass communication and journalism is that mass communication is the medium through which people can get all the information, ideas, etc., and spread inspiration through films, animations, etc. On the other hand, journalism refers to a profession as a whole. It is through journalism and journalists that news and other information are collected and given to the people.

Mass Communication vs Journalism

Mass communication is an open umbrella under which all the media through which people can spread or convey messages, information, and news come.

They can broadcast or print all kinds of content with no restrictions, such as news, fiction, entertainment, advancements in technology, etc. Mass communication media see a lot of freedom of speech, which gives them the right to spread whatever they want.

Journalism is a profession that requires smarts as well as a fast-thinking mind. Journalists can be in a sticky situation at any time, and they need to be trained to slip out of such situations and make sure to make the most out of them.

It means that they need the caliber to sniff out all sorts of hidden news from all places given the opportunity.

Comparison Table Between Mass Communication and Journalism

Parameters of ComparisonMass CommunicationJournalism
Risky JobNot necessarilyYes
Has To Be AuthenticNot alwaysYes
Has Entertainment IncludedYesNot always
Many MediaYesNo

What is Mass Communication?

Mass communication refers to the dispersal of information to a large mass at one time in a single go. It is the spread of all kinds of information that includes news, messages, specific knowledge regarding restrictions and war, scientific innovations, etc.

It is common knowledge that mass communication has the bare minimum restrictions from the governing body.

It is because freedom of speech is the main reason mass communication can function without any hurdles and convey all the information to the best of their effort.

The media through which all the information is spread are the news, news as print, magazines, films, cartoons, radio, and many more. The major hurdle faced by people in the mass communication field is the method of spreading information, which is the media.

The reason it is seen as a hurdle is that all the medium has many restrictions. These restrictions include books that can be criticized, articles in newspapers that could be fake, etc.

Rumors and fake messages might obscure the truth behind many things, depending on the method of communication. Another hurdle faced by mass communication is the way information is communicated.

It depends on the people working on behalf of the mass communication company or the individuals running such firms.

The success behind mass communication is the way the information conveyed by the companies changes the thinking of the people subjected to it.

As a result, companies must consider the types of people who will be exposed to their content. They should also ensure that no feelings are hurt and no problems will arise.

They should also realize that their audience is of vast and diverse nature. Therefore, all the content should be open to all and should consider all the different ways of thinking.

What is Journalism?

Journalism is a profession that deals with the creation and discovery of news that is edited and published to the general public. The basis of authentic journalism is always facts and a witness for evidence.

Many journalists tarnish the name of journalism. It happens by corrupting the information released by them. These journalists do it for financial gain and fame, as their names will be published across multiple platforms.

The job of any journalist is fieldwork and gathering information. It is then handed over to the editors who finalize the news. Not all kinds of journalism are the same. Yes, the basis is authenticity, but there are many kinds of it.

Some journalists focus on obtaining news regarding public matters and awareness programs. Others focus on news related to science, research, and other technological advances.

Similarly, there are plenty of different areas where journalists can focus on and, in a sense, specialize in types of news. Journalism is hard and journalists, at times, have a lot to lose and have to invest plenty of time in the job they have chosen for themselves.

When journalists are called to work in war zones and places undergoing massive political coups, they have to leave everything behind and go forth with it, with no surety of coming back.

In such cases, journalists are no less than other professionals like doctors who work selflessly and help others. The job of journalists is to ensure that the news being released to the people is simplified to the maximum.

It is to make sure that even the most simple of all can understand it.

Main Differences Between Mass Communication and Journalism

  1. Mass communication is an umbrella that is host to many mediums, such as books and radio. On the other hand, journalism is a profession that gathers authentic news.
  2. While the information released through mass communication can be true or false, the news released by journalists is required to be true if they need to become accomplished journalists.
  3. Mass communication is based on entertainment, but journalism, on the other hand, is based on facts.
  4. While mass communication enjoys all the advantages of freedom of speech, journalists don’t have that privilege.
  5. Mass communication includes everything from collecting data, editing it, and publishing it. But journalists only have the authority to gather the data; after that, everything by their publishing units.


Both mass communication and journalism are different methods of conveying various types of information and entertainment. Most of the content released by mass communication is related to the entertainment of the masses and includes casual fun.

Journalism is a field that requires a brave heart willing to face all kinds of risks and losses.

Without a fight, no journalist comes down from their path of enlightening the citizens, because that’s the oath taken by each journalist in their mind when they start working.

Both are very important to creating a world where all people are knowledgeable about the current happenings in the world.

In today’s world, it’s practically impossible to go through a single day without coming across at least one aspect of either mass communication or journalism.


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